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  1. Sorry for replying to such an old post but I didn't realise that you had replied to mine. I knew from experience that the light readings I got from the Canon A1 on that particular day didn't seem right. The camera was suggesting aperture values considerably larger than what I would have expected. To be honest, I was expecting a much smaller aperture setting to be indicated. And by the way, I was reading from a mid tone, not dark coloured subject matter. But I had never owned a camera with a defective meter before. So although the readings seemed really wrong to me and illogical, I was so used to trusting the meter and not questioning it - especially when aiming it at a mid tone. In hindsight, I should have trusted my instincts and knowledge, not the camera meter.
  2. Thankyou, I didn't think to check the optional tab. Is there a contact e-mail address for CR?
  3. Just wondering how you can disable a photo from the image database so that it's no longer for sale? I have taken a number of photos at a local event and submitted them to Alamy where they are currently available for sale. Unfortunately, I found out not too long ago that photographs taken on the grounds within the event area cannot be used for commercial gain (making money.) So I would like to remove them to avoid any potential legal hassles (even though he chances of getting in trouble would be pretty slim.) Better to be safe than sorry. Ive removed most of the keywords and the description from the first of the photos but the image in question is still marked as being on sale. I can't see a 'disable' or 'delete' option anywhere.
  4. Thanks Paulette. I looked at the Account balance before. Though what worried me a little is that it indicated: "Total payments to you: $0.00." Does this mean that I haven't met the minimum payout level yet?
  5. Thankyou Joseph for clearing that up. Supposedly, this latest sale is for 'books and magazines' so I wonder how long it takes for those kinds of clients to pay up. By the way, I haven't uploaded to Alamy for ages. Maybe I should start submitting again!
  6. Thankyou for your reply. Yes, this particular image is non-exclusive so 40% to me. I selected the 'Download Sales Report' but it's mostly blank. It includes headings like 'Date Clear', 'Total Sale' and 'Date Paid' etc but there are no details of such. Just blank fields below. Additionally, would anyone know why my balance is still $10 after two sales?
  7. Just recently, I received my second sale on Alamy. The full amount is $46 but I'm trying to find out my cut. Since contributors get 40% these days, I guess my cut would be around $18. I'm clicking on different things on the site (still don't know my way all around the Alamy interface) but can't see the actual figure displayed anywhere. Another thing is for my first sale (when contributors got 50% of a sale) I got $10 out of a $20 sale. And for a long time, my (cleared) balance was $10. However, this new sale hasn't affected my balance. It's still $10. So I'm curious why I still have the same balance.
  8. Well done on the first sale and that is a beautiful image. Well deserved. Regarding port size and initial sales, it can vary so much from individual to individual. For me, I made my first and only sale with just over 100 photos - after being here a few months.
  9. Over on a microstock forum, someone was discussing the supposedly 'correct' way of using the word 'isolated' as a keyword in relation to images of subjects against white backgrounds. According to this guy, you should only use 'isolated' when your subject appears to be almost floating against the white background (ie when there are no shadows cast on the background.) Like your subject has been cut out and placed against the white digitally. And conversely, if there are shadows appearing on the white background from the subject, 'isolated' as a keyword would be inappropriate. Do many people agree with this? I figured it would be down to the individual's own interpretation. After all, the word 'isolated' can have slightly different meanings in photography. For example, a photography book I read makes use of the word 'isolated' when describing a photograph with shallow depth of field. In this case, the main subject is isolated against the out of focus background.
  10. A very useful resource, thankyou. It's interesting going through all the subjects that are being searched and it's so random - 'vintage newspaper', 'naked woman', 'fidel castro', 'storm sun sea.' By the way, what does UCO stand for?
  11. That happened a few times with my Canon AE1 (while exposing slide film.) Though I'm sure I didn't have the Depth of Field Preview button pressed so I don't know what caused it. I also had a Canon A1 for a short time and the internal light meter developed a fault, causing extreme overexposure. I couldn't believe the meter readings I got at a rodeo on a sunny day with the A1. I thought surely this can't be right but foolishly I placed my trust in the meter. As a consequence, my rodeo images were ruined.
  12. If you don't mark the images as "editorial use only", then they would be available as commercial. Though if that's the case, wouldn't Alamy, the photographer and the client who purchases the license receive legal action from Land Rover? I'm not sure if Land Rover would be happy about one of their cars being used to promote a product or service without a property release - in other words without their permission. Correct me if I'm wrong. Unless it's up to the client to organise a property release? I come from the world of microstock so I don't know all the finer details of midstock.
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