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  1. My views and sales have been fairly stable this past fortnight - pretty well up to par. But the zooms have just bombed. Anyone else experienced the same?
  2. I received a response to my email yesterday afternoon. Here it is: Hi Michael Guliver Image are one of our distributors. We’re having a few technical issues with this distributor as they sell in multiple different territories and they haven’t got a way of blocking specific countries you’ve opted out of from seeing the images. We are currently in the process of removing all images from their site that are opted out of any of the countries they supply to. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks, Shelley
  3. Appreciate your curiosity, but why I excluded these countries is of no relevance to this thread. The issue here is ALAMY offered a choice and I chose. I expect them as my agent to stick to what has been agreed between the both of us.
  4. What really concerns me is that my images are appearing on a site operating from a country/countries that I excluded when granting ALAMY permission to distribute my work; i.e. I did not tick the boxes for Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc I emailed ALAMY yesterday morning. No reply yet.
  5. It seems they have a lot of my images on their site, too. This is rather alarming, since the countries that this site has offices in - Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria - are Distributor countries into which I have purposely NOT opted. I'll be contacting Alamy on Monday.
  6. Thanks, Bryan: Michael Brooks view along the Calle Serranos towards the Porta Serrans city gate in the old town quarter of Valencia, Spain. - Image ID: KD5424 👍
  7. Hi John, notified of three yesterday. 2x Poland, 1x England. All originally licensed June 2020. Fortunately this doesn't occur too often....
  8. So here's the response from Alamy Contributor Relations: Thanks for letting us know. We do feel sharing and utilising others tags is now commonplace but obviously the tags need to be relevant so we will get in touch and remind the contributor to refrain from using tags irrelevant to the subject and to remove your name. That being said we don’t actually recommend adding your own name to your keywords as they should all be relevant to the image otherwise they’ll start appearing in irrelevant search results. So basically it's open season on any photographer's keywords
  9. Err.....no, I think the person hoovering up other photographers' keywords is most definitely the problem. It's sloppy and unprofessional behaviour which I believe other hard-working contributors should not have to tolerate. The fact that the system allows it to happen is certainly a real concern, which is why I am seeking a response from Alamy as to how it can be tackled from their end. Wim - same here. Talk about adding insult to injury.
  10. Since joining Alamy I've always put my name as a keyword. Now and again it leads to an irrelevant image popping up in a client search, but I can live with that. This morning out of curiosity I entered my name into the Alamy search engine - along with a particular geographical location and / or the word 'travel' and was intrigued to discover other contributors' images showing alongside my own. Upon looking at the images I was more than a little surprised to discover my own name appearing in their list of keywords! Clearly the parties involved had somehow scooped up my keywords from any re
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