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  1. So here's the response from Alamy Contributor Relations: Thanks for letting us know. We do feel sharing and utilising others tags is now commonplace but obviously the tags need to be relevant so we will get in touch and remind the contributor to refrain from using tags irrelevant to the subject and to remove your name. That being said we don’t actually recommend adding your own name to your keywords as they should all be relevant to the image otherwise they’ll start appearing in irrelevant search results. So basically it's open season on any photographer's keywords. As for the inclusion of one's own name in the keyword list I can only comment from my own experience, which is that since 2015 I am aware of it popping up in only two views on the Alamy Measures page! I agree and it's a point that seems pretty obvious to me. Both in my original email to Alamy and in my response to the above I pointed out that the widespread appropriation of others’ keywords will invariably include many irrelevant tags and keywords that can only lead to a sub-optimal experience for clients when searching for specific images. And for many photographers here there remains the issue of having their work 'shared' without their knowledge or consent. When you extend your keyword choices beyond the general or the superficial and begin to embed words which are the result of research or some particular knowledge or expertise on your part then you are providing a value added component to your image which - one presumes - will render it discoverable in a focused search. Allowing lazy / careless contributors simply to grab those same keywords nullifies any benefit that might otherwise accrue from such diligence and labour. It seems to me a tad unfair - but clearly nowadays that is a notion as unfashionable as it is naive.
  2. Err.....no, I think the person hoovering up other photographers' keywords is most definitely the problem. It's sloppy and unprofessional behaviour which I believe other hard-working contributors should not have to tolerate. The fact that the system allows it to happen is certainly a real concern, which is why I am seeking a response from Alamy as to how it can be tackled from their end. Wim - same here. Talk about adding insult to injury.
  3. Since joining Alamy I've always put my name as a keyword. Now and again it leads to an irrelevant image popping up in a client search, but I can live with that. This morning out of curiosity I entered my name into the Alamy search engine - along with a particular geographical location and / or the word 'travel' and was intrigued to discover other contributors' images showing alongside my own. Upon looking at the images I was more than a little surprised to discover my own name appearing in their list of keywords! Clearly the parties involved had somehow scooped up my keywords from any relevant image and used them without bothering to read what was there, or perhaps imagined that the tag 'michael brooks' related not to the creator of the image but to some fact within the picture. Either way they managed at a stroke to expose themselves as being involved in what I think is a pretty shabby practice - wholesale copying of other contributors' keywords. I know that copying the keywords is no guarantee that the offender will magically acquire the ranking - and sales - enjoyed by his/her chosen target. As we all know what matters is how you sequence the keywords - which thankfully Alamy does not disclose. Nevertheless those who indulge in this practice are evidently adept at extracting the keywords attached to a photographers' image and are happy to continue doing so as long as the system provides them with the opportunity to do it. I will now report all this to Alamy and request that they consider some way of preventing this 'job lot' copying of keywords. I will post again when I have received a response. In the meantime, however, I am happy to share with you the handiwork of four contributors that I've so far found to have copied my keywords. Below is a single example from each, though I could have included many more....... Contributor: Tomasz Koryl / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RCAP6J Contributor: pocholo / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: P534C8 Contributor: travelstock44 / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: P53KD7 Contributor: Michal Sikorski / Alamy Stock Photo Image ID: RT44XP
  4. Thanks Doc, really useful post. Couldn't make it this time - but plan to attend the next one. Michael
  5. Michael Brooks Syracuse Sicily cityscape, a rowing crew practise in the harbour (Porto Grande) of Ortygia (Ortigia), Syracuse, Sicily. - Image ID: JN2GCW Bryan - thanks for spotting this!
  6. Thanks, James. All of my images are exclusive to Alamy and I appreciate your change of policy. Merry Christmas one and all !
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