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Your favorite images you have uploaded to Alamy in June 2015

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Judicious use of a fisheye can sometimes turn an ugly structure into a visually appealing one:


A picture of my house (well, it's hidden in the trees halfway up the hillside in the distance, but I know it's there!):


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Two of my favorite news photos uploaded this month:


ETG7JB  Bellmore Friday Night Car Show, New York, USA. June12, 2015







ERNETX  Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Keep the NY Property Tax Cap, New York, USA. June 3, 2015




- Ann

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Never photographed a celebrity, but Alicia Keys showed up at filmshoot, Washington park while we walked around there.

Although my wife had to tell me it was her.  :)





Pennsylvania dutch, parking for amish buggies




Dark Clouded Yellow, it is extremely difficult photographing one with wings open. Except dead in framed glass box.

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  Wide-angle view of the Statue of King George II,  

in the Grand Square of Greenwich Naval Hospital                                   Portrait of  the actor Daniel Brocklebank

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