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Your favorite images you have uploaded to Alamy in October '14


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I have uploaded a couple of examples of animal behavior...




E8B12H  Cheetah cub laughing....


Well, of course, he is yawning but it sure looks like a big laugh. Animals sometimes yawn when they are nervous. If that grizzly bear mom starts looking bored it is time to slowly retreat.





E8B12N  Polar Bear sniffing the air...


Polar bears have a remarkable sense of smell. They don't see terribly well but some people say they can smell a seal from 20 miles away. If a seal is under the ice they need to be as close as a mile. In this case he was probably smelling us. Fortunately, we were on a ship. I have walked near grizzlies but polar bears are really scary even though they are the ones that look cute.



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Midnight sun on Skjerstadfjord near Fauske, Norway above the Arctic Circle, a scan of a slide taken in 1969.





Detail of Sigurd slaying Fafnir, Sigurd Stone, Ramsund, Sweden, digital image taken in August.



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One of four shots uploaded showing preening behaviour of a small, female, UK hoverfly.  She's about 8mm / 1/3inch long and hung around for long enough while cleaning herself with her front legs to allow me to get a sequence of shots.  Taken September 2013 and may never sell - but I like it.



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I was in Calgary, Alberta Canada for about 36 hours last week.  I only got about two hours of free time - one was spent eating dinner, the other walking around downtown with the camera (while looking for a place to eat).  I ran across Juame Plensa's "Wonderland" sculpture in the plaza outside the Bow Building.  It was breathtaking. This is how I saw it....



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Here's a favourite image from the 1980's shot on film that I uploaded a few days ago. This perspective would be virtually impossible to get today because visitors to these ancient Mayan ruins are no longer permitted to climb the pyramid that I took it from, plus the archaeological site has now been extensively "restored." Brings back fond memories of many trips to Mexico before all the cruise ships arrived.


View from the top of the Pyramid of the Magician, Uxmal, Yucatán, Mexico



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A couple or three from me.





Relaxing with newspaper.





Kings college Cambridge in late afternoon sun.





Threatening look.



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