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  1. RF editorial criteria

    Are we allowed to have similar images as a mix of RF and RM now? Alamy used to stipulate that all similar images had to be either all RF or all RM (notwithstanding the presence of non-released "people").
  2. Help with plant ID

    Ah, OK.
  3. Help with plant ID

    I asked because there's a well documented problem with the appearance of foliage when raw files from (some) Fuji sensors are demosaiced. I've not heard of a similar problem with Nikon cameras (and I never had a problem when I shot with Nikons).
  4. Help with plant ID

    Out of interest, do you use a Fuji camera?
  5. Help with plant ID

    I tend to make the really good look really ordinary so I'm half way there.
  6. How was your July?

    BME for my diddy port. 5 for $135 gross. Lowest $10 and highest $54. After a bunch of personal stuff getting in the way over the last year, I need to start uploading again.
  7. Alamy news on Twitter

    It's the only way to fly.
  8. It's oh so quiet...

    Best Alamy month ever for me, and there's still a few weeks left. *shrugs*
  9. Main pseudos gone for me too.
  10. Show the latest image that you sold on Alamy in November . (1 per day)

    Editorial website .
  11. Alamy Measures broken?

    Broken for me too.
  12. October Challenge :: Winner!

    Congratulations to @Steve Hyde who won with this great umbrella failure shot. . . . . See? It's always worth shooting the weather. In second place, just one vote behind Steve was @Doc with his wilting candle. Thanks to all for the entries and for voting. Over to you Steve for the November Challenge.
  13. October Challenge :: Failure ::Vote Here!

    It's another neck-and-neck race!
  14. Alamywhacks

    Inspired by this month's challenge, "impotent candle"... . . .
  15. October Challenge :: Failure ::Vote Here!

    Not an easy shortlist to compile either. Plenty of great shots had to be excluded. @Phil Crean has the right attitude although his claims of winning are a bit grandiose as he very nearly made the shortlist...