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  1. My local paper crowdsources its photography under the guise of a "Readers' Photography Club". Lots of free "good enough" quality photos with which they fill their pages.
  2. Do Alamy have a proper legal department or do they engage the services of an external firm? A firm who perhaps bill by the hour...
  3. It's taking a suspiciously long time to just revert it to what it was.
  4. Low $$$ Usage: Single company - multiple use editorial only ...and that's it.
  5. I meant specifically the overtaking on the inside. In general, I'm not sure if I've seen an increase in that particular behaviour. There have always been idiots that weave between lanes. I know that stretch of M62 well and agree that it's a challenging drive, both eastbound and westbound.
  6. Do you encounter this a lot, Bryan? When I was driving a lot (before lockdowns), I rarely saw it.
  7. Don't worry, I wasn't telling you what I do (37 years driving experience, and like you, no serious accidents). I was merely saying that overtaking on the inside is not actually an offence. So it's not actually a "wrong" though some may think it's misguided. There's also a big grey area between 3 or 4 lanes of congested congested traffic moving slowly and the lane outside you moving slower than you, often because it's occupied by a bunch of lane 2/3 hoggers.
  8. I dropped Luminar a couple of years ago. They overpromise and underdeliver and I got fed up of being a beta tester for their buggy released software. OMMV.
  9. Tiddly $ for Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial, For editorial use on website and associated social media Media: Website, app and social media 46 MB 4896 x 3264 pixels 2 MB compressed Start: 02 June 2021 End: 02 June 2022
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