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  1. My apologies - I thought since the description of "Ask the Forum" is and this is very relevant to the industry (or it's consolidation), it would be of interest to folks....at least it is to me. I will refrain from posting such nonsense in the future.
  2. Not to promote other agencies...but I thought most folks here would be interested to learn that Getty's Chinese investment company has purchased Corbis as of this morning. This is being reported by the (U.S. Based) National Press Photographer's Association https://nppa.org/news/corbis-sold-gettys-china-based-investment-group
  3. I have one of these and absolutely love it. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1159845-REG/synology_diskstation_ds1515_5_bay_nas.html I have 10tb of storage in RAID Configuration. It's one of the best purchases I've made. If a drive fails, I just swap it out with no data loss. You can also set it up to have a standby drive in case one fails, it will fail over to the spare. It's a great system (you can also buy it without the drives for less money....but then you have to buy the drives for it.... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1103579-REG/synology_diskstation_ds1515_5_
  4. Alamy's contributor contract specifically states that the contributor must own the copyright to images OR HAVE AUTHORITY FROM THE COPYRIGHT OWNER to enter into the contract and as a contributor, you warrant that: That being said, there are MANY public domain images represented here by contributors who claim they have the authority from NASA, the U.S. Armed Forces, The Royal Navy, etc., etc. to distribute those images. Some of these images are even uploaded via the news feed (wire images in the public domain). I've brought this to Alamy's attention - they ment
  5. I might be presumptions, but the US should be ahead of Sweden in this matter? We haven't used broadcast TV (via antenna or similar) in almost 8 years. All channels; local, national and premium are all available via the internet on any device (mobile, ipads, computers, TVs). All local channels as well as all the major national channels have live HD streaming and are for free. The same with radio. This worked fine even when we only had 8 Mbit/s broadband (currently we have 130 Mbit/s, up to 1000 Mbit/s available). Have you checked the website for the TV-station(s) that you miss? Mart
  6. Jill, I looked at a few apps like VLC. The trouble with them is they don't seem to work with normal network broadcast television. I just want to see the broadcast shows in my area, not necessarily videos or TV stations from around the world. The new TV works just fine.
  7. I upgraded the desktop to Windows 10 last week. I had an issue with the computer not recognizing my second monitor. I had to update the driver on the graphics card (Nvidia) in order to get it to work. I was absolutely CRUSHED when I discovered the Windows Media Center is no longer there. I had my computer set up with two monitors and I have a Television Card in the computer - I used to watch network broadcase TV (antenna connected to the computer) in the evenings while I edited photos. The computer even came with a remote control for the TV back when I bought it a few years ago. That'
  8. Three images reported as licensed - all distributor sales for $106.14 gross.
  9. Jill, if you can wait and acquire the f/2.8 IS then do that - by all means. A friend of mine has one and I have compared them side to side. The f/4 will work fine, but the f/2.8 IS is amazing.
  10. I ran across this news article this morning indicating Google is introducing a new feature in Google Maps that will track where you have been via a "timeline" (not in the sense of a Facebook Timeline, but in the sense of where you have been over time). http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/22/technology/google-maps-timeline/index.html?iid=hp-stack-dom I thought this may be a useful feature for those that travel and shoot photos so they can track where they have been and add it to their keywords rather than manually writing in a journal or trying to re-construct the info after the trip. Jeff
  11. About a year ago, I was covering a demonstration relating to police officers who shot and killed a wanted felon. I arrived to the location of the demonstration early, so I decided to stay in my vehicle and wait until others arrived. The start of the demonstration was delayed by at least an hour. I had a "Press" credential placard on the dashboard of my car but despite that, another photographer decided to start photographing me, from across the street, as I was sitting in the vehicle. I got out of the car with two camera bodies, one long lens, and one short lens. I walked up to the group
  12. p.s. - I disagree with fotoDogue's comments relating to using resale exemption certificates to buy photo equipment and supplies...and so does the State of New York when it comes to stock photography in the sense of how we deal through Alamy http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/advisory_opinions/sales/a09_56s.pdf
  13. Sure, Ed -- it's so much better to seek the advice of foreign nations in a forum, or listen to useless, pointless, cryptic hints from tax "experts" like yourself. So far only fD and me have said anything worthwhile about US taxes. Edo Edo, Attorneys and CPAs cannot legally give advice without being hired - there are liability reasons behind that. To give you an idea about the current environment at the IRS - they have not hired anyone in 6+ years due to budget issues. They also haven't been given a "salary adjustment" in over 3 years. That leaves basically two camps from an
  14. My day job deals with U.S. Taxes. Hire an accountant (not H&R Block) to help you out. If I were to make any comments or provide advice, I would point you in the direction of doing some research on Hobby Losses and Passive Activity Loss Limitations. I would not trust the IRS help line for various reasons I won't go into via a public forum.
  15. Firefox is blocking Flash as of Monday night (in the U.S.) http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/14/technology/flash-firefox-facebook/index.html?iid=hp-stack-dom If you want to use Flash then you need to use a different browser.
  16. It takes practice... I know a wedding photographer that started offering a service last year that promised delivery of ALL WEDDING PHOTOS electronically (at 1200 pixels long edge with the option to buy larger sizes later) on a thumb drive prior to the end of the wedding reception. Fully edited! He does this with 3000-4000 images shot between himself and a second (or third if necessary) photographer. His motto - shoot to print (cull in camera when possible) and then edit as I described above.
  17. 1600 doesn't seem like that many to go through - I've done it in the matter of about an hour. If they are in Lightroom, then you can scroll through them with the right or left arrow or you can use your mouse. I usually make a quick first pass taking a look at 100% and delete anything that is SoLD, uninteresting, a mistake, or a duplicate. If it is an image that needs to be culled, I press 'x' for the selected photo - this will set the image as a reject (if you make a mistake, then press 'u'). When you are done, then go to the menu bar, select Photo> Delete Rejected Photos. A b
  18. Ann, my account expires on July 18th. I really like Photoshelter, but my annual renewal is $329. That's my biggest drawback - these days, it's a bit too much for my pocketbook based on my income.
  19. They were all RM. If you click on the button called "Build A Downloadable Sale Report" Then filter on a period of time and select date of invoice, you'll find L = RM for some reason. RF is still displayed as RF.
  20. Not me..... I don't know what happened but in May, but I was ranked very high....just for one month.... I had 8 images licensed at $911 gross. Highest $250 and Lowest $15. To put that into perspective, I've had 16 images licensed so far this year.....
  21. I don't know what happened but in May, but I was ranked very high....just for one month. This made my June the best I've ever had at Alamy. I had 8 images licensed at $911 gross. Highest $250 and Lowest $15 (for use in an internal powerpoint presentation). To put that into perspective, I've had 16 images licensed so far this year. I hope the trend continues, but I realize this is just a fluke. The positive is I've exceeded total revenue from last year after the first six months.
  22. John, my highest grossing image was licensed to the American Meteorological Society for a front cover on a report about the rain we received here in Colorado in 2013. Sadly it was not via Alamy or Live News (it was submitted via Live News). Given my experience, there is a demand for these types of images...though I'm not sure that Alamy has built up a large enough customer base in the U.S. to attract the attention. I'm hoping that improves with time.
  23. Wow! Not to give away my age but my first "computer" had 64k of RAM. That's kilobytes, not gigabytes LOL (it was an Atari 800XL with a cassette tape drive). I've learned a way around that replace a computer every three year nonsense.... I have a NAS Device I store all of my files on. Six Drives constantly mirroring each other in stripe configuration mode. No issues when a drive crashes. I buy the best computer I can afford - and I use it for as long as I can. My desktop is currently 6 years old and it's just as fast (or faster) than most other items out there. Last year, I
  24. This is exactly right and why many of us will recommend Rights Managed over Royalty Free. You need many more images, and honestly, time for those images to get discovered in order for the sales to move. I have felt the same way in the past...and I used to be a contributor at those other agencies, but I discovered that I value my work much more and it isn't worth my time. I had an image license pop up this month for a very basic item shot over a white background....an image that you would commonly find at those other sites. It was used for ONE DAY in a national newspaper. My royalty
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