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Merry Xmas to EVERYBODY here ! May 2014 be everything you wish for  ! 


Yep..... better say "Merry Christmas everyone" before the beers takeeffectct c..... dam, to late



Hope I don't have to wait till May.


I did think that as well...... although, I thought it was "May 2014 will be everything you wish for" I thought there must be a minimum timed period you had to wait for wishes to come true, which was around May time  :blink:  :wacko: 

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Yes, meaningless seasonal platitude from me, as well...


;)  :)


In many cases I agree. But in this case you may have made it a little more meaningful and I am quite sure the greetings are well-meant by all.


So thank you - and also  the very best of well-meant Christmas' and New Year's greetings to you all from me!!




PS XMAS... Tsk, tsk. I thought most of you lived in Mrs Hyacinth Bucket country. She and her likes loathed the Xmas expression  :) One of your old national TV successes - still on Danish TV a little bit outworn, though.

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And this is how most Sydneysiders will spend Christmas




Merry Christmas from Godsown.






Nice legs Sheila. Merry Christmas to you and all who live on this forum.



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Merry Christmas to friends and accomplices here . . . and Sheila, really don't want to rain on Sydney-siders' parade, but the only State capitals in Aus that don't have rain/showers forecast for Christmas Day are Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth :-)



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Well, diagnosed with infected lungs, so coughing like an old mare, power has been off for the last 36 hours, so have fired up the old diesel generator (that did the lungs a power of good !), last night's storm took out the rest of the greenhouse (glasshouse) and flattened everything in the garden - my windometerthingy (one of those presents you get old buffers when you run out of ideas) registered 83mph before the wind took it off - it is probably in the Lake District by now - I don't suppose I'll get it back..... trees down blocking the road in both directions  - at least there'll be some firewood for next year..


A $180 sale registered today (Christmas Eve) and was promptly cancelled.,,,,,,,


....And now our Lacrosse team are turning on each other ( you didn't think we sent cricketers did you Dusty).....


The Christmas Eve predicted storm is just starting up, and the Genny wants fuel so I can't stay here exchanging pleasantries with you lot, but as my intensely irritating old Granny used to say - long before the Pythons were born - "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"......"and Goodwill to All Men (and Women)"



.......if anyone say that this is the worst case of canine dandruff that they've ever seen.........
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