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  1. Hi. Might still be a FAIL for me...but u guys have given me some hope.!! Colin.
  2. Hi Peter. Must be a Glesga thing that NOBODY else says Hello !!!
  3. Hi all. Had a reply from M.S. this morning. Seems it was a technical problem !
  4. Hi. Tried to upload a few tonight but my Flash Player needed updated ! Tried to do this but Nothing happening ! Also tried my 1st Stokimo pic here but just get no contact ???
  5. Hi. Just counted so just after 30 years. Passed down as well. All my others are up in the loft in various states of repair !! Sorry was it a Gitso!!!! Colin.
  6. Hi. Still using the old Gitzmo from nearly 40 years ago !! Colin.
  7. Date taken 3rd January 1970 Whit !!! Didn't even have a camera back then....
  8. Hi. You folks take your lenses Very seriously !! I USED to use Blads with Zeiss lenses whichI loved .. as did my clients... but now just use what's going ! As a Scotsman I don't like to spend money on these things. Must start looking at the corner of images. Now in the BIN so I must be doing something WRONG !! Colin. Have a GREAT weekend !
  9. The Canon eos m is a great wee camera at just over £300. U can also buy an adapter for £99 allowing use of all your Canon lenses. Colin.
  10. Hi all. Has NOT worked for a couple of weeks now !! yet when I go onto my laptop they all show up ????? Strange things happen here. Colin.
  11. Just take pics off what your Dad has in the fridge !! that's what most of us ( I think ) will do this winter !
  12. THEY say if we vote YES only Scottish Photographers will be allowed to photograph Scotland !!!!!! ( really wish the date was 1/4 )
  13. Only one image but hey I can now upload to all those agencies I have neglected in the past...Big G here I come (after 10 years) & the rest !
  14. No email this time !!! https://www.facebook.com/colinpatersonphotography?fref=ts
  15. Self billing invoices for vat purposes can now be found under Build a Sales Report at the top right. Thank's Anand .. Colin.
  16. Hi all. LOTS of posts about the Sony & Fuji. Anybody using the Canon ? Regards, Colin.
  17. Good for you !! Still with my 1ds11!! Seems like a WHAT NEW CAMERA HAVE U BOUGHT forum. Colin.
  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-616102/Six-things--Glasgow.html
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