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How was your August?

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Officially over six months since the last time I licensed an image at Alamy.  I have 75 more in the queue...time to keep getting on it I suppose.  Not very motivating.


Ed, do you think that removing some of the similars (e.g. the car shots and Lake Powell) might improve matters? Just a casual observation from someone who knows b-all about CTR. Cheers.


Both the car shots and the Lake Powell images are newly uploaded...so they should be mid-ranked for the next 6 months and should not be a factor in CTR yet.  My other observation (especially with the car shots) is that "similiars" are based on keywords....not on the appearance of images.  If one does a search on SCCA Car Race, then yes, I have multiple similars with 428 results out of a pool of 483 images.  If one does a search on "Yellow Honda S2000" then I have 1 image result from that search (Yellow Honda S2000 was actually a click CTR recording on a customer image search - of which there are only 11 in the entire Alamy library).


I see. Didn't realize that. As mentioned, I don't pretend to know anything about esoteric subjects such as CTR (or about cars or Lake Powell for that matter). Personally, if I have a series, I only upload one or two (three at the most) of what I think are the "best" shots. Given the overwhelming number of images on Alamy, ever leaner and meaner seems the best way to go IMO (unless you're JG).


Good luck. Hope sales resume soon.

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Thanks John.  We'll see what happens in the next 6 months with those two topics.  My reasoning is early on, I uploaded a few different model shoots...all of them of young women in a "little black dress".  They were different models, different shoots, but the common "similarity" were the keywords "young woman little black dress".  It was at that point I realized, it's all about the keywords.


Young woman little black dress returns 1,369 "relevant" images...mine of which begin on the very first page.  That wasn't the case a few months ago.  It's strange this search engine algorithm.

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Down 11% sales numbers and nearly a third in total sales values.  A number of 'distributor' sales hit pretty hard, with only two sales above $100 gross. 


Was under the impression that the silly Scheming Newspapers arrangements (i.e. multi uses on multi stories in all titles in newspaper group for a single image license sale) were going to be looked at .........

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Terrible, only 1 sale @ $30

Even worse, if that soothes - 1 sale for $13


I think I can trump that with Zero sales lol 


I'm not unhappy at all by that though. I'm a relative minnow to this, so I don't expect it to pick up until I start putting up the numbers of quality images. However, serving a 28 wait on submissions is killing my flow at the moment. Too scared to add anything to the queue of 65 images I have waiting. 


With that said, I envy the numbers being thrown about in this thread, Makes me excited. 

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Deepest crisis ever at Alamy... August= 0 sales! 45 days without a single crappy sale...what is wrong with me? I used to have 2-3 sales a month with much fewer images. Very disappointed, i gave a lot of hopes in growing my portfolio al Alamy...


Is there another way, other than the net revenue thing, to vheck if you have sales coming?



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@ Paulstw


"Too scared to add anything to the queue of 65 images I have waiting."


Dont upload anymore till the "failed QC" (or hopefully the Passed QC)  message comes otherwise the new ones will be failed as well   :blink: 



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What do you mean, Mark? Can you see recent sales using the image search function? How?


Searching "yourname/Alamy" can turn up pix before they are reported (plus many other pic-searching facilities that scour the web)...

Search on your recent zooms as well. Either drag them onto the Google search box or install the right-click widget as I have.

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Hello Everybody,


I find it useful that people post their sales here, so thought I should share mine!


August was modestly good. I had four sales grossing $719.86 - which is a net of about $340 or so. This is with just over 3,000 images.


I rejoined Alamy last year and I am not overtly impressed with the sales performance and find that certain image sets appear so buried in the results that there is very little chance of them being licensed.


As it is a hugely time-consuming site to work with, I will not abandon uploading new work, though with a return of roughly £0.40 per image/per year on my own work and £1.20 per image/per year on historical/space/hamdout stuff, I do not really see it as being very viable.


Back in 2003, I remember getting monthly net sales of around £600-1,000 per month.


One fear I have about stock agencies as that as photographers are often just minnows, it is not very worthwhile to bother editing stock and as Micro agencies keep slashing prices, it is making it very difficult.


On the plus side, I have earned revenue from Alamy that would not have been there otherwise and the Live News Feed is very useful.


Though the creative search makes it pointless to file in certain subject matter and I find that editorial sales are few and far between and it is luck when they are above $70 gross.


Recently, I purchased a 3600dpi scanner and have begun uploading a lot of old stock, but so far none of this has sold.


As stock is a numbers game these days, I expect that if I expand the collection to 10,000 or 20,000 that sales may become more regular, though at the moment, I tend to view Alamy as more of a good way to pay for equipment.


One positive trend in August was a) that there were some good sales, the highest grossing $480, on a usually slack month and B) that clients tend to be paying in a more timely fashion.


Though still, after a huge amount of work putting all these images onto the site, I find the sales somewhat disappointing, considering I edit quite carefully and have spent weeks of work tagging. I now have a new rapid tag system, which is aimed at upping the number of images on sale. I hope at some stage to edit all these records and improve them. Not sure if this strategy will work, though about all I have at present!


Stock aside, I will mostly be targeting my efforts into the news feed with far less priority on the stock for the moment unless sales begin to pick up to a level where it becomes worthwhile.

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