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  1. No not just you, iMac 10.13.3 using Firefox, it was working this morning
  2. I have to agree, Bill, the chances are it could have been apart of a bulk deal, which then makes the individual price very low, - only an idea. Also agree with Chuck, but its is a shame that Alamy still come up with their own very strange low price deals as well, - with my pet hate being Personal Use, why oh why is it set so low. If we take pride in our work, then it should follow into the pricing.
  3. I can see my inbox has this months sales report, but it is showing as from a private email address at gmail, has anyone else had this, and is it safe to open, I have sent an email to contributor services but awaiting reply.
  4. "The idea of offering a personal use licence means that the image is available for a print and its important to customers that they have the highest resolution possible. We need to be able to provide a file that could be printed for personal use at a large enough size - this doesn't mean that the customer always downloads the highest size. This is why we do not limit the file size that can be downloaded." When will they relies that we make a lot more than $ 9.99 profit when selling prints, canvas prints and otherwise, when selling direct with no problem.
  5. I have bitten the bullet, and placed the required restriction on all my images. MS just don't want to know or want to understand the problem that these low prices cause, along with sending out the hires image file.
  6. I have finally been all the way through my images and placed No Personal use restrictions on them all. 
 Guess what crept under the wire in yesterday's sales ? Yep, a Personal Use, Grrr
  7. I have asked the question straight to member services, and am disappointed in their replies, I dont think anyone is listening, yet alone understands our problem with such a low price. Hi I might be slightly late to the party regarding personal use, as I have been away shooting stock. I would be very grateful if someone who understands the world of professional photography is able to explain to me, what unearth is going on, when you now have a system that allows anyone to pay £10 and have excess to the full size hires image file. This is most unhelpful to those of us who sell prints, canvas prints, etc as another part of our businesses. I will be happy to speak to someone on Monday, in the meantime have a good weekend. Reply : Hello Chris, Our price calculator lists the “shop front” pricing. New customers that we don’t interact with invariably come to the site, search, price and license images and pay the shop front prices. Customers we actively go after, contact us about specific needs or key customers with large spends and image requirements may negotiate on price; which always starts with our shop front pricing. Some of these customers need to be confident they’re covered to use images for their particular area and we may invoice with the highest print run and largest page size as we’re working with large orders. Actual use is nearly always at a much smaller size and lower print run. License details are taken from the price calculator that has set values so it’s not always possible to be 100% specific. Where we can we’ll add clarifications into the additional sales info field. If you're not satisfied with the pricing of images for personal use I’d suggest you to restrict them for 'personal use' from your 'Manage images' page. Thanks Abhishek Member Services Hi Abhishek Thank you for your reply, As to what you are replying to I am not so sure. I am asking why the selling price for Personal use is so LOW. I am not the only one asking this, there are 8 pages on the forum asking the same, along with comments and thought as to why we don’t have an opt in / out button available to us, instead of having to place restrictions on all of our images. I am asking a simple question to which I require a straight answer, I had hoped that Alamy would have replied to the forum posting by now, -maybe I shall post this correspondence, so that others know what is going on. Regards Reply : Hi Chris, The reason why the personal use are priced low because they’re licensed for Non-commercial use only ( personal prints, cards and gifts). Our sales teams work extremely hard to negotiate on deals with all forms of customers and always try to get the best market value possible for each license. I’ve now forwarded your comments to our sales team to review it. Thanks Shiraz Hi Well I for one am not happy to "sell / licence" one of my images to anyone to allow them to make a large print and maybe a set of card / gifts for any personal use, -even around their own home. These prints and so called gifts, are products that many of us sell to help our businesses survive. I regularly sell prints to the general public, and my profit mark up is a lot more than £10, - so why do you think it's only worth £10 (less Alamy fees) and safe to let a hires image file go out without any controls Pictures are our product that we sell to make a profit, not to give away without controls.
  8. I agree with what Bill has said and tread very carefully. Funkyworm also made good points, - you might only need a couple of children to make the picture work.
  9. Yes to the first question, just be aware as to how they might be published, you need to have an open mind set. In answer to model release form, I have it saved as a jpg, and place a suitable small image in place, print, sign, and scan back in, upload.
  10. Many thanks for finding and posting, I can find 7 images of mine, and I would like to know more info, I will be emailing MS Chris
  11. Slowly getting back on track after several poor months, but a long way off a couple of years ago. I am concerned with prices, they are still going lower, - as they are everywhere.
  12. A good question, one can say yes and no. Its all changing a lot these days, and not for the better, when we started with Alamy, we had a good chance of making sales with good strong images for sensible prices, these days with the "pond" getting so huge with an unedited 38 million images. Alamy are now putting the onus on to the photographer to be more responsible for the marketing of their own images with more keyword requirements and various other keyword refinements. Correct me otherwise, but in my world my "Agent or Library' should be doing this as part of their 50% oh uhm 60% We photographers are now expected to spend so much time in doing this, as well as have the initial costs and the photographic skills in producing the images. I also wonder if we are pulled into a false sense of security when we see our Images Sold showing a total of 1000.00, remember that is in dollars and gross, it actually equals £258 approx thats not a lot for a lot extra work. I believe it all needs a good edit and a worldwide increase of prices for stock images. Some hope.
  13. I would agree, with Pearl, there appears to a drop, of around 30% - 50% over the past 3 months, which is hurting. I also agree with a lot that Pearl has already said, and yes as someone who works hard in the background, I am not normally seen on the forums, but this matter has been of great concern for several months now, and in talking to other fellow Pro's, there is a downward trend here at Alamy, I don't believe its due to the recession, there is still plenty of business out there, with the other agents finding it. I believe it has a lot to do with "shiny new buttons", which in turn brings up a lot of a very poor images (if there's not enough already) to the front, which will in turn, send the buyers away. Shooting one's self in the foot comes to mind. It appears that we are having our business's ruined by computer programmes, and peoples various untried ideas, - its hard enough with fair competition.
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