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  1. Thank you for all the input, very interesting. Work has had me away a bit, hence the delay in replying. I did decide not to deal with the commission given the conditions they were stipulating. cheers Bill
  2. I have been approached by the state tourist commission and asked to provide pricing. They have said this : "Attached is the Visual Asset Agreement we purchase images according to, please note we only purchase images for unlimited time and unrestricted across all mediums". Given this, what sort of prices would you quote? cheers Bill
  3. I have experienced the same thing and now ensure jpg's are under 30mb when uploading. cheers Bill
  4. Happy belated birthday Jools. Given that, it must be Xmas for me! After months without a sale, I have 4 for May.
  5. Congratulations Maria. You have great variety and plenty more sales to come. cheers Bill
  6. I'm a memeber of the RAA here in Sth Oz. It's a roadside assist organization that publishes a quarterly mag. A couple of years ago, low and behold there was an image of mine from the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens. Slightly cropped but very recognizable. cheers Bill
  7. This was taken at a place called Seal Bay! Kangaroo Island South Oz and they are New Zealand fur seals. cheers Bill
  8. I do the same thing as Danny with regard to the _alamy derivation. Then move them to the Alamy folder. Once uploaded and accepted, they go into an "accepted" sub folder. cheers Bill
  9. I made 7 sales for a gross of $700 all on the 10th of July. The views and zooms have plummeted since. cheers Bill
  10. I had one sale early in the month and two on the last day for a total of $111. A Lord Nelson result I believe. cheers Bill
  11. Nice going! Had a similar sale back in Feb. Otherwise I have to go back to mid 2010 for something in that ball park. Got spoilt with my first ever sale in 2007, that was $650! cheers Bill
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