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  1. thank you all. Still have the problem...will try to re-upload them!
  2. Hi All, i have problems with vertical photos. When I submit them, they are authomatically rotate into horizontal position, so I cannot use them for Alamy port. strange thing is that they pass the QC... any idea how to overcome this? thanks! v.
  3. Dear All, just tried to upload fresly taken pics from my new Samsung S6 and I couldn't. This is because the Adobe/Samsung technical incongruities... Can you please let me know how I can upload? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Bhandol. Very clear...so, it will show up in December but will be paid in February...
  5. Thanks, Spacecadet! I found Alamy email, they say I should find the payout in my balance within December...do they specify "DACS" or is showing like the other sales?
  6. Good Morning, I have signed up for Alamy to recover my DACS a few months ago, after they sent me an email offering the service. Where and when should I check for the DACS payout? Thanks, V.
  7. Never give up, never discouraged...I must hit 5,000 online by the end of the year... August? Lousy! 1 sale for $10...
  8. Very weird pattern on Alamy....August was unexpectedly a great month, tons of zooms and 4 sales. A record for me. First half of September: 0 zooms and 1 sale. I am okay with 1 sale, but why the zooms have zeroed? Does it depend on the different ranking thing? I was doing so nicely, almost every day back in August I had new zooms and now the nothingness....i hope is temporary!
  9. 19 zooms and 0 sales in two months, actually...thanks, guys for tips and suggestions.... I think I offer a pretty diversified port, though. From macro, to architectural details, to landmarks, crowds etcetera.... Blue skies and grey skies are both present and my last sales were actually photo taken in gloomy Toronto Winter days. I used to be very happy with the 2-3 monthly sales on Alamy, until a year ago, then the struggle started! Now I also have huge problems uploading pics, the last batch was rejected after 3 weeks and still shows "awaiting QC". I got to know about the rejection comtacting
  10. Thanks everyone...wow, John, that is impressive! What is the secret of your success? Congrats!
  11. ...18 zooms and 0 sales! Please tell me that it is normal to have such numbers and Alamy is in good health. It seems like the whole thing is pulling my leg.... V.
  12. Despite of {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252 {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 TrebuchetMS;} {\colortbl;\red255\green255\blue255;\red102\green102\blue102;} \deftab720 \pard\pardeftab720\partightenfactor0 \f0\fs32 \cf2 \expnd0\expndtw0\kerning0 \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 \ } No sales for almost two months...what Am I doing wrong?
  13. Once again, a lot of zooms, 0 sales.... Growing the port constantly, keep a positive attitude, but I see people with less photos in their port having 5 sales a month or so..weel, I keep fighting and believing...
  14. How about RedBubble? I signed up about 2 months ago, almost 200 photos online but no sales...plenty of views, though! I only sell prints and canvases there, maybe that is the problem...
  15. Hi, I personally love FAA site, but lately I am having troubles with sales. After a great January, my sales stopped and now feel very frustrated... It is true, landscapes, animals, nature and sport cars sell. I like more urban landscapes and street photography, so is a bit tough for me....
  16. Finally a good sale, after 3 months!! By magic, my CTR was way up since the beginning of March. More zooms but only one sale...let's hope is not only a mirage... Is the CTR still important on Alamy?
  17. As already posted in a previous thread, the numbers of my Alamy failure are colossal: 3150 files, 1 zoom and 0 sales in the last month. No sales for over 2 months. Mind you, one year ago I use to have 2-3-4 sales a month with half of the size of the portfolio... I am about to write to Alamy and ask if they have anys suggestions or tips to get me back into the game... Overall, I could not picture a worse situation, when I started here. Ciao,V.
  18. From what I understand, for me that I started with Alamy a couple of years ago and was having encouraging zooms and sales in the first year and then the crash of ranking or whatever, there is not much hope left in getting back to a decent ranking. It's not a matter of how good are my pics (honestly, I don't think are qualitatively worse than many contributors with higher rankings and higher sales), but rather of how buried I am under 100s of pages. It's very sad, I invested a lot of time in uploading to Alamy and I liked the agency since the beginning, but I really feel cut off, now. Don'
  19. Strengths are abandoning me....keep uploading but views are half of one year ago, 1 zoom in the last month and of course 0 sales for 2 months or so.. Alamy is the only agency where the more I upload the less I get....
  20. I agree, Martin...there is very little care of the individual Contributors and their work, unfortunately...that how it goes. I feel my portfolio is buried and is very hard to get visibility with this system, so I will probably hang on but look for other ways..
  21. Wow, I haven't check for some time and my thread became popular. Thanks everyone for replying, I have read a lot of interesting comments... Some quick consideration: - Now I am pretty sure I have been screwed by the Alamy ranking system. My sales, views and zooms dropped in the last 6 months or so while I kept uploading... - I did not expect mounds of sales, just an even slight month to month or even year to year increase in sale, like I notice with my portfolios on FAA and microstock. Here things are declining instead improving. It is really a pity... - Is not true that I have a
  22. Thanks everyone.... Something I have never understood, does it really help to have more than one pseudonym?
  23. Hi All, This is not to complain, but rather to better understand what is wrong with my approach to Alamy. I have started to upload back in 2012 and started to sell several shot (some for fod $$) that year. I got confident and increase uploading between 2012 and through the whole 2013. Here is what is frustrating me, the sales declined and became very sporadic, 1 every 2 months? Something like that. I did not get discouraged and keep uploading but now my last 2 batches are waiting for review since December 20something, so no way to speed up and contantly upload.... Am I cursed
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