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  1. Out of all the nonsense with this case has anyone really just sat down and thought, ok it was the guys camera that was used, therefore it's his picture? It's bloody nonsense all of this carry on.
  2. It's Chrome that is causing the 100% disk usage problem. I switched to Waterfox 64 for the time being. Not had any other issues with Win10 so far.
  3. Totally understand where you are coming from. I have totally scaled back my whole mindset on 'Professional photography' meaning, I was never really very good at the side of the business outside taking the shots and processing them. I still don't think I'm very good at processing them. I get bored and fail to have any vision for how I want a shot to look. Coupled with having zero time for photography now, I've gone back to just being a happy snapper taking holiday pics and uploading the 'good ones' There's such a crowd of amazing photographers out there, who don't even bother with selling their work. It's this i'm afraid that's going to kill this industry. I'll always let my library run on, and add to it in small amounts but as far as chasing goals, then, nope it's a stress that life rarely helps you with. I applaud the folk who can sustain an income consistently across years. Honestly just well done. You've likely seen many of us come in like a lion, and leaving like a mouse.
  4. I reckon the human side of QC is there to remind us of he human side to letting things slip. I have been known in the past to cut a few corners in checking an image. "My last batches have been fine so I'm in the clear" Now I just make sure. Apply the same editing to each image via presets and all has been well so far.
  5. If I had a D800, I wouldn't sell it for a Fuji. They do compliment each other and with this new AF update coming it's looking like it's knocking the socks off the competition. Lightening AF seems to be the new marketing tool for mirrorless at the moment.
  6. I find that a problem with Lightroom or PS Allan. After using CaptureOne I noticed with was sorted out. LR is pretty rubbish actually.
  7. I switched from a Canon 5D3 and I haven't looked back.
  8. If this is going to be as good as the testers have said, then coupled with the new 140-400 they are supposed to be releasing, it could prove to be a great set up for minimalistic wildlife shooters. After using such great glass I doubt I'll ever shift from Fuji. With the attention to just giving their customers what they want, it's a welcomed changed to being a Canon user, where every change meant a new camera.
  9. Crikey it's an outbreak of sensor measels.
  10. Are you saying Canon's aren't up to it? No I just wasn't able to get the best out of them for the money. Paul can I ask what genre of images you are shooting with the X-T1 please? PM me if you do not wish to answer on the public forum. Allan Allan, Just generic stock for now with the 18-55 lens Allan. Pretty restrictive when it comes to creativity but it's good enough for generic stuff. Images from the solar eclipse in my port are with the Fuji.
  11. I've set up a Fuji LR preset that handles lens correction, profile, sharpening, WB and camera calibration settings with one click. Most of the time it's spot on and I can just export and it's a win, other times, for instance if there's a large tonal range the fuji profile in camera calibration tends to really under expose the edit. Easy fix but annoying. Buying the Fuji really slowed me down, and took me out of a weird mentality. I feel like I can shoot anything I like without anyone peering over my shoulder and asking what I'm using. No one cares, because they just think I'm some tourist or clown with a camera. Win win for me really.
  12. You hit on an interesting angle re: old ideas that links nicely with the original question . . . I guess, from my point of view, "being told" what to shoot is just that, hanging around waiting for, and then chasing, specific requests. "NOT being told" what to shoot to me is simply "working it out for yourself". . . that of course involves research, intuition, guesswork, more research, awareness of issues current and pending, etc etc . . . but not waiting to "be told", not shooting everything and everything until a customer communicates a particular need, not being beholden to the latest "big thing". Been an interesting discussion, I think there's more underlying agreement expressed in many of the arguments than a cursory reading might indicate :-) dd Having really only tried myself to shoot for what's missing in my locale, I'd hope that I was using my initiative rather than waiting about being told what trends to shoot. I guess there's many ways to fill a port. There's the "fill her up" approach where you take a picture of every single thing you set eyes upon, or the way I'm doing it, slowly, but surely based on time and research. I reckon the port will hold more weight for a longer life span than shooting for numbers. I don't know. If I suddenly realised that I wanted to chase trends, then I'd make it my priority to keep ahead of the speeding train and use my skills as a tog gained over the years coupled with my own style of editing to hopefully reach out, but only in a different psuedo. It's inviting to say the least. On a more general point, it's a steep learning curve, and if your port is going nowhere, it's a good reason to change your ways, no matter how uncomfortable things may be. Everyone has a unique perspective of the world.
  13. From the point of view of someone who doesn't tend to keep many friends in the real world, I.E I pretty much keep myself to myself, it's very hard to keep up with what's cool and what's not and that ever shifting set of goal posts. You really need to be deep in the industry to catch trends on the up slope. No point in seeing blog posts for what's cool and then going to shoot something, when it's likely it's already on the downslope to something else. The wider angle on that is that if you continually shoot trends and shifting markets, does that not make your library full of old ideas? much in the same way that a fahion store ends up with last years fashion and can't sell it? Being a good photographer is just an ingredient in a recipe.
  14. Downloaded it about 15mins ago. I'm on the CC package, and to be honest, nothing to report. Still works the same as 5.7 did. Reports of a 1000% faster are certainly not my experience yet. For what it is, and how close it's rivals are, LR seems to be no longer the go to, but a fail safe for quickness. After using Capture One 8, I don't see how LR does things any better. CO8 seems to just auto correct a lot of things for you and does it really well.
  15. Since I switched to the Fuji X-T1 I haven't failed a batch yet. Added about 150 or so since I got it. Best thing I ever did.
  16. Rememeber the NI contributions bill too. I have just been stung for £194. Yip selling images is great......
  17. Right up to the tail end of last year I was getting zooms everyday, then it hit new year and BOOM nothing. I've had 2 zooms from Jan till today. I've started uploading again so we'll see how it goes. Everyone else seems to be going alright, I think I missed a memo somewhere lol.
  18. I once got on the Alamy app and I thought "YES!" this is going to sell. Ermmm nope it didn't. Not even zoomed lol. In fact it still doesn't get bothered with. I should probably delete it like the ball and chain that it is.
  19. I've just edtied a few pics with CP1 and I can honestly say it's rendering RAWS out of the Fuji quite remarkably well. The interface does look like the control room of the starship enterprise but it's pretty simple once you get your head around it. Still amazed at the files coming out of this camera. Crazy.
  20. I'm still in the trial of Capture One. It's a pretty scary interface. I'll give it another go.
  21. One thing I find amazing is the dynamic range. Crikey it's way better than my 5D3. No shadow noise banding or colour noise. I heard that Sony make the sensor for the X series but I can't confirm this. It certainly seems so with this excellent performance. Not really liking the kit lens for CA at all right enough. Plus there's no profile for LR for it. I end up needing to use the X100S profile, and still manually need to remove the CA. I heard the kit lens was bad for this. CA is such a pet hate of mine.
  22. Thanks. Yes I have updated them today. I won't know what to evaluate it against as it was updated before I really used it lol I noticed you over at the forum there Betty. Another steep learning curve but it's fun this time. No big pressure anymore for me.
  23. Wifi is a little iffy on it. Not as straight forward as it's made out. Overall I love it.
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