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  1. At least I am first in something, even if it is the second hundred. Allan You will be pleased to know that you are in the top 500. First time I have been too
  2. Lovely sunny morning in Edinburgh with a few clouds so got some straight shots and also some atmospheric with the clouds as well.
  3. They just need to increase the $ and volume coming in otherwise the % they contribute each month will drop to a point that it won't be cost effective to supply them. At that point I'd have to remove my port. If it's after April 1st it may be too late if you decide to remove your images. Your whole portfolio could be downloaded by various customers and therefore 'in the system' and Alamy can claim to have been in negotiation with the customer so can grant a license. CLAUSE 1.3.4 Delete any Images after one hundred and eighty (180) days notice. On image deletion Alamy will cease to grant Licences for the Image so deleted (but without prejudice to any Licences which may subsequently be granted for Images already downloaded, or where any Image is re-used or where Alamy entered into negotiations to licence an Image prior to deletion).
  4. There's definitely stuff going on behind the scenes with the new contract and now this alignment with microstock.
  5. Yeah I know. My feeling is he hasn't made anything like that kind of money but have the screenshots of his website with prices to back up my claim. I've terminated with Alamy so I'm likely to be removed from here soon. I'll post on the facebook page and someone can post it here.
  6. Yes it is under but not by much. I wanted to keep it to small claims.
  7. Yeah I understand that but it's not a small infringement. He was using it commercially in a way that stood to earn him well into 5 figures so my claim is fairly high.
  8. Well done. My latest infringer has invited me to take it to court so that's what I'll be doing. I think he thinks he's calling my bluff His best offer was less than half the price of the license fee a legal customer would have paid. If the infringer doesn't put up a defence you can have the case heard on papers so you don't have to attend in person.
  9. Not everyone is going to agree about everything but as long as disagreements remain civil, as if talking to someone face-to-face in the pub, then it will be a good source of information about agencies, infringers, etc. I've already learned more about my fellow photographers over there in a week than I knew about them here over the last couple of years.
  10. +1 as I use varifocals too. X-T1 is no problem for me.
  11. You do realise this is a public forum? You are showing your hand to the infringer. I always send a letter to be signed for. It costs less than a couple of quid each time and can be added to the costs due by the infringer.
  12. Most charities use volunteers but have executives on high salaries. You should do some research on the charity to see what it pays directors before deciding. A lot of professional photographers won't just give the images for free because that gives the impression they are worthless. What they do is charge the charity a normal fee then donate it back if they feel inclined.
  13. Lots of good discussions already and good advice we couldn't discuss on here due to it concerning Alamy's competitiors. It's good to read the introductions of people who I've known for ages on here as usernames but only just finding out their photographic history.
  14. If they are rewriting it then it's too late for me and a few others who have terminated now.
  15. If there are 37,000 Alamy photographers then that means there are another 3,699 with that email No, I wasn't one of them.
  16. Thanks Martin, already loads of good stuff being discussed that we can't on here as it's open.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if the charity was Alamy's own Fischer Family Trust. Not sure if the directors take a salary from that non-profit making org. http://www.alamy.com/about-alamy/our-story.asp
  18. EPUK respond to Alamy's response: http://www.epuk.org/opinion/alamy-s-defence-misleading-and-evasive
  19. There are quite a few cases where the infringer or their lawyer asks for more and more proof of copyright ownership. This is normally just a delaying tactic by the infringer so send what you think is reasonable proof with a statement of truth then proceed to IPEC. Jonathan Webb also had a list of Top 10 ways to ensure you pay the maximum (aimed at infringers): http://www.webbaviation.co.uk/top10.html
  20. And how can we afford to upgrade with license fees going through the floor?
  21. Jonathan is a EPUK member and has been keeping us up to date with the case as it went along. It was also important as it pierced the corporate veil. Here is the story on EPUK http://www.epuk.org/news/aerial-photographer-s-damages-claim-achieves-record-height
  22. John,Imagerights has gotten me several settlements from Canada. L I see that uploading the first 1000 images for their "Discovery Service" is free, which is in my price range. Looking into it... Merci beaucoup. They wouldn't take my case to court because they didn't have a UK law firm to represent them so I'm going to IPEC myself. Just about to serve papers
  23. Linda, Could you remove your existing images, leave Alamy, then rejoin under a different name (not your real name), put one throwaway image up, and hey presto you can still join in the fun here!? John. It's possible to join again as some are members with 0 images because they don't want people knowing their portfolio under a different name.
  24. I'm up for that Martin. As a member of EPUK I've been keeping an eye on the developments of the Alamy contract and it looks like I will also terminate within the next few days so it will be good to keep in touch elsewhere.
  25. http://www.epuk.org/news/infringer-who-originally-offered-150-forced-to-pay-20000-in-settlement
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