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  1. Following the general trend: sales up (a bit); revenue well down. Happy New Year
  2. Not too sure - I am usually very careful, but I suspect it may have been a fake Update Flash Player or Java popup.
  3. My computer recently became infected with a devastating malware program called TeslaCrypt3.0. This, and others like them are truly dreadful as they encrypt all your files, making them unreadable, and then demand a ransom, usually about $300. Thousands of photographs and documents can be lost as there is currently no way to unencrypt them and even if you paid the ransom (definitely not recommended), there is no guarantee that a key would be provided. I have been fortunate because I had backed up thousands of photographs and other files on a separate external disk, and it had not been attached
  4. A search for 'King's Cross Station' brings up 6007 images. Many are excellent interior shots of this beautifully rebuilt station. NR should be encouraging photographers to publicise this architectural jewel instead of an antagonising and banning them. Patrick
  5. I had a closer look at the list of deleted images and in fact the pictures I mentioned of Eastbourne and Norwich have not been deleted. Although my photo reference included those names the pictures deleted were Liverpool Street and Victoria. So it does appear that NR are requesting removal of shots of stations that they manage directly. I fear it may be only a matter of time before the operating companies jump on the same bandwagon. I notice one of my deleted image is of a steam locomotive next to a modern locomotive at Kings Cross. The station itself is barely visible. Every month in the
  6. Although they manage 18 of the biggest stations I believe the actually own all 2500 stations, most of which are managed by the operating companies. I have had shots of Eastbourne and Norwich removed, two stations not directly managed by NR .Am I right that if you photograph a station from a public road and the pictures are marked editorial only, there can be no objection? Patrick
  7. As I have a particular interest in railways and railway architecture I have a fair number of station pictures. Not so many now though as I have had 105 removed. Seems to be big stations, Kings X, St Pancras, Victoria amongst them. The smaller, more rural stations seemed to have survived - so far. Not happy about this. Patrick
  8. A record low for me: CW4B2H Italian website, any size, until 2020 ...............$2.12. That's about 90p for me, and follows two previous sales for $5.12. Still, got some fairly good sales last year so I live in hope! Happy New Year to you all. Patrick
  9. Shops at Camden Market, London RAIL MAGAZINE Issue 790 Page 32 ALEX SEGRE D33180
  10. Not worth worrying too much about where you are placed in the BHZ thingy. For sure if you are on page one you will get many more views than if you are on page 21, but I have found that I get more sales when I am higher up. I think there are many other factors in play and BHZ should be regarded as a bit of fun, and not taken too seriously. Patrick
  11. I just had one reported that was used last November, but I did ask MS to chase it up. 7 months seems a long time and it does make me wonder if any others have been used but not reported, As KWheal said, it's not the money so much as the principle. If a photograph is used it should be paid for in a timely manner.
  12. 11 May 2014 The Independent on Sunday Review Magazine Page 38 DEBKY7 Alex Ramsay A tree surgeon in full protective kit climbing a poplar tree Full page
  13. Which Magazine March 2014 DF38HM Petro Perutski Page 10 Copper faucet on white background D71J6P Bildagentur-online/Ohde Page 11 Woman holds smartphone in the hand CXM308 Keenretail Page 17 Aldi store DN3PKR Paula Solloway Page 17 Shoppers in Aldi supermarket CBDYTJ Justin Kase Page 18 Marks and Spencer illuminated store sign CX04GB Greg Balfour Evans Page 18 Waitrose supermarket, Wellington, Somerset AYH738 Roger Bamber Page 18 Fishmonger in uniform at Waitrose D5FTH0 Richard Coomb
  14. Which Magazine March 2014 C8XP6P M4OS Photos Page 4 Next Website More to come...........
  15. 3 sales for me one at $239. Could be worse, but zooms way down in February.
  16. Well, it had to come, and I predict that within five years big heavy SLRs will become the reserve of enthusiasts, rather like film cameras or vinyl records have today. I can't blame Alamy for tapping into a potentially valuable income stream. They have done their research and it is their business. Having said that, I am not happy that photographs are apparently being uploaded without going through a QC check. Looking at the results so far, while there are, as expected many good shots that appear technically sound, there are also a large number with noise and focus problems that would neve
  17. Which Magazine. February. Page 4. Fairtrade Bananas. BGGJNN Stuart Kelly Which Magazine. February. Page 10. Help to Buy banner. DHKETC Ian Francis (appears to have been altered slightly) Which Magazine. February. Page 10. Child stacking £1 coins. CMNHF3 Veryan Dale Which Magazine February. Page 75. Motorcyclist in a German Rape Field. A63NIH Friedrich Stark Which Magazine February. Page 76. Closeup of stack of credit cards. BAXWBJ Adam Gault
  18. A good month for me with 9 sales averaging $56 per sale. It's been a good year too. Also made my first Live News sale although that is not reported yet. Happy New Year to you all. Patrick
  19. 5 sales, about average for me. One sale of $221 was refunded and later appeared as $72 sale. Patrick
  20. Thanks JohnB, I should have read the blog! Also thanks to Alamy for the tweaks, in particular making the location information only which should reduce the number of irrelevant returns Patrick
  21. Yes same here when I search my pseudonym zero results are returned. Just a temporary glitch I presume. Pictures are coming up in ordinary searches ok. Patrick
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