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Images Sold in January (max one per day)

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Thought I would start the monthly thread, since our regular thread poster must be on holiday!

Two sales popped up today. One, I think, constitutes an Alamywhack, since the only photos for the search are mine. All I will say is that it is a place in Scotland.

My second sale was the first from my archive photos. Only $11 (presentation) but the two sales early on in the month makes a good start for 2018.



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6 hours ago, NYCat said:

Now that's an event I've never heard of...




They have the event in different parts of the UK each year. There's more to hedges than meets the eye !  different regional styles, techniques etc., and it's an old skill/craft that uses a natural resource (the hedge) that benefits nature and farming.



2018 the event is in Cambridgeshire. Maybe the Cambridge meet up that's mentioned in another post should meet up there !



When I went to the event near me, good local produce was also available. The scrumpy cider was fantastic (as always)..

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This was for personal use, but seems like a nice one to start the year:


Happy New Year to everyone!




(My first sale in 2017 was also fireworks for personal use, not a bad tradition, good to start sales off early - Jan 2 in this case - now if one of those nice book sales would fall into place...thinking positive here)


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1 hour ago, geogphotos said:

One of my very earliest 35mm photos from 1980 of industrial location on River Avon of Stothert and Pitt engineering works,  Bath. 



Those Strothert & Pitt cranes are everywhere. Here in Leith



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7 minutes ago, Allan Bell said:


Broke my duck at last.


Bodelwyddan castle, Wales.  for newsletter/presentation.








Interesting that, a lot of presentations this week. Encouragingly mine was the highest price for presentation since 2014.

However I note that "newsletter" is a fairly recent addition to that licence type.

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