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Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018


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My first (and maybe last, too idle to get out of bed that early!) Live News photo of the year, don't think it sold. I do this so infrequently that I generally forget to annotate the photos properly. In this instance my thanks to the Alamy team who added the copyright info. 



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I quite like this one (Women's March London yesterday) - she is leaning against the statue of Viscount Alanbrooke, who appears to be "holding her down" with his whip.




Pearly Kingdom. The Pearly Queen of Greenwich with her pet dog, in matching pearly outfits, in front of a historic London cab, at the LNYDP


Bernie/Bernice performing with the London Borough of Hillingdon float, also at the LNYDP


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Few more from the Galapagos...


Nazca Booby




Marine Iguana




Red-Billed Tropic Bird




Galapagos Sea Lion pup



Galapagos Sea Lion, San Cristobal town



Kumar (the Doc one)


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I get drawn to markets.. can't help taking photographs at them, especially fruit and veg stalls with colourful produce! A customer makes a purchase at a fruit and veg stall in Surrey Street Market in Croydon, South London.



Looking down at Surrey Street market in Croydon from a bridge on a cold, wet day about half an hour before the light failed:



Strawberries for sale on a market stall:



Guylian chocolates:




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Self service fruit and veg stall on Cambridge Market Hill.





Coloured (coloured) light art display Grafton new west entrance.





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Sunrise over Borneo primary rainforest. Danum Valley. 4:30am getting up it was. Then climbing a tower.



Sunset over Sandakan, Borneo. Taken from the 24th floor of the Sheraton Hotel.



Infinity pool at the Sheraton Hotel, Sandakan


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13 hours ago, imageplotter said:

Kumar (Doc) - that image of the Galapagos Sea Lion taking a snooze on a bench is just absolutely fantastic!! I am tempted to license that and hang it up in my home office. He (the sea lion) just looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. Brill!

Thanks Imageplotter! He was just lying there on our first evening in the islands - In practice they get all over the place - Its an amazing place to visit!



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