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  1. I've had a couple of sales on weekends, just figured it had to do with the different time zones.
  2. I don't take any chances, I always apply for a photo pass to cover any concert, some artists do allow editorial use images, but you are only allowed to photograph the first 3 songs. Others do not allow any photos at all. Some artist do have very strict rules, such as taking down their photos after 6 months, no easy task if you have uploaded their photos to an agency.
  3. My experience is 6 to 8 photos per event for newspapers,and a maximum of 20 photo for news agencies.
  4. Up here cold weather stars at about -20C. Never had any issues with my camera gear failing at minus double digits temperature. The trick is to dress warm, and I use mitts similar to the ones of flotsom to help keep my fingers warms.
  5. The young photographers are busy selling microstock photography.
  6. I always check off my photos as Rights Managed, any reason why I should choose Royalty free.
  7. I have covered events that needed media accreditation, where the photos could only be used for editorial purposes. These photos are the only ones that I list as For Editorial Only.
  8. If you have had live news photos sold in the past with alamy you can apply. I did not need to re apply having had sales in the past.
  9. A few years back I had the luxury of sending off my photos within 2 hours of an event. Today, I, like most other photographers covering an event or spot news need to ship off photos minutes after the start of an event.
  10. I have submitted various events to alamy live news, and have always been accepted. The one rejection was one time when the incorrect date was in the IPTC .
  11. YouTube has a few videos on setting your back button focus for Sony cameras, which could be of help.
  12. The best camera is the one you have with you, so true. Getty do have some very talented photographers, but they seem to have a very aggressive sales team, and like to push their weight around almost to the point of bullying.
  13. When I shoot outdoors during the day, if I can see the sun I shot manual, 200 iso, 1/200 sec at f16.
  14. I've just uploaded an image without any trouble.
  15. Most of my photos are shot with a Canon 1D MK IV, which is not a full frame camera. The rest is done with my 7D, not a full frame either. Quality wise I prefer my images done with my 1D, but here on alamy I sell nearly as many images done with my 7D as with my 1D. A couple years back alamy had around 70 million images available, today they are up to 155 million. These figures probably have more to do with your low sales than your camera's sensor size.
  16. Welcome to the forum, and we are all in search of improving our sales. Israel must offer some great photo opportunities.
  17. Welcome to the alamy group
  18. MIT offer a free course on documentary photography, which would look good on your cv. https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/comparative-media-studies-writing/21w-749-documentary-photography-and-photojournalism-still-images-of-a-world-in-motion-spring-2016/index.htm
  19. The Cloud Appreciation Society. Thanks for sharing, my cloud knowledge is cumulus and puffy white clouds.
  20. Did your guy got closer to the incident because he had a press card, or because he knew the fire crew?
  21. I was with Demotix until they where bought and closed by Getty, since then made 1 sale for $300 from Getty. So I imagine if alamy or AFP make any sales from your photos they will forward you your payment. I know photographers who where with Newzulu when they had an office in Montreal and made regular sales. But it was a whole different story when they closed the Montreal office and did all their operations in France, they seemed to be completely disorganized and no idea of what was going on in Quebec.
  22. My FTP upload speed to alamy is slower than to other clients.
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