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  1. Alamy is mostly sell editorial photos. Your images are not editorial.
  2. Yeah delete similars and hope best for sales in an editorial agency for non editorial images.
  3. So what does Alamy think about this issue? If they dont say anything about plurals i will add plurals to my files. It seem spamming to add plurals until now because there are some benefits to add them.
  4. thanks for your notice, you are right but i added them after first keywording, i guess they will show up shortly.
  5. the thing is i expect more sales for a unesco World heritage site in Alamy. more than one or more than ten. it feels like nobody want a Pamukkale photo in Alamy. this is a major touristic place.
  6. hi, sorry for title actually i could not find better one. i am editing many photos of Pamukkale, Turkey. It is a unesco heritage site and a world wide touristic place. i searched alamy measures about Pamukkale and the results are within past year 1 sale, 23 zoom and 5676 views. there are 8439 files online in alamy when i search Pamukkale. 8439 files and 1 sale, for a unesco world heritage site. i am hesitant to edit and upload more. am i right for the statics? by the way i am aware of some statistics do not count in alamy measures. bu
  7. Thank you all for your comments. First of all i ve been in San Diego just for two days and unfortunately weather was bad. Also i understand that in Alamy customers want color corrected images, not color graded. All my images have filtered with various film presets. Thats why some of my images are grey because i want them with that color. I will upload some more images with just color corected and try with that way. Thank you all for your comments.
  8. Hi I am new to alamy and upload more than 700 pictures. I havent sell any images yet and wonder if i did something wrong. What do you think about my portfolio?
  9. Would you clarify where it is you're seeing this option to choose editorial? Do you mean in the restrictions section when keywording? Geoff. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-mar-21-2007-london-england-uk-release-date-april-20-2007-director-90174227.html#.V2u9fH0OIzQ for example this photo clearly defined as editorial. but many similiar photos as same series are just RM.
  10. thank you for your answers, so, as i understand i will upload my images (with people, without release) under RM and i do not have any responsibility after that. All legal responsibility is on the client, if he/she wants to use my image as commercial - advertisement without model release its his problem. But again why there is an editorial option? Why would i choose editorial while i can upload images as RM? When do you choose editorial?
  11. actually definition of editorial and RM is the problem. In other micro stock agencies there is a clear line between editorial and non-editorial. In alamy if you upload images without release automatically go to RM. But still they are not editorial. Because they are not editorial, they must be non-editorial. How can we sell non-editorial images without releases? Is RM contract cover the usage of non-editorial images without release? Or do we have all the responsibility as contributors? If RM contract cover the usage of editorial than why is that an editorial section in alamy?
  12. i uploaded many images including some people and building exteriors inside them. Normally in other agencies i put them into editorial section as RF. But here they are in RM section. Because i dont have any property or model release. Now i am confused, because beside RM there is editorial - RM. What is the difference between RM and editorial RM ? Which one should i choose?
  13. hi, i am also new to alamy and i have some questions about legal issues. As all we know we can upload any image to alamy if it passes qc and we are free to choose between RM and RF or we can answer whatever we like to "is this image requires property release" question. No one cares. Ok well my question is if i choose wrong answer what will happen? For example if i choose there is no one in that image (totally mistakenly) BUT there are some people on that image whose responsibility is that or if i choose that image does not require property release BUT again it actually does what ha
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