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Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018


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On 24/01/2018 at 12:29, Doc said:

Thanks Imageplotter! He was just lying there on our first evening in the islands - In practice they get all over the place - Its an amazing place to visit!




Hush, don't tell us that, I want to believe that this was a truly unique moment!! :D  Yes, the images from there always look incredible, sadly the price tag on Galapagos trips from Europe has always put me off so far.

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3 hours ago, Doc said:

Freedom indeed - yet in your keywords you dont have Concept or freedom or anything connected with that?


Kumar (the Doc one)


thanks for your notice, you are right but i added them after first keywording, i guess they will show up shortly.

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10 hours ago, Bill Brooks said:

Yanluo, The Chinese  king of hell so angry his hair is standing on end.




That is me when I am relaxed and laid back.





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Young monks choosing confectionery in a convenience store, Chiang Mai, Thailand. No MR or PR Stock Photo


Young buddhist monks in a Chiang Mai convenience store, Thailand


Boat at Kent Island, Barnard Island Group, near Mourilyan, Queensland, Australia. No PR Stock Photo


Rarely-visited Kent Island, Barnard Island Group, Great Barrier Reef

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I am rather afraid of baboons but this wee one looks so sweet peeking out at the world from under its mother. I have days when I feel like that.



M0173A  Tiny baby baboon safe under its mother in Nakuru National Park, Kenya.  



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