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  1. I have win 10 run on Intel Core i7 -4770CPU @3.5Ghz , 16gb ram and 250gb ssd (20% free). I store all the images on separate drives. Graphic card is GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. and yes, everything else is fine... photoshop works ok not to mention capture one demo that works flawlessly.
  2. Thank you MDM, never hear of them! I gonna give it a try. I was talking to tech guys from adobe and they took over my machine and didn't really solve anything. Its is dragging on every level. Slow loading library, slow previous, very slow when moving between modules, in develop panel delay with every slider move and when i try using brush or radial filter it just goes to stand still... very popular message on my screen is "lightroom not responding" .... going through large batch of photos is pure hell. anyway thank you for your advice! i will try them and hopefully someone will be able to help. Michael
  3. Opening ok for me but everything else is dragging like hell (30k images in this catalog) driving me crazy... thinking about going with capture one only no time now to learn its workarounds... ive been to adobe support, system req ok, told me to change my graphic card did that still no luck... slowly giving up on it...
  4. Favourite images uploaded - April 2018

    aw brilliant, love Kerry! hopefully you`ll get a nice weather - weekend is looking good! Pity about the camera tho - the scenery is amazing... enjoy!
  5. Favourite images uploaded - April 2018

    From our sunday walk around beautiful Glendalough Valley in County Wicklow, Ireland
  6. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    golf lessons
  7. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    my exact same thoughts... just not sure if google or some other web crawling crap...
  8. Hope it is ok to share this! Looks like i am having a trip to Ikea today lol https://petapixel.com/2018/02/16/eneloop-pro-20-batteries-ikea-ladda-5-batteries/ Anyone had any experience with these? Looks no brainer @ that price... Michael
  9. so it is very possible (looking at those tests) that the ikea`s could actually be a winner here... interesting! thanks for the link Vincent!
  10. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Congrats Sally! well done! i had only three miserable sales since i joined last year but my port is a lot than yours so you are true encouragement! Well done again!
  11. You are right although I get a headache in Ikea no matter what day of a week it is so i may as well sneak in today before people realize what a bargain it is haha but jokes on side - yeah it does look solid and at that price i`ll be getting few extra packs...
  12. AIM down

    same here a lot of issues recently with the overnight update...
  13. Meet up at The Photography Show in March.

    that`s a pity! I thought we could catch up as i will be there... but yeah you have a bit of a drive , I probably wouldn't been too keen either... maybe next time or if you are anyway around give me a shout!
  14. Meet up at The Photography Show in March.

    Hi Andy, Are you planing to go to profoto show in Dublin next week?
  15. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Man with passion! Thanks Kukkudrill!
  16. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Why not?
  17. January Challenge: Music

    Jazz band busking on Grafton Street Classic from Paris
  18. Second sale on Alamy!

    I`m here since feb this year and just got my second sale on Alamy! Only 9$ but sure it have to start somewhere Happy Thursday everyone!
  19. Post your positive results here :)

    i am afraid it wont fit into our budget!
  20. Post your positive results here :)

    I`ll get napkins and put the kettle on lol
  21. Second sale on Alamy!

    Hi Ceri, I am trying to upload regularly if the time allows and it is sometimes 100 sometimes 10... but really only started to be systematic last moth so I am still consider myself as a newbie here... and i do try get the bar green in most cases... i would have around 30% images with orange bar but i`m slowly getting back at them whenever i have time. Best Regards Michael
  22. Post your positive results here :)

    Had my third sale this morning for whooping €1 after deductions! Ah well... it`s good to see sales started to dripping in into my account! Happy days This one was Czech Republic, Web use, One Week... Merry Christmas Everyone! Michael
  23. New contributor from Ireland.

    Stunning collection Larry! Good luck!
  24. RF for Estonian Magazine