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  1. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    golf lessons
  2. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    my exact same thoughts... just not sure if google or some other web crawling crap...
  3. so it is very possible (looking at those tests) that the ikea`s could actually be a winner here... interesting! thanks for the link Vincent!
  4. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    Congrats Sally! well done! i had only three miserable sales since i joined last year but my port is a lot than yours so you are true encouragement! Well done again!
  5. You are right although I get a headache in Ikea no matter what day of a week it is so i may as well sneak in today before people realize what a bargain it is haha but jokes on side - yeah it does look solid and at that price i`ll be getting few extra packs...
  6. Hope it is ok to share this! Looks like i am having a trip to Ikea today lol https://petapixel.com/2018/02/16/eneloop-pro-20-batteries-ikea-ladda-5-batteries/ Anyone had any experience with these? Looks no brainer @ that price... Michael
  7. AIM down

    same here a lot of issues recently with the overnight update...
  8. Meet up at The Photography Show in March.

    that`s a pity! I thought we could catch up as i will be there... but yeah you have a bit of a drive , I probably wouldn't been too keen either... maybe next time or if you are anyway around give me a shout!
  9. Meet up at The Photography Show in March.

    Hi Andy, Are you planing to go to profoto show in Dublin next week?
  10. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Man with passion! Thanks Kukkudrill!
  11. Favourite images uploaded - Jan 2018

    Why not?
  12. January Challenge: Music

    Jazz band busking on Grafton Street Classic from Paris
  13. Post your positive results here :)

    i am afraid it wont fit into our budget!
  14. Post your positive results here :)

    I`ll get napkins and put the kettle on lol