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  1. Cloud experts wanted

    The Cloud Appreciation Society. Thanks for sharing, my cloud knowledge is cumulus and puffy white clouds.
  2. ticketed events

    Did your guy got closer to the incident because he had a press card, or because he knew the fire crew?
  3. Crowdspark/NewZulu

    I was with Demotix until they where bought and closed by Getty, since then made 1 sale for $300 from Getty. So I imagine if alamy or AFP make any sales from your photos they will forward you your payment. I know photographers who where with Newzulu when they had an office in Montreal and made regular sales. But it was a whole different story when they closed the Montreal office and did all their operations in France, they seemed to be completely disorganized and no idea of what was going on in Quebec.
  4. Time for FTP?

    My FTP upload speed to alamy is slower than to other clients.
  5. Varied subjects

    Half of my sales are of fashion shows, the rest are varied subjects from my collection of images. So variety yes.
  6. Noise

    Most noise happens in the underexposed area of you photos, so a underexposed photo shot at 400 ISO will contain more noise than a properly exposed photo at 800 ISO.
  7. Instagram Here is the link to mine.
  8. Idiots guide to keywording

    It seems to me when I made my first submission to Alamy back in the Fall of 2017, they had 70 some million photos in their collection. Today some 140 million, with these numbers you need some luck and great keywords to have your work discovered in searches.
  9. 1000 up

    I believe is you upload regularly, (myself I add new images to my collection several times a week) you get a 3 star rating, less often, less stars.
  10. 1000 up

    Took me a little over 1 year to upload my first 1,000 photos, looking forward to 2,000 images by years end. I have had 3 stars way before I hit the 1,000 image mark.
  11. Name that cow?

    He is a male for certain.
  12. Here is a short film, inside North Korea by snowboarder Jamie Borrow.
  13. Poor Keywording from A Buyers Point of View

    Sound advice. Keywording is tedious, but important.
  14. F22 - what is the point?

    Landscape photographers use f22 for a great depth of field. I on the other hand rarely shoot at f22, and when I do I always have dust spots on my photos. Most of what I shoot is between f4 and f8, some of my lenses do close down to f32.
  15. At $1.89 US per image for keywording service, is it a worthwhile investment.