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  1. Poor Keywording from A Buyers Point of View

    Sound advice. Keywording is tedious, but important.
  2. F22 - what is the point?

    Landscape photographers use f22 for a great depth of field. I on the other hand rarely shoot at f22, and when I do I always have dust spots on my photos. Most of what I shoot is between f4 and f8, some of my lenses do close down to f32.
  3. At $1.89 US per image for keywording service, is it a worthwhile investment.
  4. Automated keywording

    I'm waiting for the day when my camera does all the keywording for me!
  5. accreditation for event

    It is best to contact the show producers first for photo accreditation guidelines, and don't show up in the pit row with a tripod, and expect to shoot the entire concert.
  6. accreditation for event

    If needed alamy can give you accreditation, simply email them at
  7. Live News forum

    Yes they have done so in the past, just that for the moment they don't issue any press ID's
  8. April 2018 Challenge: On The Water

    Last September 21st we had record high temperature of +30 Celcius, so I was out scouting for images of people coping with this unusual hot weather.
  9. Live News forum

    alamy could do like some other agencies, after 10 live news submissions you can qualify for press credentials.
  10. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    If you're on a public right of way - such as a public pavement, footpath or public highway - you're free to take photographs for personal and commercial use so long as you're not causing an obstruction to other users or falling foul of anti-Terrorism laws or even the Official Secrets Act. Professional photography is banned in London's Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square as well as the Royal Parks. Of course what is not clear is what can be interpreted as an anti-terrorism act?
  11. Taking shots of a BBC film production.

    It is always best to get permission from the producer, many times they will be more than happy to allow you on the set to get photos, either as they are filming, or between takes. But I know here in Quebec, some actors don't want photos taking of them from so-called 3rd party photographers, also on occasions producers don't want to public to see before hand any scenes in case their plot is inadvertently leaked.
  12. QC- Don't Panic

    My uploads from the 27 and 28 passed, 29th of March is till in QC. Of course it is Easter weekend after all, so one can expect delays.
  13. Hello from New Brunswick

    Welcome fellow Canadian to alamy
  14. Good Friday -- licenses or no licenses in past?

    Sold one on Thursday, Good Friday isn't over yet, I will wait and see!
  15. I use man,male, adult or child. If there is no one in my picture i use without people, Perhaps I over simplify.