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Photos will not upload by web uploader nor FTP, despite tries on multiple computers.

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I recently signed up as a contributor and was looking to upload my first three images. However, when I tried to upload them view the web uploader interface on the website, it read, "upload error" many times. I have tried on two different computers and nothing has worked. I also tries FTP and was able to establish a connection with the server, but when I tried to upload, it kept failing. Is this an error on Alamy's end or mine? Or is it the file?


Thank you.

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8 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

Are you folks using Safari? Safari sometimes doesn't work with Alamy on weekends. 


Just tried to upload with Chrome and that didn't work either. Hmm. Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow. . . . 

No Ed, using Chrome, then tried Safari but that didn't work either.






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Just now, SShep said:

Is everyone able to upload now? - I still can't connect by either web or FTP.




No...not working properly since yesterday on either.


Yesterday sent 18 by FTP...showed 3 as arrived in AIM. Tried again with rest, and wouldn't go through.

Tried this AM with web loader, stalled after 4 so shut it down.

However now shows another 13 from the FTP in AIM, so 2 gone AWOL!


Not doing any more for a few hours to see if anything else shows up!



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Web uploader OK, but it's much slower than FTP, 10-15 sec per image, is that normal on a line with 15 Mbps upload profile speed? FTP usually takes 2-3 secs.

Edit; upload stalled and abandoned. Be nice to hear from Alamy on this.

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