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Photos will not upload by web uploader nor FTP, despite tries on multiple computers.

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5 hours ago, TeeCee said:

Apologies if this has already been posted, had this from Alamy earlier this afternoon...






Alamy Live News are making a change to the way we receive images from you via FTP.


Could you please adjust the FTP host as follows:


Current Host name: upload.alamy.com


New Host name: newsupload.alamy.com


User name & password stay the same.


Please confirm this has been done by replying to this message.


Many thanks,


Neil Porter


Alamy News Team

This should have been sent to everyone who uploads news images, but at the moment I am getting many "Sorry, we've encountered an unexpected error" messages or 404's that I wouldn't bother uploading anything anyway.


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On 11/29/2017 at 17:35, spacecadet said:

Filezilla. Two clicks and a drag and it goes like greased lightning.

Download it now and they'll catch QC for tomorrow.

Credentials here. There's a bit of a learning curve but it's quite easy to negotiate without crampons.



Excuse me for being a bit dim but having downloaded Filezilla I then uploaded a few images to Alamy which appeared to be uploaded fine according to Filezilla so I then clicked on the disconnect server button. Checked Alamy Image Manager but they are nowhere to be seen - do they not appear there if using FTP? Normally there is a greyed out image saying in QC or something similar. 

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When you use the uploader (which I did for the first and, I hope, last time the other day, the images show as "processing" straight away. This is what you miss in FTP but there's still a delay- I assume this is while all the various previews being generated.

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