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  1. Yep John, that slow rolling disc has returned....grooaann!
  2. I think you are right Mr. Standfast, this goes right across my screen from side to side. UK%20OR%20Wales%20OR%20England%20OR%20Scotland%20OR%20'Northern%20Ireland'%20OR%20Britain%20OR%20British%20OR%20'United%20Kingdom'%20 [FS] If I go to the next page the formatting appears fine. Thanks very much! Kathy
  3. My measures screen has gone a bit haywire this morning with a massive gap between topics searched on the left side and statistics shoved over to the right. This has never happened before. Anyone one else with this problem today? Thank you, Kathy
  4. That's great Colblimp. Did you find it using google reverse? Thank you! Kathy
  5. Thank you Bryan, that's helpful to know. I never have much luck with google reverse. Kathy
  6. Have any forum contributors' sales from Times Online from 1st October been reported for anyone yet. I am still awaiting these that Bryan spotted. Alamy says Io send them an url so they can track it but I don't subscribe to the Times Online. Any info about how long they to take to report uses gratefully received. Thank you, Kathy
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded to my query. I will test the waters (again). Kathy
  8. Thank you for finding this Bryan. Chuffed with this sale as I started this rose myself. Kathy
  9. I am wondering about contributors' current experience of distribution sales. Are you happy with the prices you receive? Have you had any reasonable fees in the past year? I am currently opted out, considering opting in April. Thank you, Kathy
  10. Thank you for posting this image of my garden last summer Bryan before these self sown nasturtiums engulfed the whole of the sticks and bed! Can't wait to start gardening again. Roll on spring 2021.
  11. I sent them an email about 10 minutes ago about this. Glad I don't have to clear cache again so thanks Niels.
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