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  1. Alamy closed a misuse: what now?

    I think the heading to this topic is misleading when you first lay eyes on it, you might want to change the wording!
  2. Your highest sale

    Rolf: Great to know these images actually come to fruition in some cases, so thank you for reporting. I have one under consideration at the moment. Kathy
  3. Problem solved, just needed to access MR from desktop instead, which is a change from what I am used to but works ok and a bar shows it loading.
  4. Anyone else having trouble assigning model release in AIM? Normally the list drops down. Has this changed? "Assign existing release" is greyed out and Releases with arrow does not show the list. Thanks, Kathy
  5. Have you found any Alamy images September 2018

    thank you for listing this Volcano theatre pic Clare. Kathy
  6. Images sold in August (One per day per contributor)

    examination paper https://www.alamy.com/image-details-popup.asp?Imageid=F2961F6F-4037-4419-B642-0F9EDD8F5ADA
  7. Problems logging in on Mac

    Finally logged in to Alamy yesterday. changed password 3 times
  8. Having to sign in twice?

    I have managed to log in on Safari now but still can"t log in on Chrome
  9. Problems logging in on Mac

    I have managed to log in on Safari now but still can"t log in on Chrome.
  10. Having to sign in twice?

    Can"t log in at all this a.m. on main site.
  11. Problems logging in on Mac

    Can't log in to Alamy site this a.m. Keeps asking me to log in. Tried to log in to forum and had to go through about a dozen pages of tiled pics. Ugh!
  12. Problems logging in on Mac

  13. Identification help, plant with purple flowers

    Sorry, can't attach message to above pic, can anyone identify this bog plant please? Kathy