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  1. Yes, if I sign out I can search using my surname and get pages of results. Surely this is not meant to happen? It should be the other way around??
  2. Hi Alamy: I just tried searching using only my last name while logged in and it still doesn't work. I will sign out and see if I can search that way and let you know. That is what happened last week. Kathy
  3. Mine are through QC now, term "usually" still in AIM. A weekend of tagging ahead. This is a great months so far.
  4. Yes, mine slower too, "usually" it passes within 24 hours but not the most recent. Not sure if USUALLY term recently introduced though.
  5. Good to know, there is so much valuable information that I can't seem to retrieve. The forum worked fine before all these changes and options. Thank you for letting us know. Kathy
  6. I brought this subject up last week as did Wim but as of yet there has been no enlightenment on the subject. https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9583-searching-forum-by-contributor-name/
  7. Searching forum by contributor name

    Thanks Wim. Some info there under Posts and Topics but not able to search using name. I hope this will return. Kathy
  8. Searching forum by contributor name

    Till the past week I have been able to search the contributor forum by inserting by surname in the search box above. This enabled me to find sales, comments etc. No longer it seems, unless I am doing something wrong?? Thank you for any help with this, in advance and thank you to all those continuing to list found usages. Kathy
  9. Hello Everyone, I am from India

    Hello Mangesh, Welcome to Alamy. I hope you have a lot of success with your photos here. Kathy
  10. QC- Don't Panic

    thank you to everyone for replies. all passed now..... Kathy
  11. QC- Don't Panic

    lol! no Ed, thank goodness....I didn't spot the date.
  12. QC- Don't Panic

    still waiting for QC .... think I uploaded 28th or 29th. anyone else around these dates? thanks, Kathy
  13. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Can someone please remove the red arrow I accidentally struck on this post? Sorry Gary!
  14. Interesting, I will check this out. Thank you!
  15. Thank you Mark, very helpful, I will definitely try this if my first attempt fails to be read. Kathy