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  1. Thanks Cal, I think that is exactly what happened, but a first in my experience after many years. Kathy
  2. Actually, I think I may have solved the mystery. I changed the setting which hadn't been ticked to update Chrome automatically and put the extra icon from the toolbar in the trash. Thank you anyway Bill. However, I would like to be reminded how to add an image to the Forum panels because drag and drop doesn't seem to work.
  3. Good morning folks: This morning I've noticed an extra Google Chrome app icon on my iMac dock. Anyone else? I'm not sure why or how this has appeared but my Chrome version is up to date. Should I just dump the intruder? Any ideas?? Thank you! Kathy
  4. I didn't think you were complaining Chuck. I'm glad your problems are corrected. Mine are not. Kathy
  5. No luck Wim, tried both Control 0 and Command 0. Thank you for your help. I will just bide my time and let you know if it is self-correcting
  6. I restarted computer but it is still there looking strange. If I knew how to add a screen grab here I would.
  7. Yes Chuck, I tried Safari this a.m. but I get the same result. Hopefully I will hear back from Alamy soon. Kathy
  8. I was hoping you would come to the rescue Wim but, unfortunately that didn't work. Hm. Maybe it will just return to normal on its own. Thank you anyway. Kathy
  9. My dashboard doesn't display correctly this morning...the graph has slipped down to obscure other information and tabs leaving a large white space where it should be. I have cleared my browser and it is still the same. Anyone else see this? I have notified contributors@alamy.com. Kathy
  10. Phil Robinson just posted this on FB Professional Stock Photographers: https://photoarchivenews.com/news/press-association-moving-all-photo-assets-to-a-single-platform-alamy/?fbclid=IwAR2dFRxfc5DMmg-x9vzqC2mEs6IYAhUNXu19K4VKNUdf8NUh34Y6xpvEEDI
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