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  1. Measures was available with stats on Friday morning in the UK. Just not today. Kathy
  2. Folks: is anyone else finding the revolving disc turning for an inordinately long time when clicking on "download sales report" to get to Net Revenue and date of invoice/date cleared? This has been going on for me for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Kathy
  3. Thanks Shearwater. It just so happens that I remembered my old password so could get into my account. In doing so I noticed by clicking on the top right corner there was a place to request a password change so maybe that supercedes the usual one. Not sure.
  4. I've requested a new password too from DACS and nothing has happened.
  5. OK, finally sorted....on Chrome it was a settings problem (as James Allsworth originally advised . Google never replied). I now have it working properly by playing around with page zoom and font sized which I have set at: Zoom 150% Font size 18 Minimum font size 12 Kathy
  6. This happened to me with a Seagate Backup Plus after I got a new IMac this year. It wasn't showing up anywhere even though the light showed it was working. After numerous conversations with Seagate who offered to replace it as it was only a year old, I tried connecting it with another cable and it mounted thank goodness. Kathy
  7. Hi Paulette , I have noticed this in the past couple days but it is intermittant. Kathy
  8. My dashboard is still looking unaligned in Google Chrome. I think this may have occured on the recent update. I have emailed them about this problem, but as of yet not had a reply. However, even though I was adapting to this irritating appearance I downloaded Firefox. Lo and behold, all looks normal on Firefox!!
  9. Thanks for reporting Bryan: It could be MB97H0, MB97H2, MB97H5, or MB97J1. Did you mean there are two photos, 1 building and 1 police tape? CF7CEA? as well?
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