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  1. I like it too Brian, even the colour. So refreshing to have something new and positive happening. I would like to know what the font is used in the little alamy logo top left.
  2. I am completely unable to access Alamy at present from the UK. Anyone else? Kathy
  3. 0. All of Alamy seems to be working though.
  4. I had one of these which came to fruition for a very nice sum. No problem.
  5. Ian, Rob, Steve, Miz Brown thankyou...helpful replies. Got it now.
  6. Many thanks for your reply MDM. I have been reading all along and appreciate all of the work gone in to this subject but thought I may have missed something. Kathy
  7. Someone please remind me...is there a danger to keeping images exclusive if you do not intend to place them elsewhere? Thank you! Kathy
  8. In the past I have been able to download my data but I tried to do it today. Didn't work. Cleared browsing data. Still doesn't work. Hm.....
  9. Managed to cancel it by logging out and in again and then I was allowed to go my account. Found about a dozen uses, so maybe not a great use of time. Kathy
  10. Thanks Ian and losdemos. I've sent them an email asking them to cancel my free trial. I am logged in but there is nowhere on the page that refers to Payments and Subscriptions. I will wait to hear back.
  11. How did you cancel Ian. Did you do it without using the full free trial. I can't see a way to cancel. Thank you! Kathy
  12. Yep John, that slow rolling disc has returned....grooaann!
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