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  1. Hi, I have followed the guide on but why I click "connect" in FileZilla, I get the error: "530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible". As far as I know, it is a problem on the server from alamy, do I need to change something in my settings to enable it? Full FTP-protocol: (sorry for the Dutch parts) Status: Adres bepalen van Status: Verbinden met Status: Verbinding gemaakt, welkomstbericht afwachten... Antwoord: 220 Microsoft FTP Service Opdracht: USER dennis******* Antwoord: 331 Password required for dennis****** Opdracht: PASS ******** Antwoord: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
  2. I recently signed up as a contributor and was looking to upload my first three images. However, when I tried to upload them view the web uploader interface on the website, it read, "upload error" many times. I have tried on two different computers and nothing has worked. I also tries FTP and was able to establish a connection with the server, but when I tried to upload, it kept failing. Is this an error on Alamy's end or mine? Or is it the file? Thank you.
  3. Hi folks: I am trying to upload and getting red "upload error" sign this Sunday evening. Never had this before. And it isn't to do with size. Anyone else?? Thank you, Kathy
  4. This might be of interest to those who want to ftp directly from lightroom, works with the current version
  5. More of a minor annoyance than real problem but if I upload say 20 photos then end up with a split between a number of Alami IDs. This is both with FTP and Alamy upload. Before all the changes this was never happening. I don't know if its my relatively slow upload speed from the ISP as I see a lot of Alamy server timeouts in the logs, if its some setting I have wrong, or if it is now just the norm. What are others seeing?
  6. FTP login problem

    When trying to log in to alamy FTP (through photoshelter), I repeatedly get "530 error." It's worked in past. If you experienced this problem, what did you do to resolve it? (If all else fails, I'll contact Member Services.) Thank you - Ann
  7. FTP settings

    Could someone please PM me the FTP settings for live news uploads, (struggling with paths, but may have outdated settings). I am too impatient waiting for a reply from contributor services. I'm hoping to improve my workflow using a nexus tablet and images from my new Sony RX100 MK3. Thanks.
  8. I have just tried to upload ~6 photos via FTP and Image Manager for Live News. They are "processing errors" and blank thumbnails. Does anyone know what this is?
  9. Greetings, New contributor to / we have uploaded our 3 images and passed, and they are on sale and searchable. User ID: ModernPics Web Uploads fail 100% for us / all images just report error Using FileZilla we are able to connect using our email address and password, we see the folders, we click into Stock and upload 4 images / all of them report a successful upload. However, we do not see them in file manager., DSC1757.jpg, DSC1877.jpg and DSC2021.jpg File sizes are 6 megs, 12 megs, 10 megs and 6 megs We LOVE Alamy just need to get started with uploads. PS. I know the 1st report of this was - no issues on your end, however - everything checks out with the suggestions and still cannot upload since yesterday. Honestly perplexed as this should not be a difficult process, we also are a web hosting provider, so we have tried Passive FTP / Active FTP and Auto ... we have tried multiple browsers, clearing cache. Web uploads just report "Error" that is all No issue uploading the 3 required images for QC, which passed and you can see them in the search results on sale. Almost seems that we are not 100% vetted into the system yet? We are very new as of about a week. We just now sent an email to and replied to a response we received from the chat session, however seems that is for buyers / sales. Same issue for 2 days at this point. Thanks for your help in advance!
  10. Hi all, this morning i'm trying to upload via ftp some images after my account has been frozen for 1 week due to Alamy QC failures. I'm still receiving Error 550 access denied on my FTP client even though i've received the "unfrozen" email from Alamy and i properly have the "Upload" blue button on my dashboard. Someone could explain?
  11. Good morning, I uploaded some pictures via FTP for the first time yesterday, as the online uploader was getting stuck for whatever reason. How does the process work, will I get an email saying I have passed QC as well? Thank you.
  12. Download ftp vectors

    Hi, I have a ftp and l did what Alamy asked to download my vector images. Do l have to enter the name of the web site also ? How do l know that Alamy received my images in eps ? Thank you so much.
  13. Upload speed: ftp v web

    I've started one of my big single uploads of the year and six months or so ago, I started doing so using ftp (via the Transmit app) rather than the Alamy web page whose Flash I found unpredictable. So as I watch the progress of each file make its way left to right I wonder if this really sends the file faster than previously? Has anyone with a stop watch tested both methods and can reach a definitive conclusion? Rgds, Richard. *67 gone, hundreds to go*
  14. FTP Upload

    I've long heard about FTP upload, but does anyone have any preferences with regards what client is best? Does it depend on where you are in the world? Are there any drawbacks or things to watch out for? Etc Etc? Thanks Chris
  15. We’re now pleased to offer submissions by FTP. Read more...