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  1. Woken up this morning to find 4 sales , all reasonably good prices, have appeared. Thank you Alamy.
  2. I used fixation a couple of years ago to do some repairs - can't fault them, and would certainly recommend them to others. Martin
  3. I echo the sentiments of others about the lack of zooms - they've fallen flat after a really good run of months, which perhaps makes it more noticeable. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  4. Me too. I've been trying on and off for a couple of hours - getting the red upload failed message. Martin www.windillskies.com
  5. Long way to go on the positive reviews front, but can't argue against 100% royalties. Even with my drop in the ocean sized portfolio I get regular zooms and sales. What reading others posts has done is made me really think about the image and the key wording behind it-so yes there's an element of learning from others mistakes, but isn't that what forums are for as well? martin
  6. SShep - Thanks for finding the train tickets again - that's twice in 6 weeks that this image has been used in The Guardian. Martin
  7. Too right it's a lot of work - but so rewarding (and I don't have as many images as many others). As to whether images should be deleted I'm mindful to leave them at the moment. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  8. Much the same - plenty of zooms, but not much in the way of sales - a couple of low prices. At least with my still small collection things get noticed in the 60+million so I must be doing something right. Martin
  9. Thanks for all the replies, lots to go on. I was thinking about a 700 last night, but the 300 is another to consider. I need to go back and have a look at the 7200 again - lots to think about. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Martin
  10. Morning all I have a dilemma, my D200 body is on its way out! I have 2 good lenses a 14-24f4 Dx and a 24-120f4 Fx - and a limited budget with which to play with. Whilst I'd love the latest D500 or 750, I have at the present moment to be realistic about what to get. I shoot mainly landscapes, architecture and want to retain a walkabout ability. I don't really need high ISO, video or rapid fire FPS. I've been looking at the 610 and 7200 but I remain unconvinced by the build quality - the joys of having a mag alloy body for so many years! I've thought about selling the 14-24 and switching to FF completely. What would people suggest? Are the 610 and 7200 better built than I think. Thanks for any thoughts, got the outlaws coming in 20 mins- no idea if I'll get chance to look again before this evening. Martin
  11. Hi All May be I'm being simple - but how do you manage to trace an image, other than through pot luck? I don't as yet have a big collection, and regularly get zooms which don't translate into sales - I know that this isn't always the case, but thought I'd try to search for the images that I know haven't had recognised sales. I once found a thumbnail sized image of mine in a well known, now defunct Sunday paper, and chased them successfully, but it was just luck that I saw it. Any help always appreciated. Thanks Martin www.windmillskies.com
  12. Hi Joe Another tick for FIxation from a NIkon user perspective. I emailed them after dropping a lenses and breaking the mount- as I was going to be in London for a day they did a "while you wait" service which was great.Regards Martin www.windmillskies.com
  13. It's always been the perception that keywording is a dark art, and being held to 35 - 50 characters certainly does challenge you. As to what you put where, sometimes it's worth looking back at what's been searched for within Alamy measures. I'm very fortunate to live in Stratford upon Avon (19 characters) and have a number of images of the River Avon (10 characters) - both appear within Alamy measures at regular intervals, so they are something that is worth putting into the essential keywords - but that leaves little to add any other detail. Shortening to Stratford (an area within East London) can create extra characters but can give you a very different urban image! It's been an enlightening read through all of the posts - I've always added comma's, and now know that we don't need them, and the 35 characters may or may not be important to how images are shown. I've also had plenty of images not appearing when searches have been requested, even when I know that they're on the system - I've always regarded that as being "there are in more than 50m images on the system - it can't pull up everything" - perhaps I should think again. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  14. I've had London Underground logo's taken down in the past, where they were just the roundel against a blue sky - but do a search and you still find plenty of them in a similar style. It does seem a bit random when some are taken down and others are left, but perhaps they are newer images and missed the last cull. Logo's are everywhere from the beer can still life to High Street images with banks, shops and all other manner of businesses. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  15. Best month for zooms - just hope that they turn into something because it's been far too quiet recently. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  16. Just uploaded a small batch to QC after a month in the sin bin - so hope they are back up to standard. Having read through most of these posts I do think that the QC team do a great job in reminding us that it's "quality not quantity". Having had a whole page of green submissions it's been blemished big time this year with a couple of refusals - SoLD is definitely reminding me just how much care I need to take. I also wonder whether with newer and better sensors the time has come to move on from the trusty d200 - I just need to justify the expense to the wife! Martin www.windmillskies.com
  17. Highest number of zooms since last April, so who knows what that will lead to. Happy Easter! Martin www.windmillskies.com
  18. That's a shame, PP was still a decent magazine but I stopped even flicking through PM some years ago, lots of recycled articles and too many adverts. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  19. Hi all Interesting to read through all the previous posts. I'm going to open the subject out a bit rather than start a new thread, as it's sort of related. I've got a D200 currently with 12-24 f4 & 24-120 f4 lenses. The lenses are great but I keep thinking that the d200, whilst still a cracker of a camera, is beginning to reach the stage where it's newer rivals are just so much better. My dilemma is stay with it for the next year and save some pennies, or bite the bullet and get something new. Primarily going to be for landscapes / architecture and travel. Love the weight / feel of the D700 & can't push the budget far enough for a new d750, someone else has suggested the d300s but is this also reaching the same stage as the d200 (don't like the plastic feel of the 7000/7100 & they just feel too small in my hands) Thoughts / advice really appreciated.Thanks for reading . Martin www.windmillskies.com
  20. Hi I spoke to Alamy in the middle of last year about submitting from a D70s - as an earlier comment says it's neither ok nor a definite no, so I went ahead and submitted in several batches. Thankfully they all passed QC. Longest edge 3008 pixels. Hope this helps Martin www.windmillskies.com
  21. I had one pop up about just before Christmas, 2 months after the image was used - so now I just need the funds to clear! Martin www.windmillskies.com
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