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  1. Grand total $0.25 - gobsmacked! I know stock photography is tough but this is taking the biscuit!
  2. Same as others - despite being in a tourist town there were few tourists, no special event weekends and when I did go out it just didn’t feel right. Uploaded about 300 images most were from grabbing a week in Norfolk when we were allowed out! Martin
  3. Windmillskies Happisburgh, Norfolk, Red and White striped lighthouse against a blue sky - Image ID: 2CB4DN0 Thanks Bryan - really appreciated. Martin
  4. Woken up this morning to find 4 sales , all reasonably good prices, have appeared. Thank you Alamy.
  5. I used fixation a couple of years ago to do some repairs - can't fault them, and would certainly recommend them to others. Martin
  6. I echo the sentiments of others about the lack of zooms - they've fallen flat after a really good run of months, which perhaps makes it more noticeable. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  7. Me too. I've been trying on and off for a couple of hours - getting the red upload failed message. Martin www.windillskies.com
  8. Long way to go on the positive reviews front, but can't argue against 100% royalties. Even with my drop in the ocean sized portfolio I get regular zooms and sales. What reading others posts has done is made me really think about the image and the key wording behind it-so yes there's an element of learning from others mistakes, but isn't that what forums are for as well? martin
  9. SShep - Thanks for finding the train tickets again - that's twice in 6 weeks that this image has been used in The Guardian. Martin
  10. Too right it's a lot of work - but so rewarding (and I don't have as many images as many others). As to whether images should be deleted I'm mindful to leave them at the moment. Martin www.windmillskies.com
  11. Much the same - plenty of zooms, but not much in the way of sales - a couple of low prices. At least with my still small collection things get noticed in the 60+million so I must be doing something right. Martin
  12. Thanks for all the replies, lots to go on. I was thinking about a 700 last night, but the 300 is another to consider. I need to go back and have a look at the 7200 again - lots to think about. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Martin
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