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August Photo Challenge Poll - On The Beach  

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  1. 1. Short list of images from the August Photo Challenge - please vote for your favourite!

    • Simon Evans - World's Most Optimistic ice Cream Man - DNRB49 http://c7.alamy.com/comp/DNRB4G/portsmouth-england-4th-january-2014-an-ice-cream-vendor-peers-out-DNRB4G.jpg
    • gvalee - Camel Train on Cable Beach - FKR0ER http://h7.alamy.com/comp/FKR0ER/tourist-camel-train-on-cable-beach-at-sunset-broome-kimberley-region-FKR0ER.jpg
    • Steve Hyde - Couple sitting out a sudden squall F0DDD1 http://c7.alamy.com/comp/F0DDD1/two-people-sitting-on-a-beach-in-a-rainstorm-F0DDD1.jpg
    • vpics - Pigs in Love on the beach - FA8WWX http://c7.alamy.com/comp/FA8WWX/pigs-in-love-domestic-pigs-sus-scrofa-domesticus-lying-on-the-beach-FA8WWX.jpg
    • Colin Woods - piper on the beach at sunset - AJ6PGR - http://c7.alamy.com/comp/AJ6PGR/a-bagpiper-silhouetted-against-the-sunset-on-arisaig-beach-in-the-AJ6PGR.jpg
    • Eden - The Strand, South Africa - CTEKYE http://c7.alamy.com/comp/CTEKYE/youngsters-use-the-top-of-a-building-as-a-repair-shop-for-their-bicycles-CTEKYE.jpg
    • Sally - 3 Jackass Penguins - J8Y2X0 http://c7.alamy.com/comp/J8Y2X0/a-trio-of-african-or-jackass-penguins-in-the-beach-colony-at-simons-J8Y2X0.jpg
    • LSP - Group of Friends on Pinky Beach - ACHFTY http://h7.alamy.com/comp/ACHFTY/group-of-friends-enjoying-a-summer-afternoon-at-the-beach-rottnest-ACHFTY.jpg

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Ok, it's poll time. This was very tricky to narrow down, because of the diversity of images. In the end I went for those images, that managed to involve me emotionally at some level, either because they're visually stunning, or because they're funny, unusual, interesting. That of course is highly subjective, hence you may well not agree with my short list. And there are lots of very stunning shots that I left out of the short list, which could easily be swapped for any of the 8 short listed. 


Beyond the Competition : Special Mention for best 'wildlife on the beach' series of images: NY Cat's three images of a polar bear, walrus hangout and grizzly mum teaching clamming. Just so beautiful! I would give a lot to be able to spot and photograph just one of these on a beach, let alone all three.


Second special mention:  two images that are perhaps visually tricky to pitch against all those stunning sunsets and funny beach shots in the short list, but impressed me with their interesting though-provoking content were Lars Marsden's drinks can on the beach, and Wiskerke's THUMS Island. Both are quieter, less attention-grabbing images, but in many ways capturing. Ditto for Bryan's crowded beach in Gran Canaria -  love that shot! But it made me so claustrophobic that I had to look away. Sorry! :-) 

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9 minutes ago, Inchiquin said:


Told you... ;)





I'm not holding my breath. Last month (or was it the month before?) I was ahead until the last day when I lost. 

I never take anything for granted. There are lots of good entries.



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Crickey, I made the poll. Well chuffed with that 😊 


9 hours ago, gvallee said:


Me too! Didn't vote for myself.




Gen, I voted for your camel train and then scrolled down to your comment! Yours is one of those images you look at and think 'I wish I'd taken that'



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On 05/09/2017 at 02:57, Steve Hyde said:

Crickey, I made the poll. Well chuffed with that 😊 



Gen, I voted for your camel train and then scrolled down to your comment! Yours is one of those images you look at and think 'I wish I'd taken that'




Very kind of you Steve. I can assure you it was an easy one. A case of f/8 and be there almost. You can trust that beach to deliver almost every day.

I cropped the bagsh***er at the back whose job is to pick up, well you know what. Now I made it a lot less romantic.


Thank you!

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On 9/6/2017 at 05:43, spacecadet said:

I'm rooting for the piglets.


Me too, which is why I gave up bacon+... years ago.  


But more on topic - After voting, I was surprised how many votes Two Pigs in Love got, considering the strong fellow contenders.

I'd say it effectively speaks to a rather widespread empathy.

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