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Found 3 results

  1. Is anyone able to tell me what this mysterious sea creature is lying stranded on a beach in Los Angeles California photographed a few weeks ago? It is about as big as a loaf of unsliced bread. Thanks in advance, KK170Y
  2. Hi, Ok, it's poll time. This was very tricky to narrow down, because of the diversity of images. In the end I went for those images, that managed to involve me emotionally at some level, either because they're visually stunning, or because they're funny, unusual, interesting. That of course is highly subjective, hence you may well not agree with my short list. And there are lots of very stunning shots that I left out of the short list, which could easily be swapped for any of the 8 short listed. Beyond the Competition : Special Mention for best 'wildlife on the beach' series of images: NY Cat's three images of a polar bear, walrus hangout and grizzly mum teaching clamming. Just so beautiful! I would give a lot to be able to spot and photograph just one of these on a beach, let alone all three. Second special mention: two images that are perhaps visually tricky to pitch against all those stunning sunsets and funny beach shots in the short list, but impressed me with their interesting though-provoking content were Lars Marsden's drinks can on the beach, and Wiskerke's THUMS Island. Both are quieter, less attention-grabbing images, but in many ways capturing. Ditto for Bryan's crowded beach in Gran Canaria - love that shot! But it made me so claustrophobic that I had to look away. Sorry! :-)
  3. Hello Everyone, Many thanks again for voting for my image in the July Challenge, I'm chuffed! Well, it's August...holiday time just about everywhere. So I thought I'd go for the glaringly obvious one: ON THE BEACH. I'm hoping this is a fairly 'democratic' subject as most of us will have been on a beach at some point or another, whether it's on a classic postcard of an exotic holiday in warm climates, a wild and stormy landscape shot, or a temporary sand pitch 'city beach' in an urban environment. So - go crazy! Anything goes from dreamy palm-fringed fantasies to gritty Martin Parr-esque documentary shots, with people or without, day or night, summer or winter. It doesn't even have to have sand in it - but the picture does need to clearly be at some kind of beach,or feature a beach in some form. I hope I'm not duplicating a previous challenge (tried to search through the last year or so, if it has indeed been done before then please forgive me!) The challenge will close at midnight on 31st AUGUST. Please post up to 3 of your Aamy images. I'm attaching a few ideas, although beach shots are not my strong point, so I'm really curious what people will come up with! Hope you'll have a lot of fun with this one!! Feel free to sip on a Pina Colada whilst selecting your shots. EXAMPLES: 1.Fake Beach Fun (London Beach Rugby tournament last weekend) . 2.There's a beach somewhere in there (Southend-on-Sea) 3.Fire Juggler and old West Pier (Brighton)
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