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11 hours ago, Michael_Jacobs said:



Noticed this usage back in June: https://meduza.io/atlas/paris/place/biblioteka-mitterana, so not sure when they downloaded the picture. I notified the contributor team end of June...


Was invoiced today for the fantastic price of... 5,81 $, which leaves me, wawawiwa... 1,75 $.


And the usage is:

Country: Latvia
Usage: Editorial
Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/4 page
Start: 01 August 2017
End: 01 August 2022
Online magazine. Duration: 1 year.






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4 hours ago, JeffGreenberg said:


Recognizing salable "ordinary" from the rest can be a rush.

Composing salable ordinary in best way can be a rush.

Waiting for decisive moments can be a rush.

Processing to make image better than ordinary can be a rush.

The thrill of licensing ANY image can be a rush.

The fact that of, say 10K similar images worldwide, THIS image was selected can be a rush.

No doubt, roaming around a new destination has built in thrill,

but familiar subjects can be, in one's mind as one is shooting,

thought of & treated just like a foreign exotic subjects, IMO...


You're quite right, Jeff: well said.  If you can say these things, when it could easily be the most mundane, workaday situation when you have such high-volume sales, then it still should be a HUGE rush for me! ;)


Time for me to look at things a little more positively.  Onward & upward. :)

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Best for a year. US travel brochure.

This is one of last year's but I was at the same table on Sunday afternoon. Perversely enough, I was not taking many pix because of the shortage of licences from this part of the world. Oh well.

Note to self- maybe upload a version with the date removed.



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This one has sold quite a few times and another sale has just popped up today. It just goes to show that you never can tell what buyers are looking for :-)

Or to put it another way, if you can think of any possible reason why an image could be used, no matter how bizarre the usage may be, take the shot. Although do be careful if shooting in public toilets :D 


Male urinals in a public bathroom with an automated flush system - Stock Image

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Eclectic mix of sales today. This one was originally a news image and I just spotted some dust bunnies. Eeek. Will have to replace it at one stage. So much for editing outdoors. It sold for a magazine use.



It was also used in The Times as a news image (which hasn't been reported yet). Yay! When I went back for the Guinness World Record attempt a few days later, they were actually talking about a picture having been used in "THE TIMES" OMG. Someone (me) might have told the PR lady about it. :D The pic was taken in Germany. So, well done Alamy. :) And yes, they got the new world record. In the end the sandcastle was 16.68m tall.

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A lifeguard chair in the Hamptons, licensed for travel marketing. Had a zoom for a search for that specific beach less than a month ago, so nice to see the sale pop up. It's the second photo of a lifeguard chair Alamy has licensed for me since July. The other was in Rhode Island. With this one, my # of sales for 2017 ties with 2016, but revenue stands at 50%. We're headed out to the beach in Connecticut tomorrow morning, so incentive to shoot. The fact that it will be sunny and between 83 and 87 degrees (F) for the next few days, true Indian summer here on the east coast of the US, is incentive enough. B)

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