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Happy new year and all the best for 2015

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 01 February 2014 to 01 January 2015 (80 item(s) totalling $5214.93)

​for sales 2014 was not exactly the best year ever and it ended with an embarrassing whimper of 2 for $23 in December.

I have had better months sales than the whole year but that is life.

I wish everyone a healthy happy and peaceful new year. 

Every time I look around I remind myself I am not just one of the richest and luckiest people alive on the earth, I am right up there with the richest and luckiest people who have ever lived.

I have a safe warm bed, I have food in the cupboard, I have water and electricity at my command and my family is safe and healthy.

Everything else is a total luxury.

Stay safe and best wishes for 2015 

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All Doug says is the most important truth that we may not forget, ever.


Everything the best, health, peace and all luxury for you people and good luck to Alamy! Let the 2015 be the great year! :)

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Each day I look in the deaths column of the local paper and if my name does not appear there I am a happy bunny.


All the best and hope we all have improved sales in 2015.



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Happy New Year - as Doug implies life is what you make it and we are indeed rich in the things that money does not buy.


Martin; may I disagree, we may or may not be rich in the things money cannot buy, BUT if we have a home, electricity, a computer and cameras we are without doubt up there in the richest 10% of people alive today.


If we have these things then we are indeed up amongst the most amazingly wealthy and privileged people who have ever lived.


See where you come on the Global Rich list !



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Happy New Year!


May you find paradise.




This one is at the other side of the world (from my home). It mostly rained the day I was there.


To paraphrase Doug Larson:

Utility is when you have one camera, luxury is when you have two, and paradise is when you have none.



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