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  1. I think that's part of the reason. Alamy have continually said that an Android version is in their plans, but it never seems to get any nearer. I guess they see it as a fairly low priority for whatever reason.
  2. I've used AIM on the iPad with both Safari and Chrome. The only caveat is that I have to hold the iPad in landscape orientation.
  3. A while ago I went through the process of purchasing an image from doing a Google search to the point of putting in payment details, and I wrote every step in one of the PU threads someone started. It was painfully obvious at every step that you are purchasing a digital license and not the actual product, so I don't think any extra popup would make any difference. I simply do not accept what Alamy tell us about how they are accidental purchases. If someone is capable of turning a computer on and Googling an image, they are capable of reading what's in their basket when making the purchase. It
  4. You could try Photoshop Elements if you don't mind sticking with Adobe.
  5. It seems a little odd that the best way to decide what to write a blogpost about is to conduct a badly thought out survey. Tossing a coin would be just as effective.
  6. Indeed there are a few deals like this around. Mine ends in May this year. I don't think that, for me, a continuing subscription model is sustainable. I rarely use PS and already have perpetual licenses for LR5 and PSE11, and so will probably revert back to them. The only potential stumbling block may be that LR5 cannot read LRCC catalogs; but it is only (currently) about 9 months subscription to upgrade LR5 to LR6. Decisions, decisions.
  7. Select each image and add the tags and attributes, and click save. Or have I misunderstood your question?
  8. I was too late to the party for version 1. The new one does work on an iPad, although it is fiddly. I even managed to upload an image via iPad (just to see if it worked), and it passed QC today. I love your signature message btw.
  9. Select both images and in the list of tags some will be light grey. These tags only belong to only one of the images. As you click on them they turn dark and are applied to both images. Click save, and you are done. - and what if you want to keyword a newly approved image that has not gone live yet and you want to do this with an older image? When I choose the new image and search for the older and choose this I am only seeing the older image and the showing of keywords in grey doesn't work. It's a problem I think may have been mentioned before. Maybe adding a tag which is in the
  10. a very good point but too expensive How much do you value your time? The latest version is way faster with numerous enhancements that enable faster and better processing than LR4. The standalone upgrade is probably no more than 100 euro and the subscription version is probably 12 euro a month and includes full Photoshop. ok convinced. I thought that there is only the sub version but I found the upgrade also for the box, a bit hidden though. But the question remains. Obviously there will be no update of LR6 by Adobe any more. The canon 760D came up only one year ago. I can't fin
  11. For anyone who may be interested, I've just uploaded a file to Alamy via web upload from my iPad. It seems to have arrived safely and is currently in QC. (It'll be interesting to see if it passes). I can't think of a reason why I would need to do this at any time, but it might be of some use for those submitting via Live News. One thing I noticed, it appeared in my submissions straight away. My uploads via ftp in the past have taken some time to be shown in track submissions in the old MI. So that's an improvement.
  12. Yes, download the Stockimo app, log in with you Alamy ID, and you are good to go. It is worth looking at Stockimo images already on Alamy to get an idea of what they are looking for.
  13. It's under preferences > Interface. I've just done a very brief test, and the keywords ended up in alphabetical order, separated by commas. The setting only applies to how you input the keywords.
  14. There is an interesting discussion about photojournalism starting at about 17:30 in this podcast from the BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0890kjg
  15. Select both images and in the list of tags some will be light grey. These tags only belong to only one of the images. As you click on them they turn dark and are applied to both images. Click save, and you are done.
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