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  1. Been using Nord VPN for a while and no Alamy issues. Haven't put it on my mobilephone so can't comment on that.
  2. My cleared balance just went from £2 to £3. Sort of reminds me of the Sainsburys director singing I'm in the money.
  3. It's good and encouraging to see that some are doing well here. I must admit to being slightly disappointed with only three sales when another agency where I only have 400 images produced a greater return from three sales there and paid out.
  4. As one who is passionate about animal welfare (one of the first cartoons I made my grandchildren watch was The Meatrix) I try to highlight in my own way any animal "cruelty" I observe. One of my best selling microstock (I wasn't sure it was up to Alamy QC standards so didn't want to take the chance) images is of caged animals; and whilst I don't know where thy were used I can be certain it wasn't to promote this behaviour.
  5. I seem to have Corel Aftershot and Cyberlink Photo Director image editing programs installed. If they weren't free I wouldn't have installed them. Haven't had time to find out if they are any good; everything has a learning curve.
  6. The RX100 2 is my constant companion and always seems to pass QC. Only problem is lack of a viewfinder in bright light. Later models don't have the focal range but do have a viewfinder. Hope this helps.
  7. As Mark says above the obvious step is to convert your camera raws to dngs using the free dng converter. That's what I used to do but now use dxo as my raw converter from which files can open directly into Lightroom. Hope this helps. Joe
  8. Thank you both for your input and experiences. KHA, I experienced a similar problem which seems to be rectified now. Not sure whether the pending Windows update or VPN or another problem caused this, and may never know. As this problem does not seem to be widespread I presume it to be a local issue so you could be correct KHA. thanks again Joe
  9. Just tried to keyword, caption etc. photos and the save does not seem to work for me. It is impossible to get photos on sale. Is anyone else experiencing this or is it a local problem to my system?
  10. Thanks for asking that question Alan. I always thought that Elements (I still use E8 but mainly for keywording) did not support layer based editing. After your post I tried it and it does; good to know. Joe
  11. I don't really understand how the rights could be managed if on sale at multiple agencies. All of my RM images at Alamy are only at Alamy and marked as exclusive to achieve the higher commission rate.
  12. If you are happy editing in 8-bit and not having layer functionality then Elements should be fine. My own workflow is DXO to Lightroom 4 to Photoshop (an old version). So long as you are not pushing the processing too far then I don't see a problem with Elements.
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