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  1. Thanks for clearing that up Paulette and SteveO. I can not comprehend the current low licence fees for exclusive rights managed imagery which is why nothing is marked exclusive and little rights managed anymore and most images also go to other places.
  2. I don't remember sharing that info for someone else to post, and as a technically challenged individual not sure I'd know how to Wim; must have lost more of the plot than usual. As I say not a big deal, seems I should be more concerned about my sanity and memory loss.
  3. I was not aware that others could access sales records, not that it's a big deal just find it strange. Also although the licence fee is derisory and in the microstock realms it was over $1.00 and not $0.21 net. I have had lower value net licences here recently and I presume like many others am watching the situation with concern.
  4. Reduction here too. Gone from $20+ cleared to zero. Checked for refunds and there does not appear to be any.
  5. Not idealistic at all Emu. Also do not for one moment believe that the original Alamy was in any way altruistic - they milked it and passed it on. Just believe that this will not be a good business decision in the long run.
  6. I don't believe the myoptic bean counters at Alamy realize exactly what they have done by in one fell swoop destroying everything that made Alamy a unique place for image buyers. Instead of playing to their strengths of a rights manages exclusive collection to increase sales and sales value they are copying the micro model where SS and G hold all the aces. This may be an easy short-term option however I do not believe that Alamy can compete in that market. Sad times.
  7. Also had a $0.25 gross pop up today. Sorry I don't know how to post it. I'd had the Covid jab yesterday and thought it had sent me into a parallel universe where Alamy had become SS. I just can not understand how Alamy can benefit from such low prices.
  8. Had my only recent QC fail with the 12-32, maybe I just got a bad copy, it's also a fiddly lens but can only speak as I find and would not use or recommend the lens. Haven't used the Lumix 12-60 but reviews are positive at the price point which is why I suggested it. My choice was between the Olympus 12-100 and Pana-Leica 12-60 and the PL won on size and IQ, it is fine on the GX9. If I were to still shoot events I would use my Canon DSLR cameras. The 45-175 is OK stopped down but a little soft wide open and the relatively small size, internal zoom, and focussing allows more clandestine shots.
  9. I'm using the GX85 with 45-175 (only as the lens was on special at £200) and would not recommend the 12-32 pancake lens, if available with the 12-60 lens that would in my opinion be the one to go for. I'm also using the GX9 with Pana Leica 12-60 which I prefer to the GX85 due to tilting viewfinder and dedicated exposure compensation dial. The only negative is that neither of these cameras support a wired cable release. There are also good deals atm on Sony a6000s which are probably better cameras with aps-c sensors but the lens range is more limited and expensive.
  10. With diminishing returns from stock photography I can understand your hesitation at investing in new gear. Had a quick look at your Pen E-PL1 and I believe that, if the lens is OK, with appropriate processing and low ISO the files should be suitable. I know that since scrapping the collapsible kit lens on the Panasonic GX85 I've had no QC problems. RAW files do require work in software before submission. Hope this helps.
  11. As Mark says the DNG converter is a workaround. Another is the DXO software which I use as a raw converter (it also fixes some lens issues) before using ancient standalone versions of Lighroom and Photoshop.
  12. As stated above micro 4/3 should be fine for stock so long as your glass is ok and you shoot raw. I currently use Panasonic GX85 and GX9; the only QC problem was with the Panasonic kit lens which is just poor. Obviously we aren't aware of your workflow but I would only shoot jpeg for news images.
  13. OK in terms of sales with a total of 8 for my small port. Not so good in terms of prices. Interestingly all sales this month were Alamy exclusive. I had previously kept micro and Alamy ports separate but due to recent low prices here and commission cuts have been putting some micro work on Alamy and vice versa so it came as a surprise that it's the A exclusive that has sold what is slightly disappointing is that if it isn't available elsewhere why are we not seeing higher prices? Or is this just where the market is at?
  14. But Harry that red flash would coordinate well with your avatar, win win.
  15. For what it's worth, out of the two I would go for the Nikon for the reasons MDM mentioned above. I studied photography when the change to digital was occurring and used the college Nikons which were excellent. I went with the Canon system as they had lenses available at the time which were not available for Nikon, this is not now the case, and couldn't live with that red flash on the side; funny why we choose cameras.
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