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  1. Thanks Mark. I did that, it was escalated to the account handler for the purchaser, and still no joy. Just a more detailed description of what they were prepared to accept under "Single placement and design".
  2. I'll have to have a read of that. Would love to see that stand up in court though, especially if the image has been online elsewhere - for example many of my breaches have been directly removed from my blog, or were stolen from the online site that had licenced the image (without their knowledge) and the perpetrator had no knowledge of Alamy.
  3. My policy is that if I identify a stolen image then I get someone else (usually the company that helped me find it) go after them. I'm not getting pocket change for an unauthorised use, and that position pays off - I have made more from identified unauthorised usage than the total of all of my Alamy sales. Clearly in this respect Alamy needed to check as the initial sale was through them. I'm going to have to stand down my image rights company on this one.
  4. Hi All I have an image which was sold back in 2018 for a 5 year period, "Single placement and design". Obviously I don't know who that sale was to. One of my image tracking service providers has just matched the image to an online company which matches the licence details and is likely the purchaser of the licence above. However, they are using the image multiple times across their website, and on the various country variants .es, .co.uk, .jp etc. Can you advise who in Alamy, or how I should make contact to raise this issue and have them resolve the licence usage breach. Many thanks Mike.
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