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Hello fellow photographers,


After 1 month of considering..... i made a final decision.


Like i said i will be father in one month so i will not have time to upload to multiple agencies anymore. So i decided to go exclusive with the agency where i have the longest history and also to get the most out of it.


I know that i did much effort to upload here but it was worth trying it. Also i had a very nice time in this forum with a lot of nice people. Still i find it the best stock forum that i saw arround.


I started the deleting process today and i want to thank you all for your friendly support and advice. It helped me a lot.


I wish you all good luck and succes in 2014!!!!!


for the case my email adres is mircovacca@live.nl :)

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Hi John,




I was struggling with that........ but this is how i am. I do a lot of things on the same time.....and many times i do to much things. 4 months ago i was not sure about decision so i tried many possibilities. All the keywords are saved in the images so it was not really a struggle to upload here.


How crazy it sounds but i will really take 5000+ images out.


I tried to optimalize my workflow and especially now. 40+ hours job and first child coming. I will have time for one agency only. So i choosed my main stream site and add exclusivity on it to have most from it. I calculated it and in my case it will make sense.



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You could have sales in transit not yet reported. I think personally i would have left your portfolio here for a year to see what you earn, but understand your reasoning.


Jan's in, Jan's out, Now Mirco's out it's like English cricket. A bizarre start to 2014.


Good luck Mirco




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Sorry to hear that Mirco! I too would have left the images on Alamy to see if they accrue more sales; but good luck with your decision and best of luck for the future


Kind regards



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Hold your horses. Take a deep breath and relax. 


The daunting prospect of being a father is nothing to be afraid of. I have two girls 14 and 12, and let me tell you they were tough. However, you have built a good foundation on Alamy. I sincerely think that by all means concentrate on your family commitments like any good father would but leave the pictures where they are, and just see what happens. You never know what could come up. 


You could get some good sales out of leaving it here. You don't need to do much work, you've already seen to that. You can have the best of both worlds. Time with your new family and a massive portfolio of potential. 


In that old saying from a film, "Build it and they will come" I think that could well be true of the work you've put in already on Alamy. Honestly, just keep it here and let it mature into good sales bud. 



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Thanks MDM :).


Paul.... you also thank you very much. I understand that you wish me many sales.... It is not that i think the sales will not come....it is more that i really want to be exclusive and i have to choose one agency. The agency that i choosed for is one where i allready get regular good sales and being exclusive they will give me many attractive extra revenues. It is the only reason. Like i said it was not that easy for me. It also means that i will have all this images here on the other site. So it will be amount of extra images. I just feel to have one so i can make good balance and not spend to much time behind computer. But i appreciate your words very much. Nice to hear that you have 2 children...........


I really thank you for your kind words and i feeled really stupid to leave without saying anything....... so again it means that i really was pleased here. The great advices of Philippe....the good words of Paul......the back and forth discussions with MDM....the monkey of Craig and so on.

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Hi Mirco


So sorry to hear that you will be leaving us - I look forward to your postings.


Wonderful news on the baby - more important and enjoyable than anything else in life.


Wishing you every success in you new venture. If it doesn't meet your expectations don't be shy, you will be welcomed back with open arms!



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Adios Mirco. You know where to come if you ever need a good argument ;).


Would that be the five minute argument, or...


Oh, never mind.




I have to admit I did think of that but I didn't think Mirco would understand. I could be wrong but I don't think Monty Python would translate too well into Czech or Polish. 

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I understand your reasoning in the above posts Mirco. Sorry to lose you.


All the best for you, your family and future.



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Good luck Mirco. Do pop in and let us know when the baby is born.


All the best at the other agency,




Make sure to post a photo of your baby for us to see. We'll all raise a glass of Polish beer and smoke cigars when the moment arrives. Best of luck to you.

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I'll miss you, Micro. I'm sure we'll all miss you. Best of luck in the future and give the little one a kiss from me. 


Someone already suggested this, but instead of deleting one image at a time (5,000 times!) you should write or phone Alamy Member Services and ask them to please delete your collection. 

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contractually, your images remain on sale for 6 months if all you do is "delete" (or ask alamy to "delete"). You need to terminate your alamy contract to be released from the alamy contract with 45 days notice. Your images will then be removed from sale after 45 days (rights granted to customers remain effective, so you need to be careful of contracts with your exclusive agency).


see Termination


20.1 You may terminate this contract:

  • 20.1.1 on 45 days prior notice to Alamy at any time;
  • 20.3 On termination Alamy shall;
    • 20.3.1 delete from its Website each Image provided by you in respect of a terminated contract;
    • 20.3.2 continue to account to you in respect of Licences granted before termination;
    • 20.3.3 not return to you any data, of whatever kind, relating to an Image or an Image itself.
  • 20.4 The termination shall not prejudice any licences then existing or any negotiations which Alamy has properly entered into with any third party prior to the date of termination or the grant of Licences for Images already downloaded by a Customer prior to termination.


Good luck!


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You're a brave man, Mirco. I don't think I would have the guts to delete 5000 photos. I wish you the best of luck and shall miss your sincere posts on this forum. Congratulations on the new family member who is on the way. Perhaps he/she will inherit the photographer gene.


And a special thanks for recommending the NEX-6 to me. I'm really enjoying it so far.


Cheers from Vancouver,



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Mirco, I'm sorry to see you're leaving us, particularly after such a short time, and particularly after you have put in such a spirited and inspiring (to me anyway) effort to build what is a very good collection of pictures. Your posts here have been constructive and helpful in a number of ways.


Personally, I would have kept the 5000 collection with Alamy and maybe added to it from time to time when your personal situation allowed. Exclusivity is not something I have ever considered, but you obviously have your reasons and I respect that.


Best of luck my friend. And, as others have probably already said, it would be nice to see you back here sometime.


All the very best.  :)



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