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  1. Photographer is Robert Freeman. The image on the alamy homepage is from the same shoot, is reversed, but not the same image as that on the album cover. Mark
  2. Very well put! Even a glance through this forum shows the (over-) emphasis on technical topics, and very little interest for content (the reason why buyers license images in the first place!). If the iPhone helps to renew the paradigm, then power to it! However, I'm sure the technologists will show up sooner or later, chasing technology developments, and feeling inadequate when the next version of iPhone is released!
  3. Blog states: Creative or Editorial? Stockimo is for users to ‘Cash in on their creativity’ we want cool, creative photos, shot with the more conceptual requirements of design and advertising in mind. However we will also shortly be adding a feature where users can submit News pictures via the app. So if your images are more Editorial in nature you may want to hold off for that feature.
  4. Just ordered a 5s. Reasons: 1. if anything like early alamy (early 2000's), maximum benefits (read "earnings") come at the beginning of a hype, not when the crowd recognizes there is a hype. If the Stockimo approach takes off, it will benefit the early adopters first (and most). 2. It regenerates my interest in stock (standard route is getting less attractive....has served me well, but these days, returns per blood, sweat, and tears are falling). 3. Opens new opportunities (carry-everywhere, shoot spontaneous, or less accessible stuff often missed unless I happen to have my rangefind
  5. Perhaps Alamy want to create a curated collection of contempory, up to date and unusual images. Maybe they don't want it filled up with non QC compliant images from everyone's back catalogue going back to the dawn of digital photography and earlier! Perhaps . . . okay, so I'll not use a backlog of Olympus Trip pics, but I'll go out and take some "contemporary, up to date and unusual images" with my Olympus and scan and submit them (if I can find it) . . . now what's the difference? dd You and I can't submit our film and digital images via the smartphone channel. We can't
  6. In my view, the development is not about cameras, or stock, or licenses, or fees. I think it's about markets, speed, and access to new suppliers. The pictures created with smartphones are different to those created by people using Olympus Trip 35s or Canon 5Ds, or to those made by "photographers". Smartphone pics are about real life, provided by people who are "in life" (rather than by those "photographing" life). This is visual "life-sharing", and that is something very different. Smartphone pictures that are extremely easy and fast to source in any situation, there are no (almost) technology
  7. John, I like your idea, but I think your idea is not a qc question but a significant strategic question. Limiting images on submission means contributors need to think much more about content and which images are more likely to sell. This creates and "edited collection" of sorts. It makes contributors think much more about content and the quality they are submitting. The ultimate feedback are the sales made. While I like almay's relaxed policy, I do think it is too relaxed today as far as volume is concerned. A little tightening up on the contributor side may be a good thing. How the a
  8. Try it! Pixel-peeping-paranoia and obsession with equipment limits opportunity.
  9. Most of my pics (and those sent to alamy in my new account) are 35mm slides these days. I just love film. Nikon 4000 + Vuescan + Mac. I leave off any fancy noise/dust removal features (use Photoshop). The lab where I have them developed is VERY clean. Usually, I have no more than five spots, if that, to remove. No scratches, no stains, often as fast as tidying up a digital image. One thing is the DOF of the scanner. If the slide is curved, then you are not going to get a sharp scan across the slide. I have my slides mounted at the lab. They are usually flat. The occasional one has bee
  10. Hi All, I tried to add an HTML signature (Edit Profile > Signature). The check box at the bottom left of the signature edit screen is checked, however, the HTML buttons/controls remain inactive. Tried with Firefox and Safari. Anyone else see this? Trying to eliminate my side. Thanks!
  11. Would that include a Leica M? Surely it depends on the assignment - even a big DSLR would look out of place if you were shooting large sets for major ad campaign in a studio? I would expect the frame lines and composition could be challenging in the studio (unless space is left for cropping). What you see is NOT what you get.
  12. Ignore the file size on disk. Image size counts, as already stated. Colour mode = RGB (red, green, blue). Following applies regarding image sizes, as apposed to file sizes (close approximation): 6MP camera delivers an RGB image file consisting of: 6MB red + 6MB green + 6MB blue = 18MB image size <--- this number is what counts, NOT the file size on disk. Will fail on image size since smaller than 24MB. 8MP camera delivers an RGB image file consisting of: 8MB red + 8MB green + 8MB blue = 24MB (on the edge, may just fail on image size if slightly less than 24MB) 10MP camera de
  13. Also, auctions (e.g. ebay) are (in most cases) the best way to sell at over-inflated prices. The only loser is the winner of an auction. One-to-one negotiations are more difficult, so selling prices are often lower (eg. a forum-based sell).
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