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  1. My history for the whole 12 months seems to have disappeared. Anyone else got this problem?
  2. I have had a Skrill USD bank account and USD prepaid card since it was introduced. When my last USD card expired I received a replacement which I used as before. I now find that the replacement is denominated in Euros and I am charged 4.4% on each USD transaction. Many calls later and much research I find that the Skrill Mastercard no longer offers a USD card. Has anyone else got this problem, and more importantly, has anyone found a solution? (If you have a USD account and card log into your account and check the card tab.) Help dov
  3. Struggling to get into Measures. Is the system down again? dov
  4. As far as I know Alamy does a quantity deal with the newspapers and receive a fixed sum per month which is divided between the sellers regardless of size and prominence. They have become like NU's!
  5. I check my sales and zooms by going into - Your iImages and then drilling down to the actual image sold/zoomed which I then annotate. When I close that annotated image the screen now jumps to another Alamy open tab rather than the thumbnail of that image. For the last ten years my system has reverted back to the thumbnail. Anyone else having this problem when they have more than one tab open?
  6. I am currently keyboarding images taken in Israel. When I put in the correct location the map shows Hamburg, in Germany, each time. Something is clearly wrong with the Google map location function. dov
  7. Good question Adrian - useful exercise. My volume is up by 25% and average sales price up by 20%. Gives me a bit of encouragement to carry on cleaning up my keywording. Thanks dov
  8. Rightly or wrongly I list them as RF and have not had any adverse feedback. dov
  9. The standard is H type. European two pin sockets in the bathroom. Been to Petra twice. Fascinating, unique, different - well worth a visit. Eilat is just a beach resort, you could be anywhere. Sun goes down early so it's a long evening. Have a wonderful time. dov
  10. Some good points by Andyman. Clearly do not take photos of checkpoints or airports. If you go south you may find that you are restricted near certain sites on the way but you will be told before you get there. If you are meeting your group in Israel you can buy a VIP security/passport pass with/without transport to your hotel. Not cheap but saves a lot of time and frustration. I have taken lots of pics in Yad Vashem - never aware that it was a problem. Planning to take some more on my next trip. dov
  11. Be careful when taking the ultra orthodox, they don't like it. If you are going with the family and want to visit religious sites, of all faiths, ensure that arms and legs are covered. For men ensure you have some sort of head covering when visiting Jewish sites. Bear in mind the Sabbath days and be more discreet when taking people of that religion. In Tel Aviv look out for the Carmel Market and Jaffa port. In Jerusalem look out for the Mamilla Mall near the Jaffa Gate. Not on the mainstream tourist route but great fun. Food is generally good now, used to be really bad. Must try a falafel with
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