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  1. I really believe that we have to accept Alamy selling photos for much smaller prices. If everywhere else images have a low price range why clients would pay 5 times more. I would for sure not. It is hard for us all and we can be angry that Alamy revenues are often just 14 dollars or arround that but asking for more is very unrealistic. Especially after the Getty move. We can not set the price for same potatoes 5 times higher then others and think that it will sell. For sure not. I think if Alamy doesnt react it will loose. I see companies like Shutterstock making no loose with it since they ar
  2. This is indeed the best thing to think about first. This is not only relevant to Alamy but i many sence also to other agencies.....even microstock. Similars really will hurt your reputation. When client sees 10 almost the same images and have to go throught all of them they will get irritatet. On Alamy you have the extra thing that it will affect your search position. Better have 2 images on top then 10 totally down. What i learned the best thing to do if you want more images is for every subject to have 1 landscape, 1 portrait and 1 different then the two for example taken from the right down
  3. Good then i say 0 sales in March also . Even if i will have 2 sales or 3 i think i will be very close to my guess. The new monthly challenge...... guess your number of sales. I think i could be a very good player in this....
  4. Hello, This is the correct one and ignore the March topic. We can use it next month . Like i said zero sales in February. Mirco
  5. I see i made a mistake ... oeps.... How was your february it should be .... NO there is no month time difference in poland......
  6. I just start allready the thread since midnight is passed in Poland . I had zero sales in february. Mirco
  7. Great to see that you all remember . Yes i got him yesterday....fiance Karolina and baby boy Antonio both very healthy. Just Karolina has to stay still till tuesday at the hospital since she had a ceasarian section. So i have the next 3 days free time. I am happy father now. All baby stuff is prepared so i will use the next 3 days to shoot and hope to get close at number 3 from my previous email directed to John.
  8. John ...... i think the receipt is: 1. move to canada 2. Buy a Sony Nex 6 3. Be a good photographer as you I have allready number 2 :)
  9. So it means that days from the past will be still updated and shown sales of today are only direct sales? So it also means because i am since end august 2013 on Alamy that the most chance for reported sales will be now for me since i am now 6 months on Alamy. Is my thinking true? Mirco
  10. Hey Johnnie, This results like approx 55 sales per day. Minus Jeff Greenberg and Philippe and other top sellers and there will be not much left anymore .
  11. Thanks Jools, Hmmmm..... then there are +/- 50 sales per day. So it looks indeed hard to get a piece of the cake. I admire the photographer with several sales per day .
  12. Hello everyone, I am asking myself something. At Alamy measure you can see how many sales there where on a specific day. Are this all the sales or is there not 100 percent shown? I ask this because i am curious what happens if a "non Alamy measures" client buys a licence. Does it means that this sale will be not shown in that area and only in "summary of sales"? I hope i explained myself good. Thank you. Mirco
  13. He Johnnie, I am very curious how you found out that your image was placed on the poster and movie? Mirco
  14. Hi Maria, I was also very happy to see my first sale. It only pushed me to work more. Few weeks lather the next 3 appeared. Like others mentioned you have great images and deserved to have your first sale. Mirco
  15. Nice to see that you make such sales John. I remember that you had a good january too. You know what you are doing . Mirco
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