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How was your October?

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Just last month  I predicted a not too bright future on account of almost non-existent zooms.  And so, this month sad, quite sad, 15 for $494.00.  Almost feel like it is some kind of punishment for getting a nice cleared balance to be deposited this month.  November has started off with 2 already, hoping it will be a better month, even though zooms are still quite pathetic.

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2nd month of dismal sales less than half my long term average. I think it is because I got off the hamster wheel for a few months. 


Zooms have recovered since I started uploading again. 94 yesterday for rolling month.

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Two sales end October which is two more than June, July, August and September put together.:(


Hopefully over the bad patch now.:D





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Below average for sales and income in October - worst October for gross income since 2011, but BME for zooms so hopefully things will now improve



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I saw most of contributors here really did a great job through out years by uploading dozens - tons photos until now.

Also have heard stock photo is a 'game of number' thing. Sure, I can't talk much even brag since my gallery is still tiny compare to you all.


I just reached 1000 images recently. Got around 20+ sales since 2014 joined, not so many and not so frequent sales.

But just 1 thing makes me confuse when I look at your all sales in this thread....


I saw most of you all here could get $300++ for just selling around 10 images.

But me so far only could earn few bucks: can be just lower than $10 per image sold.

Of course I'm happy if there is a sale in my dashboard, which means there's someone out there who use my images for their needs.

But the sell price is too low if based on the price calculator. Distributor sale bulk discount price is just like selling nuts at curbside (my country).


So I curious, what type of image license of yours sell the most, RF or RM?

What kind of industry often buy image in high price at Alamy?

Thanks so much!

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All my images here are RM, so can't compare. I don't think one can generalize about which license type gets higher fees. Call me old fashioned, but I'm not happy with less than 50% of the fee, so opted out of distributor sales. 


Commercial (advertising) sales tend to be higher, but without model releases probably will never happen. RF images should be released IFAIK, but I see you have unreleased models in RF photos. There's a newish license called editorial RF, but I don't know how that gets set.

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Go to My Alamy at the top right of the search screen. Go to My Dashboard and then to Alamy Measures and Your Images. You will see statistics about the activity in your account. You get a zoom if one of the major registered buyers has clicked on a thumbnail of your image to see the larger version and (possibly) buy. The ratio of images seen and those clicked on gives a ratio indicating how much interest there is in your images.



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9 hours ago, JD_Bugs said:

Thanks NYCat that answers my question. Odd that googling "zoom" and "zoom ratio" does not yield a single relevant result.


Did you click on Wim's link?

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