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  1. Hi Ed. I have an ipad pros 12,9 bought last april and it’s very heavy!!! But I’m quite satisfied with it. I upload my photos to Alamy from ipad through Creative Cloud App. My work flow is to transfer photos to lightroom app. After photo editing with lightroom, I classify them like “ Kyoto Temple 2019. On Alamy site, I upload them from the file. I can select only one by one and it’s not practical but I do that way. or you could select all the photo if you use keyboard for ipad like using desktop.(i've never tried) I use Lightroom app and photoshop app. Photoshop isn’t still complete like desktop one but CUT OUT😂 is ver easy to do. It’ll be powerful app eventually in my opinion. By the way, I got Adobe Photo Plan (1 year) for free cause I uploaded 300 photos on Adobe Stockphoto. You can get Adobe CC for free if you upload 300 videos on that site. Young
  2. Happy New Year ! First sale for mid $$. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter. Start: 07 January 2020 End: 07 January 2025
  3. This month I haven’t made any sales... last month was only one ☝️ sale... However October was a great month and I exceeded last year’s sales. I hope that I have several sales before new year. Or everyone is on vacation?!
  4. hi Paulette. I see. Me too, often the computer language is difficult. Thank you for your help😀
  5. Thank you.😀 I kind of studying English at forum. Sometimes I notice that you shouldn't understand the language when visiting another country. Hello and thank you are powerful words which replace everything! "Everything in stock is a judgement call" sounds cool like the Prophets.😂 Edo sounds very very japanese by the way! Thank you for your advice.
  6. I know that you are talking about pne tool in a Photoshop 😀
  7. Edo. Everything in stock is a judgement call? PP? Sorry i don't understand with my english level. "I make fast decisions shooting and doing the PP with stock and move on to the next image. If you were to upload all three versions of that food pic you would only have three similars. That's fine and they are not even that similar." ok. "My advice? Move faster." That's true. I'm not photo editor as Alamy contributor. Thanks.
  8. Later on, I actually tried photpshop on ipad with a apple pen, it cut out much easier😀.
  9. Hi Allan. PSE? I'm gonna google.🙄 I've never heard of it, but it sounds like copy stump tool and i saw youtube tutrial working on hair. Photoshop is amazing.
  10. I started learning pen tool last week, Not to say complicated. but it's very long work,,,. Feather effect looks a bit old fashioned for me. well , it's case by case. Removing distracting things looks much faster and easier. Hair technique looks amazing. I start learning photoshop recently, before I only used lightroom.
  11. Hi MDM. You mean the edge? I found it difficult to do it. Maybe the solution is to to make edgeless, blur effect.
  12. Hi Ed. Actually your idea is faster and easier than cropping. Or I'll master cropping perfectly. Well, dark wooden table looks like black background. Black or white background, another question for me,,, White looks more popular than other on alamy collections that's why I cropped. Thanks
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