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  1. 3 sales for 163$ gross. Zoom 13. CTR. 0,49 It’s positive result comparing with last year. I keep working on keywording and uploading little by little photos...😌 I decided to enjoy Alamy. No stress 😎 But I want to sell more!!!
  2. Two photos sold at the last moment. $ 12.56 for editorial. $ 40.68 for editorial. I took this one for alamy picture (photo ?) needs almost two years ago. My efforts were paid.
  3. Good to start Feburary with this photo sold for low $$$. My first $$$ photo sold this year. Country: North America Usage: Editorial Media: Travel guides -print and/or e-book
  4. Today I happened to see that I sold this photo in January for $2,24. (longtime ago I removed from my iphone stockimo app because of no sales of several years; and today I reinstalled again.) I sold for the first time since 2016,,,, Keywording properly but I don't know how to sell on stockimo,,,simply style ?!
  5. Lucky with very poor captioning and tagging.🙄! Simple. Recenly I removed my stockimo app from iphone, but I'll restart again.
  6. Great and artistic and nice price! Google map started in 2005,,, already.
  7. Not bad. 5 sales for $74. Pity that there weren't any $$$ sales.
  8. My fifth photo sold in this month. 2 photos sold by month in general, so I wish this will continue,,, Low $$. It took me 5 minutes to work, so efforts justified.🤔 Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Usage dans une présentation / discours (Powerpoint et Keynote, par exemple) ou dans un bulletin d’information éditorial.
  9. I've never seen Tesla charging, amazing !!! It looks like a computer with a mouse inside a nice living-room.
  10. Sold for mid $$. Glad that the price wasn't ridiculous. I miss Summer,,, Country: Italy Usage: Editorial Media: Newspaper - national
  11. Third sale for this month $ And this is the second sale for this photo. I wish it'll continuously sales. Tulum beach, Yucatan, Mexico Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial
  12. Sold for $ 3.17 Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Industry sector: Travel & tourism
  13. I adore this plant and i have one. I knew this plant when travailing in Mexico.
  14. Hi Ed. I have an ipad pros 12,9 bought last april and it’s very heavy!!! But I’m quite satisfied with it. I upload my photos to Alamy from ipad through Creative Cloud App. My work flow is to transfer photos to lightroom app. After photo editing with lightroom, I classify them like “ Kyoto Temple 2019. On Alamy site, I upload them from the file. I can select only one by one and it’s not practical but I do that way. or you could select all the photo if you use keyboard for ipad like using desktop.(i've never tried) I use Lightroom app
  15. Happy New Year ! First sale for mid $$. Country: Worldwide Usage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in an editorial newsletter. Start: 07 January 2020 End: 07 January 2025
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