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  1. Hi Rickboden. Recently I just started posting my photos on instagtram, I put my copyright on my pic to post it. But I wander if its better to watermark at the bottom. (I’ll see) I put my alamy portofolio link to my profile for I can’t put web link to my photo. And I post my photo with photo ID by Alamy.
  2. Hello Betty. Yes I’ve read it too, and nothing was mentioned about size. So I think that size isn’t a matter... Thanks anyway.
  3. Hello. I started sending Vectors to Alamy recently, but Is there a maximum size ? Sorry if this is already answered in another thread. I send already 3,4 MO and 17, 4 MO.
  4. Le Bugue, Dordogne, France RM sold for mid $$. Country: Worldwide Usage: Travel client. Marketing Package Use. Any size. Any placement. Internal and external marketing communications. Excludes advertising. Repeat use within the terms of the license. Industry sector: Travel & tourism Start: 15 April 2019 End: 15 April 2029
  5. Country: Australia Usage: Newspaper Editorial print and digital use. Any size.Any Placement. One time use only. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 01 April 2019 End: 01 April 2020 The first sale of the month. Low $$. Glad to have sales at the beginning of month.
  6. Country: Switzerland Usage: Television programme, single use, 3 transmissions, Switzerland Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 24 March 2019 End: 24 March 2022 The first sale on 24 March, then there were two more sales next following days. The first photo for TV use.
  7. Hi Spacecadet. I'll try two tools for the time being. I was obsessed with numbers, but I'll focus on quality of keywords. Keywording would be a life consuming but I do my best. Thank you.
  8. Hi Mr Chapman. I see. Speaking of similars, I deleted 500 similar photos from my collections last month. My CTR got better a little bit, diet of my collection
  9. Hi Mz Brown. My photographer friend told me taking photos of people doing something. The thing is I have to enjoy
  10. Hi Cryptoprocta Interesting article, thank you. A lot things are going on and it stimulates my brain
  11. Hi Marianne. What god? I don't know, but interesting to know,,,again researching is important. I check also your keywording site, ( I actually use shutterstock site's keywording fonction.) Indigenous is very important word for travel photography. I never used it at all. Thank you for your advice and compliments and good luck on you!
  12. Hi Pearl. Yes, It's complicated place. Researching is very interesting but it needs a lot of time,,,l feel like preparing for an exam at school. As you say, i hope it'll pay off. I wish you good luck, this month has just started!
  13. Hi Pearl I'm getting rid of " no people " and also " no one" . And also "photography" and "image". In my opinion, it's nonsense as keyword. Thank you. ` By the way, my photo below is searched as "wolf of wall street", but actually in Alamy search engine, there are many photos of the movie called "wolf of wall street". Well in this case, I just leave the key word as " wolf" "wall" "street". testaccio area, rome, italy - Image ID: MM3R86
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