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  1. Whilst I had a fantastic year last year for the size of my port, with some great sales and a huge increase in sales and revenue. This year has started off very disappointing. So far this month, Ive had 9 images licensed, for a combined net value to me of less than $50. 2 of those were PU and Id love to know why someone would buy a photo of the inside of an EasyJet plane for personal use! The highest of those sales was for $25 for an internal decor. Now what I dont understand is why this value is so low. I work for a print business and I regularly buy images from Alamy t
  2. Thank you very much Aiden. I wont complain about them using my photo from Disneyworld, in an article about Disneyland!
  3. Had nothing all month until the 20th, and was starting to get concerned, then had 15 sales over the following week so reasonably happy. Some low values though and a couple of presentation licenses which seem ropey.
  4. 6 sales for $677 gross. Probably my best '$ to sales' average ever.
  5. Ha ha! I keep trying for the big one, but as it stands, Im still going into work in the morning!
  6. More positives, on Wednesday I had my second largest sale of $600. Happy!
  7. Lowest month in terms of sales this year. Only 2 sales but $257 gross so cant complain too much.
  8. Sorry, not music related, just wanted to add to my personal 2018 good news. Had 2 three figure sales reported in the last two days. One was over $300 which is my biggest sale for years. With those and a few others I've now almost doubled last year's revenue. Definitely lots to be positive about. Andy
  9. Last year I had 42 sales. This year Ive already had 54 and revenuw is up over 50% so Im happy...for now.
  10. To be honest John, its not something I had ever noticed before, and looking back through my sales, I dont think Ive had any PU sales for a long time. I only sell around half a dozen images a month but one day in June, I sold 20 images over a 2 day period, all shot in the same location, and all for PU licenses. A month later I sold another image of an unrelated subject, again a PU license. So I hoping its not going to be a regular thing, but clearly these 20 images were all bought by the same buyer trying to get them for the lowest rate. Ive emailed Alamy and they have asked for the references
  11. Yes thanks John, I didnt realise. Just looking through a few now. Seems Im not the only one. So is there now an option to prevent just PU without stopping distributor sales? Andy
  12. Oh really, I didnt know that. But then would I be doing myself out of th 14 sales? Dilemmas!
  13. Hi all. Recently I noticed a huge amount of my sales are going under personal licences for $20. In fact, 14 of my last 22 sales have been bought under this license. Now, call me cynical but who buys a photo of a shopping centre for personal use?? I work for a sign company, and we print custom wallpapers, using Alamy as one of our sources of images. When I buy a license to use an image in this way, it costs us in the region of £300. Now, if I was less honest, I could quite easily buy a cheaper license, use the image for what I intend, charge my customer full whack, and p
  14. I have just gone through the same thing. I had an old HP, which while was reasonably fast in general use, but for Lightroom, it ground to a halt, every adjustment took up to 10 seconds to render. I have a half decent laptop, but I cant trust the screen. So I got one of these. http://www.scan.co.uk/3xs/configurator/ready-to-ship-budget-value-intel-home-office-pc-v20i and upped to 16gb RAM and an SSD. I cant believe the difference. I thought it would be fast, but not this fast! Everything is instant, Lightroom adjustments happen in real time and LR and PS both load in about a second. It has
  15. I use Easy Release. Its the only one I knew of to be honest but its great because I have a Galaxy Note so I can use the pen to take the signature and it then emails as a PDF to myself and the model. Its around £6 from memory but well worth it if you do lots of releases. Andy
  16. I found it interesting to read Keiths interview earlier, as I joined in 2004 with an initial submission of a couple of hundred photos, then barely touched it until recently when I have made an effort to start to upload much more. If I had continued at the same rate then I would probably be a lot better off than just a couple of thousand images on sale. Though I feel Ihave more if a grasp of the type of images required now than I did back then. Revenue wise has been about the same every year aside from a huge spike in 2008, though Im hoping this will start to increase as my numbers incr
  17. Ive never understand why us UK contributors get paid in dollars from a UK company.
  18. Just found this thread as I am having a similar issue, only mine is with hundreds of images. I have about 600 images to keyword, split across 7 or 8 batches. Ive keyworded just over 100 so far and all of these images are failing to show a preview. As I keyword more, they too are going on sale with no preview. I know that two batches are affected so far but it could be all of them. Ive been speaking to MS for two days and still my images show the error when I try to zoom them. Im reluctant to keyword any more as they are going on sale and Ive already had zooms on images that wont preview.
  19. Excellent, thanks Bryan. Ive had a couple of these zoomed but couldnt find them in use anywhere. It hasnt been reported yet though, is that normal? Cheers
  20. Ok thats great, thank you both. Ill continue to edit the ones I feel are okay, and resubmit the new edits. What a pain!! David, thanks for that, I assumed that RM would be okay, I do that for most of my images. Ill look into the Blenheim Palace conditions. Thanks for that.
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