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Had a $205.88 sale on the last day of October - althought it was through a distributor.


Best sale price this year.



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2 minutes ago, Duncan_Andison said:

Well, as I was quick to complain about the sales from China when I had opted out I feel I should pat Alamy on the back when they do something good.


A direct sale dropped in yesterday for $834.17 with the use as "Out-of-context artwork, across TV, Non-Theatric, DTO/EST, VOD, DVD/Video, social platforms and website". 


Wow, nice one! One reason why I keep doing the (Alamy) lottery 🙃

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10 minutes ago, Duncan_Andison said:

Seems I'm on a roll at Alamy this month... One for $166.82 and a smaller one of $55.61. It's a little like old times... keep it up Alamy!!

I'm not even on a Greggs bacon roll.

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