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  1. What a great spot to shoot ships...That's good information you got from that couple...I would certainly be back there...I used access the Port of Melbourne shipping, then depending where the ship was docking i could choose my vantage point..good fun ship chasing..but no ships in Ballarat where i now live....
  2. Nice overview shipping shot Michael...reminds me of Port of Melbourne Docklands, where i used to chase many a container ship coming or going from the port...Really enjoyed photographing ships...Shipping shots made me some big sales....sadly not anymore...but i would still photograph them if i was in the Port area.
  3. Here in Australia i too have noticed Canon's prices rising ..I sold a Canon f4-5.6 100 to 400L ii that i had for 5 years....i actually made money on the resale on eBay..I have bought and sold a few lenses recently on Ebay.If you know what the retail cost is and of course what you are prepared to pay then you can buy very well indeed....You need some luck too in an auction that bidders do not push up the true market value of the lens far too close to new price..( i like to buy mint to new condition ) I have done very well in my purchases.. I too was excited by the new Canon R5 and R
  4. A really nice looking town Charters Towers with lots of old buildings with character Bella ..Yes the gold rushes did wonders for the growth of many towns and cities...I had a look at the town on Google, and and a great Alamy stock shot with your name credited popped up...Anzac Day with soldiers marching in the street.
  5. Well done on your sales Bella..For a small but growing quality portfolio, you have good stock subject variety..keep it up, you inspire others. ATB Bill
  6. Hello Sparks....Did you end up buying the 5D4 camera?...I have used the excellent 5D3 for 3 years and just upgraded to the 5D4....When the weather clears here in Ballarat i will get out and use the new camera... Regarding camera raw compatibility with the new camera....I was using an older version of Photoshop for the 5D3....I had to upgrade to the most recent version of Photoshop to convert raw files...The great thing about it is i have a paid Adobe subscription so i upgraded to the 2020 versions of both Photoshop and Bridge...of course the raw converter was improved and the loo
  7. You've got some great gear there, good to hear that you still use and look after it..Also had a look online at the Dungeness area...very picturesque indeed
  8. Yes the 5x4 and 10x8 View cameras make easy work for perspective corrections in architecture, i assisted photographers that had the skills to use them on assignments..I never got to use view cameras but took to the 35mm shift lenses...You certainly have much more control with a view camera...The photographer i assisted used to use both 5x4 sheet film, but also had the 120mm roll film back so he used to shoot with more film economy shooting catalogues still life shoots..5x4 had superb quality and made detailed enlargements...Do you ever use your 5x4 for personal work nowadays ?
  9. Michael the Perspective Control lenses are a great tool for architecture...I know you can correct verticals etc in Photoshop, but the lens does it so much better...When i used to shoot Nikon 35mm film way back, i did manage to to own a Nikkor PC 35mm and a Nikkor PC 28mm.I was then shooting new housing and display homes, and they came in handy for general stock shots when you wanted to place the horizon line higher or lower in the frame.. About 10 years ago i bought a Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L Tilt Shift lens and it is still the widest lens of its kind...Being retired i still like to s
  10. Apologies to Alamy, and all concerned...Thank you Alamy for your explanation.It was remiss of me to make comments on things i do not understand, and yes i should have contacted you in the first place for an explanation...
  11. Well done Tony on your first sale..At least you can still get the better sale $ here....it does still happen...Welcome to Alamy
  12. Well done on the Sale Bill....Nice extreme wide angle view....maybe a 16mm or so view..
  13. Thanks for your debate / comments on my $21.52 Refund.....I think i got my money's worth😄...As for backdated refunds..well anything is possible in Alamy Land..It would be better if they looked after the supplier / photographer a little better...
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