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  1. I've had a few Alamy requests like 2 to 3 hours drive away from Ballarat...eg The Big Hay Bale located to the west of Ballarat or the The big Ned Kelly statue in North Central Victoria....I would cover these solely only when making a trip to do other photo things of interest in that area too...so on the to do list lol
  2. Well done Genevieve...filling that request paid off for your effort...great that it was on your doorstep too. Cheers Bill
  3. Like others have said Ian, i'm sure there are younger photographers dabbling in stock...but maybe using phone cameras more so and most likely doing it for a giggle, and the chance to get some easy cash...as they have not invested lots of $$$ buying full camera kits ( SLRS or Mirrorless kits with good glass ) It's their choice of course, but long term commitment? well they maybe more interested in crypto currency speculation... Crowdsourcing is the buzzword for attracting large numbers of people...even if they only contribute in a small way, it adds to the total collective.....The one thing that is certain is things change....and when you have been around for a bit..i'm going on 67 and seen things have changed since i picked up a camera in 79. Made a living out of it, and started shooting stock in 85 as a supplement income to commissioned work...( you got more $$$ for less then..Ha I`m now retired and still enjoy taking images but not driven to chase the $$$...well i have my moments but i don't know any better...i'm happy that i still enjoy taking pictures...and being part of the Old timers group!
  4. Pleased with 3 sales for $439.97 Gross....All @ 50/50 split πŸ˜€ I have been around awhile on Alamy ambling along, so might try a bit more effort to build my portfolio now that i have more time..and hopefully be rewarded with more consistency in sales...
  5. After some low end sales tail end of last year, and into this year as well..there were a few nice sales too...ok the small sales help the bottom line i know....A nice single $330 gross sale dropped in this month πŸ˜€ yes!...It was a travel guide use full page plus extras, an architectural cityscape from 2007...a shot that looks like i took it yesterday finally finds a good buyer...Very happy with that....Thanks Alamy
  6. Well done Andy it takes real commitment to build a quality portfolio and get the numbers up as well...
  7. When you just have to have that new lens! ...dreaming about it...you bully yourself into buying it....because you know ? you are going to make MEGA stock sales from using this lens πŸ˜€....In hindsight and after owning said lens for some time you sell it, realising that you did not need it after all.....It was just lens lust! Ha
  8. Even though you make more money from digging up gold nuggets, found with a metal detector in the Victorian Goldfields...than shooting stock!..And yet you still persist in shooting pics for pennies...Ha that's Stock Fever πŸ˜³πŸ˜„
  9. Betty, strength to you and your family going forward..sorry for your loss.
  10. Well done to you... nice saleable images....ATB
  11. Congratulations John, that's a great effort...I really like your Egypt shots and so had a quick visual holiday away from Ballarat..πŸ˜€
  12. Thanks all for the information! It has taken me quite some time to finally change over to FTP uploading πŸ˜€This method will save me heaps of time and not to mention the added frustration of uploads freezing...I kid you not that i was down to upload batches of 5 images using the Alamy uploader, and still had uploads freeze on me!! Thank you, i can be more productive now instead of babysitting every upload.. Cheers Bill
  13. All i can say Ed is that when viewing your images, I'm drawn into the images that tell a great story..or captures a moment that one can easily relate to..I like what you see and it shows that you are enjoying your photography and the world around you....Keep doing what you're doing,as you inspire some of us younger folk ( I'm 66 ) to do more... ATB Cheers Bill
  14. Life's one big struggle!....we have to deal with the cards we're dealt....and play the best hand we can, and yes that may prove difficult when you have no hands!.....People can amaze you on how they rise above adversity....so find time for a good laugh, laugh at yourself and lift your spirits...and do the best you can...yeah life will really suck sometimes.. ATB to you Mark and the others doing it hard, i hope your situations improve. Cheers Bill
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