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  1. Stunning photography as usual..the colour in the top image is wonderful, you have such a passion for underwater photography and it shows.. Sorry to hear about your health situation, best wishes going forward for recovery..
  2. Great news that assignment work is back on for you Michael πŸ‘ you will enjoy the photography challenges and also some cashflow again..i know it's stressful when the work dries up especially when it's no fault of your own...That's a win win with your son being your assistant..Yes life may even seem to be normal once again β˜€οΈ ATB Cheers Bill
  3. Thanks Genevieve, it looks like this current outbreak has spread over multiple locations and the talk is that the lockdown may be extended beyond the this 7 day period..hope not! I do have things to do keep me occupied at home, but of course i will miss getting out photographing and of course prospecting for gold.. You certainly cover some territory with now being situated in the North Western Australia...Take care out there and keep snapping, Ahh watch out there goes another Victorian πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚ ATB William
  4. Just started a 7 day Covid outbreak LOCKDOWN in Victoria Australia...The bad Getting ready some photography gear for sale on Ebay after buying into Canon RF gear...The good
  5. Yes a generalist also...i like to shoot a variety of subject matter and sometimes you win the lottery πŸ˜€ and your image is selected for sale...and sometimes you think i need more variety....yes i need more variety that sells πŸ˜‚ .....Just adding it's enjoyable to shoot a varied range of photography topics to challenge and stimulate your creative interests which also increases your sales potential..When i worked as a professional photographer you had to supply images that the client asked for, but of course you would also supply other versions that the client might like also..The subje
  6. A lot of contributors are not happy with Alamy's proposed new contract...that's a given! I also am not happy and also disappointed that they treat us like sheep just to be farmed and show us that we have no real value except for the cash we can make them.. All we ask for is a fair deal..you don't have to squeeze us like lemons until we've got nothing left to give, or treat us like morons.I have since the beginning of shooting digital images chose Alamy as my sole image seller, and sure the Stock Image market does change and evolve and now the owners have changed..
  7. Ahh very good πŸ˜ƒ We are but sheep...bleat bleat bleat...just here to be farmed....so don't be alarmed....or Alamy charmed....but alas life goes on...and it used to be fun with Kodachrome and the sun β˜€οΈbut these are dark days...living with Covid and malaise....So pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile smile smile... Ahh.... Bleat bleat bleat πŸ˜„
  8. THANKS ALAMY β˜€οΈ......really pleased to see this new direction in chasing and billing infringers! This is a win+win for both contributor and seller, there are a lot of loyal contributors big and small who will hopefully benefit from the extra royalty income received.. I think it's a positive step for most contributors and great news in these troubled times of 2021 β˜€οΈ *** Update 28/05/21 *** Ahh i spoke too soon.....Surprise surprise with a New Contract looming.....Equals Photographers commissions going down...photographers rights going down...phot
  9. Ahh the old Dung Heap of History....now there's a Crappy story πŸ˜€ Thanks John we can only keep making images and hope they rise above the Dung variety....BTW your images are great.
  10. You sound a bit Elitist Bill....surely not ? so glad you're not editing my images as mine could end up on the Dung Heap πŸ˜ƒ.....just tongue in cheek mate....come to think of it i would then sell more🀣
  11. Great combination of camera and lens...quality and versatility, happy to see that you got what you really wanted..Creative and fun times ahead for you, enjoy.
  12. Firstly congratulations Kumar on your Canon R5 it's a superb camera and you are obviously enjoying the advantages of this new technology... Ahh photography gear, so necessary to take pictures ( yeah i include mobile phones )...but lets's stick to cameras and lenses...Like Chuck i loved the Olympus OM series OM 1 / 2 / 3 and 4..with Zuiko 24 f2 / 100 f2 / 180 f2.8 and so on...Then to Nikon's great offerings...Ok back to the present and i have also bought the Canon R5 after owning and using all the Canon 5D series cameras.I really felt that the Canon 5D3 and 5D4 were the best from
  13. Thanks Michael for your help, much appreciated...I am one of those who hasn't yet mastered this feat of posting an image to the forum thread...I did manage last month and again this month to finally at least post the URL link πŸ˜ƒ Hopefully next month with another sale, i will sing out help and learn to be able to post the pic myself...I am running an iMac with Safari...Cheers Bill
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