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  1. That's a shocker of a sale fee mate....Cover shot for a dollar....deserves way more! Maybe because they're not practicing Social Distancing 😀 sorry, its a great shot.
  2. Agree with the 5D2 being a great choice....I had the classic 5D and it was Ok being full frame nice ! wide lenses stayed wide, i had a 20D cropped sensor before that being my first digital camera.. The 5D2 with more resolution and sensor cleaning and better shadow detail was great too....I have now been using a 5D3 and shadow detail is better again, plus better auto focussing, just a refinement of the 5D2......Like the others have said,you can't go wrong with a 5D2 nice big files and great colour too.. I will eventually buy a 5D4 for better dynamic range and a few more refinements...but i'm in no hurry because many are jumping on the mirrorless wagon and while Canon have made some superb new fast aperture and expensive lenses for the RF / R cameras and of course the soon to be released R5 camera sounds great....I will stay with the 5D line and the great EF lenses, there will be some bargains in the 5D line as photographers upgrade to the new R5 and R6 cameras... Now you can make super images with a 5D2 and if you can at some stage get yourself a 24 to 105 mm F4 L is lens....you will cover most of your stock shooting with that combo...Of course a standard 50mm lens will go nicely with it as well..
  3. Yes you were close Genevieve...That's a sad story for the animal to end that way....why prop the dead animal's mouth open with a stick, it looks like a hunters trophy picture.. I was looking at some lens reviews for a 500mm and of course there were some great pictures from photographer's trips to Africa using long telephotos to photograph wildlife....Ahh that would be the best experience....keep dreaming Bill.
  4. Ahh the old chicken nuggets Ha...they may be more rare in some places now...Can't find anything about that Hippo escapee from that zoo...google won't tell me 😀 I'm looking forward to receiving a nice gift $$$ from the government relief package for pensioners....I have already spent some of it in advance on a 1.4 teleconverter 👍 Yes travel is out of the question currently, so like the many we have to occupy ourselves....I'm happy that i have a backload of images to process and upload...otherwise i would be climbing the walls..
  5. Nice one Genevieve, you have a great group of shots on The David Bowie "Let's Dance" in outback Australia 😃 I used to have the CD....China Girl and Modern Love were big hits off the Album too....Mmm i might just buy it again...Oh BTW....I put my 100 to 400mm zoom to good use and paid a visit to the Halls Gap Zoo...My wife and sister in law enjoyed the zoo as well, leaving me to get busy with my camera.. I managed a good selection of animal and bird shots, and am at present processing more for upload....Lucky i managed that outing there as the zoo is now closed! just like many other places and businesses now with the restrictions...I might just buy a 500mm tele later in the year-and shoot some more wildlife and other subjects where a long tele is useful ..As for recouping the outlay well i know i will have to use it well to justify having it...and i can always sell it again if i need to....I got lucky recently finding a nice nugget to pay for the lens....
  6. Well like the many no doubt on Alamy, i have been busy processing and uploading new images ( I have a backlog ) and of course the servers must be clogged with data traffic as images are very SLOW uploading....Some have failed to upload and have to repeat again.. Best wishes to to all....keep safe and busy.
  7. "Come and See Her" Doctor doctor my babies sick...come and see her....The Easybeats "Am i ever gonna see your face again".....The Angels "Touch Me" Now touch me, baby. Can't you see that I am not afraid? .....The Doors "Coconut" And said "doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"I said "doctor, to relieve this belly ache"I said "doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"I said "doctor, to relieve this belly ache".........Harry Nilsson "Imagine"............John Lennon Imagine there's no Coronavirus......My Lyric 😀 Oh just feeling melancholic....."Yesterday" The Beatles Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.... Now to lift the spirits...raise a glass if you have to...."Here comes the Sun" The Beatles.
  8. I did take a look at your Alice pics Gen, good variety of people pics too...love the little dog in the bright outfit..😄 At least you have a great diverse folio and image numbers, and these days you have to keep topping numbers up...We can't change the market, and yes we have heard the "good old days" comments, but if you love taking pics there's no harm in doing so....but as you say we photographers have to keep our expenses down....The world is in turmoil at present and hopefully nations learn from these events, and once we are through this down time i'm sure the world will get back to business....travel promotions etc, and hopefully a demand for images to sell the dream...stay safe
  9. Thanks Gen...Great kit and selection of lenses..(versitile outfit ). .Ahh i thought you used a long tele like the 500mm, it gets you close and with quality results but yes the weight factor goes with the territory when you shoot full frame DSLR 's...I use Canon 5D3 with 16 to 35mm / 24 to 105mm / 100mm macro / and 100 to 400mm zoom / yes i would love a 500mm f4...i need to work the long zoom more on some wildlife subjects, but got enough to keep me happy...You do get around in your motorhome outback, and cover a great range of subject matter to your credit....There's plenty of stock subjects down South in Victoria for me to shoot, just got to put more effort in. 😀
  10. Great shot Michael...crisp B&W capture.....A lot of big changes in the 70's....I got married in 79 but the world never noticed 😁
  11. Great shot Gen....deserves more $$$ but a sale is a sale...Great location Lord Howe Island, i've never been there but looks like a photographers paradise....BTW off topic i know but what gear are you using? I like your bird pics as well..long lens captures..
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