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4 hours ago, Doc said:

Is everyone else finding that Alamy Measures is missing presumed lost again today?




Yes.  Mine hasn't updated for days.  Or, maybe no one is looking at my images.  LOL


Edit:  Mine have updated now.  Sadly, no zooms for the month though, which is a bit odd for me.



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5 minutes ago, Stokie said:


Yes, ditto.


Sadly I'd be shocked if I did get a zoom, though am getting more views (probably because I have more images on site) - I live in hope .... maybe one day I will have another sale (!).

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On 11/09/2019 at 20:16, LawrensonPhoto said:

Anyone else having a shocker this month zoom wise? well down on the usual!


On 12/09/2019 at 12:40, TABan said:

My zooms have fallen off a cliff in September. I suspect something is not working correctly.


It seems there was something wrong with the zooms, as on Friday I had 15 running total (lowest for about 4 years), whereas today I have 21, with none being recorded over the weekend. I think Alamy have been playing catch up.



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27 minutes ago, meanderingemu said:


this is still going on.  Non of the images uploaded this week-end and approved are showing up in my searches

The work I carried out Sunday finally updated early evening yesterday, after office hours where applicable to a purchaser, and yesterdays has yet to update. The live news images uploaded by contributors on the 21st have now fallen into a black hole - not available to purchase via either news or stock. Sad for all involved. @Alamy

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