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  1. They cleaned one of my cameras sensor last year, and did a good job .... (charged £25)
  2. Something definitely amiss in the script - orrr : as you say someone has hijacked the service ...
  3. Yeah - sad people like me make it part of the morning routine nowadays Thankfully I've now developed a Plan B so not feeling too disjointed 😀
  4. Seems to be happening every Wednesday ..... but at least we know it'll be back up this evening (UK time)
  5. Anyone else experiencing the customary Measures 'Wednesday Wobble' ?
  6. A timely reminder as I must confess to forgetting at times (even tho' its easy to do in LR).
  7. Same - the raw file is easier to process in LR (imo). All the little things, like removing dust spots, and even Dodge and Burn seem quite easy there. The gradients are also more manageable (to me at least )
  8. 😀 One of life's many mysteries.
  9. Yeah - its a team effort. But I agree where intuition is concerned
  10. That's wonderful to know, Paulette. I worked with children and sick babies - I think doctors working in that area can speak the language of their patients, but in the adult world I often hear that there is more of a 'language barrier'.
  11. Hmm - must not be searching well enough (!) - but EDIT - now I know why. The whole car inverter thing sounds great, but I'd never manage it ! I can tile, paint, rewire a light switch and hang wallpaper, but won't go near a car engine ..... @TeeCee HaHa ! - usually I'm on the bus ... but nice suggestion if I wasn't a bit of a scare-dy cat when it comes to car engines !
  12. So much easier in LR - LR is basically PS ACR. These probs don't arise. Further work (if layers needed) can then be done in PS and saved back (usually) to PS
  13. I always duplicate the background layer before starting work, and then everything takes place in that layer -
  14. Thanks - will check that. It used to be that following additional minor adjustments the file would be saved either in LR as another copy, or outside of LR with layers (hence work could be recommenced). But since the upgrade that seems to have changed.
  15. I'm going to make sure I do this - thank you ! I have also noticed of late, that saving a psd (to work on it later) doesn't always save all the layers separately (ie the work progress at the point of saving) - I've reopened and found a refresh file (albeit with adjustments saved). Does anyone have any ideas ?
  16. Maybe so, but a bit like Betty, my teeth havent grown - I know of photographers who have this same feeling for stock. If you are young and the world still seems to be your oyster, I guess I can understand (in a way) that you'd rather be buzzing with the rest of your contemporaries. I've always been of the mind that it is both absorbing and fulfilling to slow down and be creative, and also to have different income sources. I had a job I loved, and in that regard work doesn't become a slog. Same with photography (imv). I guess our world view is different as we weren't heavily influenced by TV (and social media) whilst young. It's a complex issue ! You could write a thesi on the topic if truth be told Had a camera on and off all my life, but started submitting to stock in 2016, though more seriously since late last year.
  17. Think people are reluctant to answer as we are not supposed to discuss S here .... (answer to above = no ...)
  18. Ah Ha ! Thank you ! To be honest, as regards the above I haven't noticed, but I have noticed that sometimes the file will save back to LR snd other times it won't ... it used to always save to LR, and update the file there. Now it seems to want to do an either or (without asking).
  19. ?ACR - Trying to work out what it stands for ....
  20. Thank you I guess I'll need to fork out around £100 (?)
  21. Thank you Edo - Thats really kind of you. I miss it, though I don't miss the way our NHS is going, sadly. But it was quite a life ! I remember 9/11 clearly as I was on nights, and arrived at work to be told. Saw all those deeply shocking and heart breaking images later in the night. Most docs are very skilled, dedicated, and caring but as with anything, it takes a team approach to achieve the end goal. Nurses provide that balance (imo).
  22. Yeah - I used to be a nurse, and there never will be a profession that grabs me so much. Just using one's skills and knowledge, knowing that will help a life, and a family, is beyond words (despite the tensions and abuse that hospital staff are subject to - though to be honest, thats one of the reasons I took 'early' retirement ..) [A bit late to the party, but will let it stand - you did good Betty]
  23. I use date/month/year and spell the month in full, and I rough write out a caption to store in notes on the laptop. With that in mind (the laptop that is ..), does anyone have a laptop battery charger that is reliable and not expensive ? I've often had to pack up when the laptop runs out of battery ..
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