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  1. On the subject of Alamy rank, similar, keywords etc, this may be helpful: http://www.epuk.org/news/alamy-under-fire-over-new-search-engine Having said all that, it may be remembered (though I hope not in fact), that I tentatively asked a very simple question on here many months ago, and effectively in the end had my portfolio dragged up and enthusiastically trashed by people basically saying I should 'listen to my elders'. Mostly the question wasn't really answered. As it happens since then my CTR has risen considerably, and I have had zooms and sales without doing anything (literally *nothing*, as I was so taken aback and upset that I put the cameras away and took several months 'off'). So, it *is* possible to recover from a poor CTR. [My only action was to cull literally a handful of images as I couldn't bear to look at some images '*others* had rubbished - they will disappear this month (March)]. [But don't worry: no more tears have been shed ! ] A couple of images people said were 'dull', subsequently sold, and, as I say, I have had 'zooms' over the subsequent months. This month I have also had several sales of older images. I have started to submit again as I quite enjoy the shoot, edit, upload and 'see if anyone might find an image useful' cycle [ I was a nurse (now retired), so the 'cut throat jostling, competitive, must-earn-a-substantial-income' world is not my own ] Basically what I am saying is that I have found many contradictory comments, odd mathematical guesses, talk about pseudonyms, comments such as 'cloudy images don't sell' (etc), made through the forum that seem to mean very little. ( Sincerely, no offence intended - we all speculate from time to time to try and change how the dice may lie, and maybe that is helpful to some .. ). I have also seen some very nice regulars making conversation and being helpful and encouraging, but also the usual jostling - though maybe that's merely a way of thrashing out a topic in the end, (as long as no one gets hurt). What I'd say (using life experience more than anything, as I am very new to the world of photography and stock) is use your own judgement about your images, be selective in what you upload (to Alamy) (though experimenting doesn't harm, imo). Give it your all, which is all anyone can do. If the image starts to grate, then delete. The very best advice I received at the outset, from Ian Davidson, was to caption well, choose keywords carefully (and revisit at times), and yes, not to upload too many similars. Quality, quantity and variety are all plus points. Accept that one's portfolio will change and improve with experience and time. I won't be a regular returner - I just looked through as a guest today, and thought the above info (webpage) worth posting in case it helps. very best wishes to everyone. Bid.
  2. Well what do you know - one of those 'dull' images just sold TWICE. Which hasn't altered the CTR (my original query) one bit .... life goes on, and I'm not bothering about it anymore. Hope you are all doing well.
  3. Just thought I would give a more enlightened summary and ending to this – Each person has contributed pieces of wisdom here – but in the end the ‘rule’, if there is one, applies to the individual making it in many ways. Sorry to disappoint the ‘elders’ but no one should say, ‘I’ve been doing this longer and thereby I know best’ 'you must listen to me to your detriment' – life today gives thoughtful expression to everyone. Trying out different approaches is good, as is ‘discussion’. Becoming het up about ratings and rank (for me certainly) I can see is a fruitless action. In the end I personally only wanted an explanation. And a possible ‘opinion’ on a portfolio. Anything further is up to an exploration obvious in terms of responses. The world nowadays is full of people ‘urgently’ spinning, rather than mindfully considering, to its detriment (imo). 'Stock' is (imho) a slow burner, rather than a race to the finish line. There may be many contributors to Alamy, but each is in a different part of the world and has a unique perspective. In a sense (taking the 'uniqueness' of each person and thereby image style and category into consideration) - then the rest is often down to need, taste and trends (and yes, how well a thumbnail stands out). For me the art of photography is far more important than the science, the technical, or how many images someone uploads in a month – for some it will be different, or a balance. All have their place. Some images will mellow, or become of interest (perhaps) over time. Not expressing myself very well - but that's just my own world view. Better to strive to make images as good as possible, and the rest is up to the need at the time. There is a space for trying different approaches, and for every taste (imo) – even ‘dark’ and ‘rainy days’ have their uses. I will probably put those back at some point. I’m leaving it all for a few months – some of the forum talk has been useful, but only in reflecting in this way has this ‘chat’ been useful to me. Thanks to all nonetheless. Btw ‘@mickyfly’ – ‘flower’ and ‘petal’ are forms of endearment in Yorkshire – maybe you didn’t even know you cared 😀😂😀 [btw - a friendly and gentle warning t0 you - if I had wished, I could have reported you for offensive and derogatory language toward women. I won't, because I understand your ignorance in these matters. But I could have ].
  4. That does not mean giving an assassination of a portfolio - stripping me of any dignity, and making it seem as though I personally am incompetent and completely ignorant. I asked a question about CTR, and got a brutal explanation about how poor my CTR was compared to someone else, and how they do their workflow, and how I must spend £X recalibrating the system. (If that hasn't been a problem before, and is not consistently a problem there is no 'urgent' need to do so). That is not how 'professionals' speak to one another. I'm not the one making this into a 'club'. *Some* of my latter images appear dark - to work out why, whilst retaining one's own style and interests if more the objective. (Though interestingly one of those photos deemed unacceptable was zoomed last month) In any event, I didn't ask for the exam paper to be written for me. End of story. It didn't actually take 2-3 pages of discussion to work all that out. I think some of you have a very unfortunate way of expressing yourselves. But Steve and I have let bygones be bygones, so I would now say the discussion, is at its end.
  5. This is why I have attended - the only way to learn is to learn from the professionals on the field, and they have taught me great deal. Thats better than any sale, in reality. There is always a plus side ... But I take your point about the smaller news pieces - where I live they ask the public to supply those for free I think its probably time I found another avenue to pursue ... Don't think I could enjoy it much again after this ..
  6. Thought I'd replied to this, apologies. Lets just put it behind us. Thank you for trying.
  7. My life experience tells me that it is usually the bullies that need their ego boosting. But the 'delicate flower' bit - no the 'such a delicate flower' bit- well, I don't think you've met me ....
  8. Read your name as 'Lawrence' apogees
  9. Oh - I thought you said you had a sale ... perhaps my wishes are a good omen - a 'prophecy' if you like .... apologies for any confusion
  10. Thank you Steve - lets just forget it. I do have my own workflow (and it very similar to the above but defendant upon the image). It was my CTR (over the last year) that I was wondering about - I really wish I'd never asked. I am not sure why the images seem dark suddenly - only that I have been editing in a different house with different lighting My monitor is also internally calibrated, and I have been advised there is no need to buy a calibrator (not worth me spending money on). Anyway - I really am leaving the forum now. I hope notifications will be turned off tomorrow. Thank you anyway for trying to help. 'The delicate flower' (couldn't resist- though I know it wasn't you that called me that 😉- just trying to find the funny side)
  11. Dear Lawrence - I have been trying to turn off notifications to no avail, but thankfully on this occasion that has a positive reason, in order that I can say that I haven't given you a red arrow. I would not do that. I I felt strongly (as I'm afraid I have recently), I would say so. Apologies if you felt I had disrespected your comments. Thank you for your advice. I do appreciate it. I'm going to leave things for quite a while now, as I also have probably contributed to me now feeling totally confused - particularly in regards to how the images seem to have become so dark to others. So I am putting everything aside for now. For me whatever I do has to have purpose. There is no point me taking shots of anything if it ultimately has no purpose. My problem. In any event, thank you and once again apologies - there doesn't appear to be a red arrow just now, so maybe that person made an error. Hopefully from tomorrow my portfolio won't be publicallly viewable, whilst I decide what to do. best wishes,
  12. A small thought : - maybe its Alamy that are playing 'mother' by accepting non sellable items onto the site. [ PS I'd be happy to trade mothers in regards to voicing opinion ]
  13. Thank youAlan, I wish you no disrespect, but it is red (*maroon* red) on my screen. It is supposed to be a contrasted image. I accept - it has been classified as a poor image. It has other possible 'faults' that haven't been mentioned. But I'm not taking it down. It will stay as a reminder never to ask an option of people who will probably tear me limb from limb, and for which I need to be grateful. And to remember that, on Alamy at least, life must be altogether sunny and bright. Alamy say it is acceptable. It is taking up their webspace. That will be enough for now. I'm taking a break. I won't be back here, but wish you all the very best. Thank you again for all your comments.
  14. Thank you - thats very kind. All I will say is there are ways and means of telling someone - you actually don't have to shame someone in order to illustrate a point. That actually doesnt mean someone has to be petted on the back with their cheeks pinched - tow extremes to be honest. I also 'invited' the person to comment. I've seen the 'gung ho' comments made to others on here myself, and have tried to offset them. I would now say that it is no surprise that this is quite an enclosed group - a handful amongst the thousands of contributors. I once worked with a doctor who told a patient 'you are going to die' - to be honest, it wasn't the best way to go about it, and the patient's death was not all together peaceful as a result. A tsunami to say the least. Sure - put up a warning sign. Probably the camera club really is the best place - some people do thrive more in those environments. I wish all of you the very best. I made myself vulnerable and thereby take the consequences.
  15. All I will say is that there are ways and means of saying most things. I have recalibrated my monitor, checked the Adobe calibrations, and the images look nothing like the ones on the postings. In fact after doing all the above, the displays look better than they did before. Anyway, thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time. However, I'd now rather not participate any further ---
  16. Message from QC Alamy today Hi Bridget, They don’t seem underexposed to us, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Thanks The Alamy QC Team.
  17. Hi Bridget, They don’t seem underexposed to us, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Thanks, The Alamy QC Team.
  18. Actually Steve - I have no faith or trust in anything you may say. As for stock being a 'get rich quick' scheme, even I have more sense than that. My screen does not need an 'urgent review', but maybe your communications skills do. If Alamy take the images, thats good enough for me.
  19. Thanks James, thats very kind of you.
  20. Thank you Jospeh - currently 'considering my position' [At least just now I can smile a little - however wryly ]
  21. Thanks Steve - I'll have a read through later. Those images look *very* different on my screen, and I have the brightness turned way down (its at about 25%). I feel pretty ashamed if thats how the pictures really look. Quite different to my screen and to how they appear in Lightroom. The colours are probably due to the way I process- but I don't like over processed work. If it's a dull day, then there will be no zinging sunlight to spice them up. The image of the bees looks dull and lifeless as you have posted. I've taken another look and what you see is definitely not what I see on my screen. One important thing I will add (very kindly) is that if you are going to completely rip apart a portfolio, then you should also add in many positives. That is the essence of good teaching, and something I do in fact know a lot about. In the end the only conclusion is that I'm not talented enough - just being honest here (not trying to generate 'sympathy'). It seems a bit daft that Alamy accept images that ultimately will never sell, and are just left dangling on a website. For myself, the money and time would be better spent elsewhere. Thank you very much for your comments, however painful. best wishes
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