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  1. On the subject of Alamy rank, similar, keywords etc, this may be helpful: http://www.epuk.org/news/alamy-under-fire-over-new-search-engine Having said all that, it may be remembered (though I hope not in fact), that I tentatively asked a very simple question on here many months ago, and effectively in the end had my portfolio dragged up and enthusiastically trashed by people basically saying I should 'listen to my elders'. Mostly the question wasn't really answered. As it happens since then my CTR has risen considerably, and I have had zooms and sales witho
  2. Well what do you know - one of those 'dull' images just sold TWICE. Which hasn't altered the CTR (my original query) one bit .... life goes on, and I'm not bothering about it anymore. Hope you are all doing well.
  3. Just thought I would give a more enlightened summary and ending to this – Each person has contributed pieces of wisdom here – but in the end the ‘rule’, if there is one, applies to the individual making it in many ways. Sorry to disappoint the ‘elders’ but no one should say, ‘I’ve been doing this longer and thereby I know best’ 'you must listen to me to your detriment' – life today gives thoughtful expression to everyone. Trying out different approaches is good, as is ‘discussion’. Becoming het up about ratings and rank (for me certainly)
  4. That does not mean giving an assassination of a portfolio - stripping me of any dignity, and making it seem as though I personally am incompetent and completely ignorant. I asked a question about CTR, and got a brutal explanation about how poor my CTR was compared to someone else, and how they do their workflow, and how I must spend £X recalibrating the system. (If that hasn't been a problem before, and is not consistently a problem there is no 'urgent' need to do so). That is not how 'professionals' speak to one another. I'm not the one making this into a 'club'.
  5. This is why I have attended - the only way to learn is to learn from the professionals on the field, and they have taught me great deal. Thats better than any sale, in reality. There is always a plus side ... But I take your point about the smaller news pieces - where I live they ask the public to supply those for free I think its probably time I found another avenue to pursue ... Don't think I could enjoy it much again after this ..
  6. Thought I'd replied to this, apologies. Lets just put it behind us. Thank you for trying.
  7. My life experience tells me that it is usually the bullies that need their ego boosting. But the 'delicate flower' bit - no the 'such a delicate flower' bit- well, I don't think you've met me ....
  8. Read your name as 'Lawrence' apogees
  9. Oh - I thought you said you had a sale ... perhaps my wishes are a good omen - a 'prophecy' if you like .... apologies for any confusion
  10. Thank you Steve - lets just forget it. I do have my own workflow (and it very similar to the above but defendant upon the image). It was my CTR (over the last year) that I was wondering about - I really wish I'd never asked. I am not sure why the images seem dark suddenly - only that I have been editing in a different house with different lighting My monitor is also internally calibrated, and I have been advised there is no need to buy a calibrator (not worth me spending money on). Anyway - I really am leaving the forum now. I hope notificat
  11. Dear Lawrence - I have been trying to turn off notifications to no avail, but thankfully on this occasion that has a positive reason, in order that I can say that I haven't given you a red arrow. I would not do that. I I felt strongly (as I'm afraid I have recently), I would say so. Apologies if you felt I had disrespected your comments. Thank you for your advice. I do appreciate it. I'm going to leave things for quite a while now, as I also have probably contributed to me now feeling totally confused - particularly in regards to how the images seem to have b
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