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  1. I meant to put it in the other section where folks are posting links to images used ... its there now :).
  2. Ed - Have you tried 'Sparerooms' - sometimes they have whole properties to rent. Also AirBnB sometimes have whole properties. I've never dine it, but perhaps you could negotiate a long lease .. Hope you find something
  3. Alamy advises against it, as they have their own translating software 9I believe). In any event they say it will adversely affect the ability to search your images
  4. Ah ! I'd read through some of the thread, but didn't pick that one up. Yes 'pesky little blighters' is a term of endearment here (or certainly more polite than some phrases bandied about !).
  5. Hi John - Just wondering if you could explain what the 'blighter' (distributor sale) means ? (Many apologies for my ignorance ... )
  6. Can see you found your answer John - in case its helpful someone suggested Google Lens to me today. Its a phone app, similar to Alamy news picture search feature. I've not yet used it, but it looks interesting Nice snaps, by the way !
  7. Found in The Guardian on-line (uk) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/aug/21/older-adults-can-boost-longevity-with-just-a-little-exercise?CMP=share_btn_tw Nice pic !
  8. Was delaying my tasks for the day (!) -
  9. Not worth doing, as it will penalise you s far as Live News is concerned, and you risk that your privileges are removed (ie you can no longer submit to LN)
  10. I guess its a matter of getting used to it (for photography) - cloudy weather is often the norm (and 'reality') in Northern Europe. As the others have said, it is possible to pull detail out of the sky, and I also feel that a completely blue sky can be harsh and bland. I'm sure you will adjust (if you are here long enough) - Oxfordshire is in the Cherwell Valley a geographical area which captures the sun, so we can be much more fortunate here. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. You beat me to it. Was just going to ask the same question So, I guess the answer is 'no', unless it's a bug affecting just you and me (!)
  12. BidC

    similar stock images

    I think you are right Wim - it's probably the supertags
  13. Welcome to England, Ed If you wait long enough, the sun always shines (!).
  14. I no this is an old post, but it doesn't always work in mine either, such as today when I have been trying to edit keywords. Must be more of an issue when you have many more thousands of images in the portfolio.
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