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October Challenge - "You Wear It Well"


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Fun challenge!

Here's gold Elvis in Niagara Falls:






Dressed up for Italian Day in Vancouver:




At the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Burnaby.  .  This fellow wore both a red onesie AND his wife around his neck for the Finnish Wife Carrying race.burnaby-bc-canada-18th-june-2017-a-man-w



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I really don't have anyone especially outlandish in my photos...

So I will post the best I can:


School uniform and fake tattoo of the rebel child:



A speedo should be on, whenever you feel like it:




And long socks are the best:



Not as flamboyant as the other entries.

But I really enjoy looking at the photographs from this month them.

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Good topic - here's my three:


Young woman on the beach, Algarve, Portugal




A father and hi schild in ceremonial dress, Mandalay, Myanmar





A masquerader posing under the arches, St Marks square, Venice during the Venice Carnival







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These are mostly from my first uploads back in 2008 - taken in 2007. I need to attend more festivals! Fun subject.


Just back from spending time with my new grandson - the most darling little one ever! (Grandparents are allowed to brag, right?) No pix allowed even on FB so sorry nothing new to share there - although I did get him a cute little costume for Halloween. 


From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2007:


Actor from "The Absinthe Monologues" at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe walks along the Royal Mile wearing stilts Stock Photo



Young girl playing Jane Banks in Mary Poppins on the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, UK - Stock Image


And from my first (and only) trip to Las Vegas - spent most of my time photographing the desert. I think of the amazing organ as part of the costume. 


Las Vegas, Nevada, 20 February 2015: A musician plays a unique fantasy organ with horns music played during Cirque - Stock Image

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The Friends of Sowerby Bridge Railway Station at the station's 175th birthday celebration.





Wrigley Head Morrismen (no relation) with their unusual style of head-throwing while marching.





Couple in red shirts attracting the attention of a seagull.





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Not easy. Here's three happy ones:



GT7CET - Edinburgh University Graduation day.



EPHHPA - The annual Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade. Visitor posing with 5 Carmen Mirandas.



CP2FPY - Happy King's Day in Amsterdam.





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