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Have you Found any Alamy Photographs October

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20/10/2018 Amateur Photographer (print)

Front cover: Autumn coloured English Oak leaves against a soft background. H7HXC5 Jacky Parker

Group of friends taking a selfie on a mountain peak. F6R956 Lumi Images

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17/10/2018, Guardian, p24, Long Haul Bay on Nevis Island, D9FT2C, Michael Runkel/robertharding
17/10/2018, Guardian [Journal section], p3, people standing in rail carriage, N0064W, Julie Edwards/StockimoNews
17/10/2018, Guardian G2, p10, British Library, BGAMT5, David Ball [Alamy credit only]
17/10/2018, Guardian G2, p10, Pompidou Centre, BBRP4Y, Viennaslide


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The Scottish Sun is dredging up last winter’s photos. Three I could find, but one eluded me

Gerard Ferry KPJFEF



Andrew Docker J0WRN6




Andrew Hassan PWECJC




Matthew Horwood FBJHTP




Findlay PMTWN7



Andy Caitlin PMtYK2



And a set of damaged traffic lights I can’t find


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39 minutes ago, Sally said:

The Scottish Sun is dredging up last winter’s photos. Three I could find, but one eluded me


...and of course, that intrepid Scot, keith morris :lol:


EEHH0Y  by keith morris news



Am I getting confused?  You have correctly credited KPJFEF, but shown a different image.


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Times 18th


Russell Hart A woman walks alone down a dark slightly-lit tunnel beneath a bridge at night in Manchester, UK. - Image ID: CB9YDX

Mark Waugh  Manchester skyline view into Ardwick - Image ID: EK6RNN

Andy Molyneaux  walkway in Manchester given long exposure. Female walked down corridor at exactly the right moment. - Image ID: H4KHXT

eye35.pix The Great Court Trinity College Cambridge University Cambridge Cambridgeshire England UK GB EU Europe - Image ID: EY7KME

PjrNews  Ava Vidal, British comedian, speaking at the 'Refugees Welcome Here' rally in Parliament Square, London 12th Sept 2015 - Image ID: F28DBA

david pearson  Waitrose in London UK - Image ID: B5FFNY

Luis Anjo  Dandelion blowing in the wind - Image ID: D8N7EC

Mark Thomas  David Willets, Baron Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, arrives at Number 10 Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting. - Image ID: K9483R

Matthew Horwood  An elderly old age pensioner sits with his hands on a walking stick in a care home. - Image ID: DF6XP0


Scottish Edition


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. 9th February, 2017. Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles on the way to First Minister's Questions in the Scottish Parliament, Credit: Ken Jack/Alamy Live News - Image ID: HN837C

Douglas Carr The old High Court of Justiciary in Saltmarket, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Europe - Image ID: EPPEXC

Washington Imaging Haddington High street and town centre, East Lothian, Scotland, Europe - Image ID: E6PE0J :)


Irish Edition


Brussels, Belgium. 17th Oct, 2018. Pictures of the bilateral meeting between the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar TD and Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May MP in Brussels, Wednesday October 17, 2019. Expectations of a breakthrough are low, with talks deadlocked over the Irish border issue.EU leaders say it is up to the UK prime minister to come up with fresh ideas to solve it. Mrs May is sticking to the plan she has already set out - but there is speculation the post-Brexit transition period could be extended. Credit: Irish Eye/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PWP3T0

Sinn Féin activists in the grounds of Stormont - can't find it

eric laudonien  Dublin, Ireland, March 2018, view of the river Dodder at sunset - Image ID: PRPR7N

Fabian von Poser Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) - Image ID: BJ4N42




@AJBC_1 A FlyBe Dash-8 comes in to land at London City Airport as the sun sets. - Image ID: H34NBW

WENN Ltd  Ainsley Harriot leaving a private party, held at the home of Barclays senior executive Roger Jenkins, at 3.30am. The event was - Image ID: C0RWMM

Mike Southon  Appledore Shipyards Babcock Marine Covered Shipyard from Lundy Island supply vessel MS Oldenburg with boats - Image ID: ENB002

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1 minute ago, TeeCee said:

I really must get out more, coz when I look at this picture I see a kind of sad, lonely expression, and I feel sorry for the traffic lights...



I really, really must get out more ....  :unsure:


I like "Faces in Things" or similar in Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it's hilarious.

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6 minutes ago, TeeCee said:

I really must get out more, coz when I look at this picture I see a kind of sad, lonely expression, and I feel sorry for the traffic lights...



I really, really must get out more ....  :unsure:

Just don't go near any road junctions when you do! :lol:

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More dredged up old Alamy Live News winter photos in The Scottish Sun but a brief search did not reveal whose they are. Keith Morris EEHH0Y is there again.


and more repeated uses


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18/10/2018, London Evening Standard, p16, sign at Northern Irish border, PRCK2F, Stephen Barnes/Northern Ireland [Alamy credit only]
18/10/2018, London Evening Standard, p61, Pacific Design Center, CMNKYG, Robert Landau [Alamy credit only]
18/10/2018, London Evening Standard, p64, shopper in Aldi supermarket, DNCAP0, Mark Waugh [No credit - poss not via Alamy]


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USA, Food Network Magazine, November 2018 issue

All photos are credited to Alamy only


Pg. 24, Photo of toast with butter on a white place and Photo of cranberry sauce in a white bowl (both I could not find)


Pg. 38, Photo of old napkins with sage (could not find)


Pg. 38, Clock, Mark Baigent Lifestyle 


In a Makers Mark supplement. Pg. 3


A prohibition poster from 1918 USA, Everett Collection Historical



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Cheers Douglas!


Times 19th


London, UK. 18 October 2018. Artist Justine Sehra in front of a newly unveiled artwork in Brick Lane. The artwork features human rights activist Mala Sen and is one of 20 newly-commissioned artworks known as LDN WMN, designed by the London Tate Collective team, Tate’s group for 16 to 25 year old artists, which will appear in public spaces across the city marking the centenary of women’s suffrage. Credit: Stephen Chung / Alamy Live News -Image ID: PWY0GR

Andrew Paterson  Manchester city centre landmark buildings and skyline including Beetham Tower and Town Hall - Image ID: DG8WMK

Ian Dagnall  The High Street, Colchester, Essex, England, UK - Image ID: F2NRJF

Martin Bennett  An attractive happy young mum picking up or dropping off her son at the infant school gates - Image ID: DET8AB

Military History Collection The Royal Navy during the Second World War A Grumman Hellcat at RAF Wittering. The US Navy's latest fighter, the Hellcat is now being used by the British Fleet Air Arm flying alongside its own Supermarine Seafires. - Image ID: M8MD5H

incamerastock European Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) in autumn leaves, UK - Image ID: CXJJR1

woman hand chemotherapy - can't find it

Cindy Goff  Silhouette of woman sitting in bed by window - Image ID: HEACEK


Scottish Edition


Wayne HUTCHINSON  Aberdeen Angus cattle in field early autumn Cumbria - Image ID: APTJHY

David Gee  'NHS Highland' sign / logo / motif at the entrance of the Lorn and Islands Hospital, in Oban, Scotland. UK. - Image ID: CX9NT2

Birmingham, UK. 30th September 2018. Ross Thomson, Conservative MP for Aberdeen South, speaks at the Brexit Central fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. © Russell Hart/Alamy Live News. - Image ID: PRAKKP

Kenny Williamson  Glasgow Old High Court on Saltmarket, Scotland, UK - Image ID: CRE8XC


Irish Edition



Dan Wright  Child on motocross motorbike in field - Image ID: MP8DXR

Charles Stirling  Bicycle under the wheels of a lorry after accident - Image ID: BD8BAD

Andrew Darrington  Redwing Turdus iliacus eating Cotoneaster Berry - Image ID: BGG3C5




ton koene  Games Workshop is originally from England but now also very popular in the Netherlands  - Image ID: BBKMCA

Rob Carter Sign on entrance to Grosvenor Casino on Edgware Road, London. - Image ID: HNF8NX

Newscast Online Limited Two National Express coaches at the Victoria Coach Station in London - Image ID: B7EK8J

Terry Harris  united kingdom london roehampton the priory grange clinic - Image ID: BJD97C


Times 2


M.Sobreira Marble Hill House from the back - Richmond -UK - Image ID: C5TWYH

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